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Title: Wild Fuck Toys 6  
Reviewer: Asmodeus  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Wild Fuck Toys 6

Pink Visual

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

Minutes: 190 minutes

DIRECTOR: unlisted

THEMES: Doctors Office, Mechanical Toys

CONDOMS: yes (on some toys)


STARS: Saana, Lacie, Sahara, Felix, Jaime, Roxy

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

REVIEW- I have been seeing the name Pink Visuals a lot lately but this is the first time I have gotten a chance to see some of their stuff. Honestly, I don't think this is a title I would have picked up on my own as the whole machine thing just doesn't do it for me (I really don't get the whole Sybian thing...I mean I am sure it feels great but visually it just can't be appreciated by a crotch lover like me). Now these machines take it a step further and allow the viewer to see actual penetration so maybe this one will be cool. Lacie Heart is the only actress I am familiar with. I liked her in one of Brother Love's POV films. Well on with the review:

Scene One: Saana

Saana (a tall blonde with a great smile) is introduced to Alan, the director of the center for orgasmic studies, and a real smart ass to boot (he banters with Russ off screen throughout the film). He poses a number of questions in order to help Saana who is feeling a bit stressed. The actual sex is referred to as "tests." This is a nice intro. The doctor theme continues as Saana changes into a hospital gown (Alan even leaves to give her some privacy). Saana puts the gown on backwards and jumps into the gyno chair while doctor Alan does a few tests (does that stethoscope really need to go on her nipples and pussy-nice). Saana starts off with her fingers and then moves on to a classic, the magic wand and I am officially digging this movie! The wand does its job and Saana has a real orgasm (I feel like Randy West is hiding somewhere in the office). Alan rolls in the "fuck hammer," a dildo hooked up to a machine that sounds like it uses an air compressor. I was expecting this thing to just pound poor Saana but it mimics the actions of a real cock (starting off slow and then building in intensity). Saana loves it, and fuck so do I! Next up is the "power pulse," a different contraption that works in a similar fashion, and as far as Saana is concerned another winner, I lost count of how many times she came in this scene. Can you buy these things? Your wife would love it but you can't hide this one in a shoe box in the closet. A great opener, certainly worth a tug or two.

Scene Two: Lacie

Lacie is as cute as I remember. She tells Alan she is having difficulty having orgasms. Lacie wants to know why there is a camera in the doctors office. Alan explains that it is for legal purposes to prove that he and the center are not sexually harassing people. I wonder if this would stand up in court. Lacie undresses, showing us why she is getting a lot of work these days, and puts on the hospital gown. The same procedure as scene one follows but Lacie gets to use the g-spot attachment (imagine fucking that Muppet, Gonzo) on her magic wand. We find out that the "fuck hammer's" speed is actually controlled by the contractions/tightening of the "patients" pussy (not sure how that would work). Lacie doesn't fuck it nearly as deep as Saana but she still does a great job getting off. We get a better look at the "power pulse" this time (it's about the size of a standard generator). Lacie gets a smaller attachment and is able to take this one all the way inside her beautiful cunt. This is another hot scene with a super hot girl, and plenty of real orgasms! The people at Pink are two for two.

Scene Three: Sahara

Sahara is an attractive British girl of East Indian descent. She is feeling stressed out and really needs to have some orgasms. Alan gives her a brief history lesson on hysteria before she undresses and slips on the gown. Sahara is a little skinny for my tastes (I never did see the big deal with models) but she has a killer ass and cute little tits. Unlike Lacie, Sahara likes the wand internally and manages to cum just as hard as her two predecessors. She also enjoys the bigger machine, having multiple orgasms and to the delight of this viewer, turns around and takes the "fuck hammer" in doggy which will keep you very interested even if the tests have gotten a little monotonous. Looks like I spoke too soon, as Alan brings in the "monkey rocker," which looks like a piece of exercise equipment with a dildo in the middle, which Sahara mounts. I don't think she is really into this machine but it looks great, especially in reverse cowgirl with Sahara's authentic brown eye winking at the camera!

Scene Four: Felix

Felix doesn't have any problems other than her nymphomania and she is stoked that she is on camera. The scene plays out the same as the others. Felix just doesn't do it for me personally (another skin and bones girl). She is much more aggressive then the other girls as she sucks off and than fucks a purple Rabbit. If you don't have a Rabbit in your toy collection, I recommend you get one, the girls I know love it. Felix gets to try the "monkey rocker" next and seems to like it much more than Sahara. Up next, Felix goes to heaven as she faces down the "fuck hammer" and the wand at the same time. Multiple orgasms ensue.

Scene Five: Jaime

Jamie has been having trouble having orgasms. Jamie a brunette is definitely my flavour with gorgeous eyes, a great smile, and a juicy pussy (she reminds me of a pre-boob job Asia Carrera in a lot of the shots). She starts off with a small vibe and her slippery fingers. The toy may be small but Jamie still manages to get in an orgasm. Jamie tries the "monkey rocker" while manually working her clit. Like Felix she is not afraid of making her own lube and the shots from underneath are nice but cut short. Jamie still hasn't had a stellar orgasm yet so in comes the "fuck hammer" and magic wand combo. The action here is hot and hardening as Jamie gets to have the big sopping one provided by the natural strokes of the "fuck hammer". I really liked Jamie and hope to see her again in a non-solo scene.

Scene Six: Roxy

Not sure why but this scene is not attached to the rest of the movie. It's an undeclared bonus scene stuck onto the end. Roxy is another brunette girl, a step down from Jaime but certainly fuckable. She lets Alan know that she has a strong doctor fetish and I cross my fingers that the movie will conclude with some real sex. She starts off with a glass dildo and Alan decides to remain in the room this time to take some notes and help stimulate Roxy's doctor fetish. She takes the "power pulse" in doggie and wins the hottest starfish of the movie award. Alan controls the speed via a remote. He rolls in the "dorky donkey" which looks like a cross between an old school rowing machine and a microphone with a clit stimulator, and oh yeah a very powerful penetration device. The donkey is controlled via remote by Roxy. She really, really likes this one as it gives her an earth shaking orgasm. Sorry Alan doesn't stick around. Again more penetration close ups would have really worked here but overall a decent scene.

I really didn't think I would dig this one but it surprised me. The machines don't tear these girls up and they really do enjoy themselves. It's not a movie you are going to watch in one sitting. but hey good porn never is. I would of liked to see more close ups and the a change in the storyline would have been nice. The highlight of course is the real orgasms and they are countless, so if you like your girlgasms real this is one you should certainly check out.


EXTRAS: Trailers (none of the movies stand out), Web Ads
PLOT/ACTING: C but hey Alan put in an excellent effort



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