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Title: Interracial Booty Patrol 2  
Reviewer: Stefani  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Interracial Booty Patrol 2
Movie Type: DVD
Production Company: Pink Visuals
Production Date: 12/15/06
Reviewed by: Stefani
Suzie's just your average everyday 18 year old, walking down the street when she approached by a couple of guys in a car asking for directions. They explain they are just about to head out to their friends boat but wanted to find a restaurant with take out first. After a few minutes of chatting, they discover that Suzie is from Washington State and is only in the area-visiting friends. The friends are AWOL so Suzie has decided to spend the day window-shopping. The guys ask her if she'd like to hang out on the boat with them and when she looks like she may say no they offer her $100.00, she reluctantly agrees. Now in my opinion either this girl is a kick ass actress or she really was unsuspecting, doesn't matter because once they head out to sea she shows no reluctance to suck, first one guy, then the other. Moving below deck, each take their turn fucking her while the other gets his cock sucked. This scene comes to an end when both guys cum in her mouth. Yum!
Scene two starts the same, Angie is a local gal who when invited to spend the day on a boat happily agrees. In no time her close are gone and she tries to stuff as much cock as she can down her throat. Impossible feat, this guy is HUGE! She does fairly well all things considered and as she moves to the next guy (she's able to swallow this one) the first takes her from behind. This scene alternates between doggy style and cowboy, and ends only after Angie nearly begs to have them cum in her mouth. WOW!
Scene three: I wasn't impressed. Terrill, seems younger and more inexperienced than the rest and has to be persuaded with $300.00. She agrees but I never got the impression she was into it. This scene leaves a lot to be desired and while they fuck the shit out of her, I actually had to fast foreword through most of it. There wasn't any chemistry and even the camera shots were jumpy enough to leave the viewed dizzy.
Scene four; Aralyn is a bartender from Philly, she's alone on the beach waiting for her boss to show up at the bar that she works at, so she can get her paycheck. After she meets two guys who invite her to spend the day on the water she jumps at the chance. Before long, it's no holds bared and I'm certain these guys never expected Arayln this one is a HELLCAT! She isn't afraid to tell them just what she likes and boys, she likes it hard. The temperatures rise with this trio. If you like your gals aggressive, this is a must see! I'll leave it at that. Whew!
Scene five: Phoebe is having coffee with her girlfriend when she is approached to spend the day on the boat. Both she and her friend, Alisha agree. When Phoebe is offered a shopping spree to fuck two of these guys, she happily agrees. One just happens to be the owner of the Yacht, the other his friend Jason. Doesn't take much persuasion to get this gal to loose her suit. She fucks the Yacht owner but Jason isn't getting any and literally carries her away. Jason gets her from behind and while she is trying to suck the other guy, she isn't doing such a good job and Alisha actually comes out to offer her assistance. Only for a minute and she's off again, leaving this threesome to get down and dirty. Yowsa! There are good camera shots, from all angles including the climax, to the eye.   

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