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Title: Hook Ups 12  
Reviewer: Stefani  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Hook Ups 12
Movie Type: all sex
120 + Min.
Production Company: Wicked Wall to Wall
DIRECTOR: Mark Stone
CONDOMS: Yes/No (some scenes)
Production Date: 6/21/2006
Reviewed by: Stefani

First scene Daisy Marie starts things off by telling the camera exactly what she wants to do, while she strips for the camera. This gal is built and I know you guys will love it that she isn't afraid to get down and dirty, really dirty! This is in both Spanish and English so you bi-lingual folks are in for a treat. Those of us who aren't bilingual, well we just have to fill in the blanks with our own imaginations. After Daisy strips and gives herself a rub down with oil, she is joined by Chris Cannon who has Daisy squealing when he gives her a thorough ass licking. After locating her G-spot he moves to her cunt and for a minute, she's speechless. Don't worry boys, she's quick to recover and gets right back on the saddle. This is an outdoor scene so for those of you who appreciate an afternoon shag on the balcony this is for you. Trust me when I say, there is no doubt that EVERY ONE knew just what these two were up to. Camera angles are good and these two get into some interesting positions.

Scene two stars Felony and Davia in a lesbian scene, set outdoors by the pool, as you can imagine includes lots of hot oil. These two start it off by telling the viewer just why they are there and what they plan to do about it. After they undress each other and give one another full body rubs they move on to some wicked tongue action from felony, while Davia screams her approval. Felony finger fucks Davia to climax only to offer her fingers to the other gal for cleaning. Yum! Felony's turn to get her pussy fully worked by Davia before they move on to the toys, Yowser! These gals get nasty! I won't tell you more; I will say that if you like to watch two hot girls getting it on, these two are right up your alley!

Scene three features Exotica and Barrett Blade. Those of you who are familiar with this actress already know she's build, but for me she's a little two muscular. Exotica spends a great deal of time by herself before she is finally joined by Barrett Blake, who sorry folks, is wearing a condom. I wasn't real impressed with these two. There wasn't much chemistry.

Scene four, Melissa Martinez kicks it off by (of course) rubbing herself down with oil. This is a little on the monotonous side, too much of one thing gets boring. This gal knows how to talk dirty and she does a lot of it while she's waiting for Justice Young to fulfill her every desire. I was surprised with these two, they weren't all that eager to get started. They spend a good amount of time kissing and rubbing, which is definitely different for this video. When they decide to move on, Melissa starts things off with a thorough blow job. She is rewarded when tables are turned and Justice gives her a tongue lashing while he finger fucks her. When they get down to it the camera angles are good and there are plenty of close ups. Nope, I won't tell you how it ends, watch and see.

Five stars Vanessa Figueroa who explains that she has a thing for Alex and doesn't hesitate to give all the juicy details of what she has planed. This is the only scene shot indoors, and truthfully there isn't anything too spectacular about it. Again these two don't seem to be in tune with each other at all. Keep the remote handy, you will need it during this scene.

Scene six, yes there are six~! Victoria Sweet gets together with Steven St. Croix. These two are all over the place. Steven fucks the shit out of her mouth before taking her from behind. These two seem to really dig each other and that always makes for a better scene. He seems to have a thing for liking her ass because Steven stops several times to lick her ass hole, hum..There is quite a bit of kissing between these two and the camera catches some good shots.   


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