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Title: Fuckiní Foreigners P.O.V. 2  
Reviewer: Asmodeus  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Fuckin' Foreigners P.O.V. 2
Minutes: 140
DIRECTOR: David Perry
THEMES: POV, European Girls
STARS: Katy Caro, Tera Bond, Diana Gold, Liz Honey, Valentina Velasques, Natalli DiAngelo, Jasmine Rouge
Reviewed by: Asmodeus

REVIEW- This is the first film I have seen from Mayhem so I really don't know what to expect. I am a huge fan of 4 or 5 other POV series so I expect it will be entertaining. I know Perry is an excellent performer from all the work he has done with Private. Hopefully his skill as a woodsman will transfer over to directing. Well on with the review:

Scene One: Katy Caro

Katy is quite attractive and it appears Perry will be the camera man/cock for this film as well as the director. She teases which is followed by some titty slapping (do women like this?), PTM and ATM via David's finger (another questionable act but hey someone has got to dig poop finger), and some solo masturbation by Katy. I personally would have liked to have some more Q and A during the tease to show off that Eastern European accent. Oh well Katy soon finds something to use her mouth for and does a fine job sucking Perry's cock. The blow job could have been longer but Katy looks wicked in cowgirl and her ass is stellar in reverse cowgirl. This is followed by some anal cowgirl and Katy starts to get really hot. She slides Perry back and fourth between her three orifices and then Katy sucks Perry's toes (shit this is almost as bad as Brother Love getting punched in the nuts). The anal, blow job, hand job and pop that follows makes up for it however. My biggest issue with this scene is that David talks way too much which takes away from the whole POV fantasy. Other than that not a bad opener and certainly worth a tug.

Scene Two: Tera Bond

Tera is a step down from Katy but has a beautiful ass. She spits on her nipples and panties, masturbates and then gets Perry's 501s down for the blow job and some tit fucking. She really seems to enjoy having a cock in her mouth. This is followed by some cowgirl, doggy, mutual masturbation, reverse cowgirl and some more sucking. Did I mention Tera sucks a mean cock. Perry breaks the European formula by skipping the anal and blowing his wad via Tera's very sexy POV foot job.

Scene Three: Diana Gold

Other than Diana's accent she appears to be a Las Vegas hooker (bad teeth, bad hair, double chin) or even worse one of the girls from JM's Lesbian Bukkake series, so I hit the fast forward half way through the interview. With so much beautiful talent out there how do these girls get work. Oh well every ones got to eat. Yikes!

Scene Four: Liz Honey and Valentina Velasques

Liz is a breath of fresh air and gets me to slow down the fast forward quick as she sticks a nice sized but plug up her ass. Uhh Liz, Belladonna's on the phone, are you available for "Fucking Girls 5"? Nice! Liz does a nice job sucking and fucking. But wait theres more. In comes Valentina, who looks a lot like Tera. Liz pulls her panties aside to get in there for some tongue action and finds Valentina already has a string of beads stuffed in her pie. David lucks out with the double blow job, and then fucks both girls in the ass. The girls share Perry's explosion, cleaning each other off nicely. This is an excellent scene and truly redeems the Diana Copper scene.

Scene Five: Natailli DiAngelo

The camera sees Natailli from a distance and I think ah fuck Diana Zincs back but on closer inspection I couldn't be any more wrong other than the bad 80's hair. In a different era this girl could give the Lynn girls a run for their money. She has a beautiful, athletic body and my pants stand up during the tease. She gives Dave a nice blow job which is followed by anal and vaginal sex in all positions. Throw in some ATM and a pop shot right in the mouth and you have a decent scene.

Scene Six: Jasmine Rouge

Jasmine is Romanian and almost entirely responsible for why men love to jerk off (also why she is on the cover). This girl has huge potential (imagine Jesse Jane without the fake tits). Jasmine masturbates, deep throats Perry, fucks him, gives him a foot job and then jerks him off onto the coffee table. She is wisely saving the facial and anal for a later date. I recommend keeping an eye out for this girl.

Jasmine is worth the price of the DVD alone and will keep me stroking all summer long. Perry's POV doesn't rank up there with Mike John or Robby D but he certainly has put together a solid collection of scenes minus the train wreck that is Gold. The movie is definitely worth the price of a rental and if POV is your genre of choice go ahead and buy it. Can't give it an A but Jasmine boosts it to a B+.

FEMALE LOOKS: A except Diana Gold (D) and Jasmine Rouge (A+++)ac
MALE LOOKS: Perry's penis isn't huge (says monster cock on the cover) so it could be yours
EXTRAS: 15min BTS, cum shot recap, 2 galleries (glamour, hard), commercials for Sin City, Penis Enlargment, Phone Sex and Trailers for other Mayhem movies
PLOT/ACTING: Needs more dialogue from the foreign ladies



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