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Title: Bodacious Boobies  
Reviewer: Stefani  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Bodacious Boobies

Movie Type: DVD

XXX Mins. 2 Hours +

Production Company: Combat Zone

DIRECTOR: Toni Ribas

THEMES: D.P., Anal, Group, ATM


Production Date: 3/8/06-3/13/06

Reviewed by: Stefani

REVIEW- The first scene opens with Jessica Moore and Karina setting the stage for the fun to cum, oops I meant come. As the title implies these gals are stacked and they seem to get as much excitement out of there own bodies as they do each others. As temperatures start to rise they are joined by two fellas (Steve Holmes and Zenza Raggi) who are ready, willing, and even eager to join to fun. They each grab a guy and try it solo before finally giving in and slamming Karina with a too hot to handle D.P. The camera shots aren't great in this scene and the guys aren't great to look at but the girls are hot, built like a walking fantasy, so it makes up for the rest.

Scene two: starts with Sabrina Rose playing it up for the camera but before she manages to strip down completely she's joined by two men (Toni Ribas and Greg Centauro), both ready to give as well as receive. This trio is HOT! Sabrina Rose is stacked and these guys are very easy on the eyes, coupled with the fact that there is nothing these folks won't do.... Yummy!

Scene three: Nichole sets the stage dressed in black leather and shows off her amazing rack for the camera. This must prove too much to take for Director Toni Ribas because within moments he's on the opposite side of the camera rearing to go. This guy is HOT! The gals defiantly do not want to miss out on seeing this stud, Whew! These two rock the house with the dynamite chemistry they have on screen, the camera angles are good but I'm thinking we needed more of the guy on this side of the camera. Is it just me? Or is it REALLY warm in here, whew!

Scene four: Tiffany Rousso- the guys will appreciate this gal, a lot! This scene begins with a short interview but moves rather quickly to a show for the camera. Once the clothes start to come off Tiffany is joined by a very well endowed older gentleman. The camera angles are good but I didn't get the feeling there was too much chemistry between these two. I actually expected more sparks but it just didn't happen.

Scene five: Virginee and Lora Black. These two gals start off playing up to the camera but once the clothes start to fall so do their inhibitions. Before these two get a chance to really get into it, they are joined by a couple of guys ready for the fun to begin. This is a very vocal group, be prepared to sit on the volume controls. The camera shots could be better but this foursome is hot! Their grand finale could have been better.

All in all, I have to say the best scenes are defiantly the first three but just for those alone, this is worth having in your collection.

Overall rating: B

Female looks: A

Male looks: A

Sex: B

Plot/Acting: N/A

Extras: Cumshots, Behind the Scenes, Photos, Web Access.

A/V Quality: A-


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