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Title: Double Shocker 3  
Reviewer: Asmodeus  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: A
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Double Shocker 3
Bad Seed
MOVIE TYPE: Vignette
Minutes: 114 minutes
DIRECTOR: Kylie Ireland
THEMES: 3 Ways, Anal, DP

STARS: Poppy Morgan, Victoria Sin, Melissa Lauren, Venus, Lyla Lei, Alex Sanders, Brian Surewood, Evan Stone, Rick Masters, Tee Reel, Talon, Anthony Hardwood, Jerry, and Jenner

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

REVIEW- I have been a fan of Kylie Ireland both as an actress and director for over 10 years (I still remember her getting milk poured all over her tits in the first Dinner Party movie). I haven't seen anything by Bad Seed but judging by the quality of the packaging and cast I expect good things. Oh yeah, Dolby Digital sound will also be a treat. Well on with the review:

Scene One: Poppy Morgan, Evan Stone, and Alex Sanders

Evan and Alex are the only two guys left in LA that are still sporting the cock rock 80's hairdos. Poppy actually has the same hair as the two cocks. The boys take turns warming up Poppy's holes while getting sucked off (a bit too much man face for my tastes). Alex gets first try at the Poppy's puss while Evan tries to smother her by teabagging (I don't dig the choking). Evan tries the pie next while Alex gets deep throated. Up next is the expected dp which Poppy takes doggy and reverse cowgirl (almost looks like double vag here). The guys pop on her face while she blows cum bubbles. The boys really manhandle Poppy in this scene and she really doesn't appear to be into the rough stuff. I felt like this really took away from the heat of the scene.

Scene Two: Melissa Lauren, Anthony Hardwood, and Jerry

I have to say right off that I am really disappointed that Melissa has gotten a boob job, she was perfect before. The rest of her still looks as hot as always as she sports a black Cleopatra looking wig. She sucks cock like a champ but unfortunately Kylie found it necessary to have the boys go gag factor deep which makes Melissa make those awful gagging sounds that have spread through porn like a bad case of herpes. The action in this scene is fast moving and Melissa heats up the scene, pulling off the rough angle way better than Poppy. The boys fuck her at both ends before she gets on top. Melissa has gotten a little more junk in the trunk recently but does a great job getting her ass pounded. She handles the dp like a professional with some change ups in between as cocks continuously fill her three orifices. The anal pile driver will give you gape hounds some nice stoke images. Melissa is rewarded for her hard work with a double dose of cream. A great scene overall.

Scene Three: Venus, Tee Reel, and Talon

Venus is one of the most talented red heads working in porn right now. Everything about her is perfect (great face, real tits, pubic hair, and an ass just born to fuck). What can I say I really like Venus as she handles the double blow job with force, minimal gagging sounds, and some nice dirty talk. Tee tries out her pussy first but its not long before Talon gets a turn. I am really digging this scene and there hasn't been any anal yet. Talon gets to be the first backdoor bandit but never fear Venus does not discriminate and its not long before Tee gets to join in on the fun. The guys really give it to Venus in this scene and no matter what hole they are filling, she handles everything they have to offer. I could do without the choking but I guess some people like that stuff including Venus as far as I can tell. Venus does just as good a job at the dp as her French predecessor letting these two woodsmen try each of her holes, mixed in with some PTM, ATM, and lots of enthusiasm. Tee and Talon pop on her beautiful ass and face respectively, to finish off the scene. Certainly stroke worthy material and so far the best scene of the film.

Scene Four: Victoria Sin, Brian Surewood, and Rick Masters

Victoria is a tall dark haired girl who gets right to work on Brian (the only guy in Pirates that didn't have to don a costume) and Rick (I bet this guy sells coke on the side). She takes them one by one in each of her three holes. Again the action is fast and the fucking hard but Victoria just isn't my type so I have to fast forward through this one and think of another good Brian Surewood joke. The guys do a fine joy fucking her like crazy in the dp (I wonder if they realize their balls are slapping together). You know what Brian's a pirate, he doesn't care. Arrrr, they unload on Victoria's eager mouth to wrap the scene.

Scene Five: Lyla Lei, Alex Sanders, and Jenner

Lyla is the Asian flavour of the film which usually brightens my day (don't get too excited she's no Nautica, Sabrine, or Shay). The incessant gagging noises are really unnecessary and completely kill the action. Jenner gives her a good spanking and rim job to make sure she is "ass horny" while Alex pummels her throat with his cock. Again the gag effect has me reaching for the mute button and eventually fast forwarding. The same formula fuck applies here with the double pop on Lyla's face to finish off the movie.

Bonus Scene: Tory Lane (Blow Job POV)

I'm not sure where this footage comes from but hey a Tory Lane POV scene is always a treat. The camera work here is a bit jumpy until they move out of POV but Tory is an amazing cock sucker! You may not have a chance to get off as this scene is fairly short but who knows the action may allow you to fire off a quick one. The dude in the movie certainly did.

The action in this movie is fast paced so you won't get tired of the same shot going on for ever, and Melissa and Venus do some great work. However, the gagging and choking just don't allow this movie to make my recommend list. If you're a fan of Kylie's work then I suggest you pick it up as a rental before opening your wallet.

FEMALE LOOKS: C (would be a B if Melissa hadn't augmented her boobs)
MALE LOOKS: A (anything with Brian Surewood gets an A for now on, this guy always makes me laugh)
EXTRAS: BTS (24 min),Bonus Scene (7 min), Slide Show, 2 Trailers, Web Ad



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