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Title: Gang Bang Squad 9  
Reviewer: Satchman  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Gang Bang Squad 9

Movie Type:All Sex
150 Mins.
Production Company: Pink Visual
THEMES: Gang Bang
Production Date: 10/20/06
STARS: Lexi,Angel Long,Marybeth,Rikki White,Tiffany,Felony,Joe Friday,Sledge
Reviewed by: Satchman(agentmib@msn.com)

This movie has 5 scenes with muiltiple guys on one girl format.All the
ladies are foreign as they all have accents.Below i will give a brief
description of the scenes and the positions that were preformed.

Scene 1: Marybeth/4 guys

Marybeth was the best looking girl in the movie.She had beautiful blue eyes
and nice tits.The oral was ok but not great.Sexwise we get missonary as each
guy takes a turn.Thenwe get cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.The scene moves to
anal but she does not do so well with the anal.You could tell she was not
comfortable with the anal sex.The DP footage was not very good as the camera
was all over the place.The cumshot was good as she took 4 big loads all over
her mouth and face. 6 out 10

Scene 2: Angel/4 Guys

Angel was a pretty cute gal.The oral was again just ok and we get all four
guys slapping her face with there dicks.The sex starts with missonary and
was not good at all.Then we move to standing doggie which was pretty hot but
was too short for my taste.We move to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl anal.She
does take the anal alittle better than the girl in the first scene.They DP
her and she takes two dicks well.The cumshot was great as she had her face
covered. 6 out 10

Scene 3: Rickie/4Guys

This girl was just average looking.The blowjob was pretty weak as this girl
sucked dick like she was afraid of it.The sex starts with doogie which was
just ok.Then we get cowgirl and reverse cowgirl with both being weak as the
camera could never get in a good position.The standing doggie was alittle
better.This scene had quite abit of choking in it which i didn't care
for.The DP footage again was not very good.The camera work in this scene
left alot to be desired.This by far was the worst scene in the movie.The
cumshot was just ok in this scene. 3 out 10

Scene 4: Tiffany/4 Guys

Tiffany had some nice big natural breasts.The oral was alot better in this
scene.The sex starts off with reverse cowgirl which was not bad but could of
been better if the camera could of stayed still.Then we get standing anal
which was not bad.This girl took the anal pretty well.The DP footage was
just ok and not very good.The cumshot was good as she got her face covered.
5 out 10

Scene 5: Lexi/4 Guys

This scene has Lexi taking on four big black cocks.The oral was very weak as
she barely put more than the head in her mouth.The sex starts with cowgirl
from each guy but the cowgirl was very weak.There is some squirting from
this girl so those who like squirting will enjoy that.There was too much
cock sucking footage and not enough sex footage.The anal and DP footage was
just ok at best.The cumshots were just average as each guy jerked out a
small load.This was the second worst scene in this movie. 3 out 10

Final Thoughts

I did not enjoy this movie and thought it was pretty bad.I would not
recomend it and the only people who will enjoy it are those who like rough
gangbangs.The girls were just average looking and the guys were from the
bottom of the male porn pool.Most of the guys had huge guts that does not
make for a good scene to watch.Also the guys talked way too much and would
not shut up.I hate when guys talk as that makes my dick go limp like a bowl
of pudding.The camera work in this film was awful as it was all over the
place and not very steady.The sound would go from good to bad throughout the
film.The film has no extras but a few trailers.


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