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Title: Nice Fucking View  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Nice Fucking View
146 minutes
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Jake Malone
STARS: Annette, LoreLei, Cindy, Lexi, Mia Rose, Velicity Von
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

Lets just start out by saying I am a sucker for a good POV movie so my review will most likely be a bit biased.

The first girl up is Lexi. She is a curvy blonde with natural tits and an impressive ass. She is dressed up in a Zorro outfit and after some walking around she gets to business by dropping to her knees and showing some energetic oral showing good eye contact, some spitting, and a small bit of rimming. They start with an impressive looking doggie, some faceless cocks jerk off on her face with no clean up, cowgirl as she sucks another guy off, another guy cums on her face as she fucks her ass with a dildo, some more doggie, some A2M with the dildo, RCG, more cowgirl, some no hands oral, and finally mish. The scene ends with Jake jerking off till he cums, what looks like twice, on Lexi's face and open mouth. Well this is certainly an impressive starter. Lexi does about a minute of blowing cum bubbles till she swallows. I can do without the multiple cum shots to the face, but there is no doubting Lexi's energy.

Mia Rose is a pretty brunette with a great natural rack. They waste little time with Mia giving some oral, but we cut to some glamour shots of Mia's ass and body. She crawls along the floor and eventually finds her target with some nice oral showing some good two hand work, nice eye contact, but keeps fairly shallow. They start fucking with a good looking doggie, some quick oral, more doggie, a very vocal cowgirl, RCG, more oral, and doggie with a dildo in her ass. The scene cuts abruptly to Jake jerking off in Mia's open mouth, which she swallows. This scene could have been a lot hotter with a more aggressive Jake.

Annette and Lorlie are two typical porno blondes. We start out with both in the doggie position as they feel each other up and kiss. They spin around and start some rimming and a nice double blowjob. There is plenty of eye contact, some impressive deep throating by both girls, and plenty of spit. I was expecting to see these girls get plowed, but this is actually just an oral scene. Throw in a riding crop, some more oral, and the scene ends with one girl jerking off our guy till he cums in her mouth. She dribbles his load out onto his stomach, which the other girl sucks up.

Cindy Crawford is the next girl up. I really do like her natural rack and she is easy on the eyes. Cindy starts out by putting in a butt plug with a tail on it. There is some A2M and she walks around with it in for a short bit. We cut to Cindy on her knees and she delivers some average oral showing lots of great eye contact, average hand work, but keeps fairly shallow really only getting the head of the guy's cock in her mouth. They remove the butt plug and go straight to a great looking doggie and then move indoors. There is more doggie, mish, anal mish, some A2M, anal cowgirl, anal RCG, and RCG. The scene ends with Cindy on her knees again jerking our guy off till he takes over and cums on her face and open mouth. A nice scene for anal fans but I was hoping for more energy from Cindy.

Velicity is a very busty blonde with a pretty face. She starts out with a large gag as she gets her tits played with. She walks and crawls around and shows off for a bit. The gag comes out and we get more shots of her ass, which does have some impressive giggle to it. She also shakes her tits and slaps them herself fairly hard till she gives some slow no hands oral. She gets at least of the guy down her throat till she gags and tears up several times. Velicity moves south for some rimming and then she gets a milk enema. She holds it in till she fires it back out on the guy's dick as she is in the doggie position. Naturally she licks up what is on the guy's dick and a bit off the ground. They finally start fucking in a nice slow doggie, anal doggie, and some A2M. She hops on cowgirl while sucking on one of her own stiletto heels, anal cowgirl, and finally some more anal doggie. Velicity spins around for some A2M which ends with her sucking and jerking off our guy till he cums in her mouth. She shows his load then dribbles it back on the guy's dick.

Bonus materials include a bonus blowjob and some BTS cuts which include some good edits from Mia scenes. The bonus blowjob is with Mia Rose all done up. It's an average blowjob with Mia jerking him off till he cums on her face which clips her eye.

Overall this is a decent POV movie. The eye candy is good but I could do without all the extra stuff in the final scene. Again, I'm a sucker for POV movies so this one is a definite rental and probably a purchase for any Mia or Velicity fans.



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