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Title: Malibu Nights  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Everyone is always in search of that great couples tape, that one flick that is hardcore enough for the guy who has seen (if not done) everything but gentle enough for the woman who imagines (but says she would never do) most of these things. On top of that, it better have a reasonably believable story line, interesting characters, pretty people (not just skanky sluts and a few ugly guys) and some sex that is hotter than average - just hot enough that it makes you want to try something new. "Malibu Nights" is all of these things and more. In short, it's just excellent, loaded with fantastic sex from some stellar talent (most of which has never been used as effectively as this) and a slight but clever plot that never gets in the way of the sex, it only enhances it. The story revolves around Rayveness, a gorgeous and stacked blonde, who is obsessed with spying on her neighbor, who seems to have an endless stream of male visitors during the day. First it's the pizza delivery boy, then the forist, then the plumber ... one after the other, but never her husband. Rayveness just can't handle it, and tells her husband Kyle Stone, who tells her she should mind her own business. "Maybe they have an open marriage?" he ponders, but that only seems to incense Rayveness all the more. To quell her anger, Kyle decides to engage her in a little steamy sex, prying her hot body away from the window long enough to lay her back and eat her pussy like he's been starved in the desert. I'm telling you, Rayveness clearly cums here, and is so turned on she'll do just about anything for her man. She sucks him deep into her mouth, takes him in her twat while she's flat on her back, bends over to take him from behind and, best of all, positions herself just off the edge of a couch so that Kyle can pile-drive his handsome cock deep inside of her. It's a wonderful scene, filled with as much horniness as tenderness - it's the sort of sex real couples have. Dirty, loving, sweet but never innocent, it just leaps off the screen. Of course, Rayvness has only been slightly deterred in her spying ways. Soon enough she's found her sex-craving neighbor letting in yet another delivery boy. In retalliation (she keeps saying she's going to tell her neighbor's husband, but never finds the nerve), she calls a friend to see what she thinks she should do about it. Once again, she's told that it's none of her business - that if, her neighbor is getting plenty of sex and hard cock, what's the problem? Rayveness is miffed, but the two friends, a gorgeous bosomy tart named Ginger Paige and a slutty brunette named Elizabeth X, are getting it on with a male friend they've called to come over. And once again, an intensely hot scene ensues, the sort that makes this the perfect couples tape. Right, us couples might not do anything like this (though we'd probably be better off if we did) but we can dream, right? Here, Ginger and Liz go at each other and their man with mucho gusto, getting in all sorts of great positions. My favorite has Ginger on her back in a tub getting banged (and man, watch her tits sway with full force) while Liz sits on her face and kisses their stud. But a close second has Liz bent over backwards getting fucked hard while she eats Ginger's sleek pussy. Very acrobatic, and very, very hot! And when Ginger gets down on her knees to eat Liz's pussy from behind, I just about came all over my lacy panties! How does it end? With a great facial that lands mostly on Ginger's sweet mug. Very tasty. Rayveness decides to write Carter (that's her neighbor's husband) to tell him about what her no-good wife is up to. But when she's about to mail it, she sees a cop come to her neighbor's door and get the loving treatment. Back at the bar, later on, Rayveness tells her friend Tara that she can't believe that Carter's wife is cheating on her, but Tara tells her to get a fucking grip. "Maybe they have an open marriage?" she offers. (Hmmmm ... where have we heard that one before?) Rayvness just isn't buying it, saying that Will, her husband (you know, Kyle Stone), would never so such a thing to her. Yeah, well, little does she know that Tara's been giving the heave-ho to Kyle all along, and as soon as Rayveness splits the scene, they are at each other like bunnies! Tara is a sexy brunette with smallish tits but very sexy legs and she certainly knows how to make the most of what she's got, letting Kyle snack away on her snatch and then sucking him to life. Kyle, of course, is a master at eating pussy - he eats like he's starving. And the scene is just a marvel of intensity once it really gets going. Everything contributes to make it a hot moment ... the sexy music, the locale, the camera angles, the outfits, the moans and groans ... again, it's not to condone people cheating on each other (that's why the fantasy works so well), but it does give a couple a chance to watch some wild ideas play themselves out. Eventually, though, they get to fucking, and Kyle simply pounds the hell out of Tara while she's on top of a bar. And damn, does Tara like to talk dirty: "I love to be bad," she says, and believe me, she is that and a whole lot more, looking especially slutty with her legs in the air and her satin thong panties still stretched across her knees. Next, Tara climbs up on top and slams up and down on Kyle's shaved sack and stiff cock. Ultimately, she rolls her legs up over her head and lets Kyle pump her hard, then bends over and takes his tasty tool deep in her twat, until finally she sprays a massive load all over her ass. A great fuck! Meanwhile, Rayveness finally has a chance to confront Carter with her news - but, alas, he couldn't care less. If it makes her happy, she says, that's all that matters. "Whatever turns her on!" And clearly Rayveness turns him on! He tries to put the moves on her but she resists, fleeing in disgust to tell Tara about her encounter. (And she's STILL going on about how Will, her husband, doesn't want her to say anything.) Once Tara leaves, though - or does she? - Rayveness finds out the truth: that she's been fucking her husband all along! Determined to get revenge, she decides that two can play at that game. And what ensues is an amazing threesome. Rayveness fakes a call to the paramedics, which brings out two strapping guys who find her faking unconsciousness and only being revived when someone sucks on her nipples or licks her pussy. Soon the three of them are at it like you wouldn't believe, with Rayveness getting fucked in so many different positions I can't describe them all. Suffice to say that she takes on her studs with intense heat, lets them fill every hole they can find (including her cute, tight ass) and unload a good helping of cum on her. As for what happens next, well, that would spoil the story, and it's actually fairly clever, something I didn't expect. (Then again, I was busy playing with my pussy through most of this, so maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention.) Anyway, there's one last fuck, and it's a good one, but you'll have to discover it on your own. For my money, though, this entire flick is just amazing - and the perfect choice for discerning, slightly kinky and daring couples.  

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