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Title: Sexual Freak 2: Teagan  
Reviewer: Satchman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Teagan: Sexual Freak 2
Movie Type: All Sex
100 Mins
Production Company: Digital Playground
THEMES: straight, tease, female domination, shoe worship, interracial, anal, ATM
CONDOMS: 2 scenes
Production Date: 7/6/06
STARS: Teagan Presley, Shay Jordan, Riley Shy, Kapri Styles, Christian
XXX, Jerry, Scott Nails, Jean Valjean

Reviewed by: Satchman (Agentmib@msn.com)


Scene 1: Teagan Presley/Christian XXX

I so wanted to love this scene but a few things kept me from that. Teagan
looked great and the outfit was fantastic. Teagan played the dominate role
very well here and she knows how to use a whip. But what held the scene back
for me was there is only one sex position. Also they stay in that position
for way too short of time. This scene needed at least 1 or 2 more
positions. Teagan still brought the heat to this scene as only she can. 6 out

Scene 2: Shay Jordan/Scott Nails

For this being Shay's first scene she blew me away. She looked so hot in the
outfit and loved the tie and glasses. I like girls who where glasses so I
wish she would of kept them on during the whole scene. This scene was very
hot and her and Scott had a lot of heat together. Scott broke her into the
business good as he hammered away at her in quite a few positions. The two
seemed to have a lot of chemistry together in there first scene working
together. This by far was my favorite scene in the movie. This scene seemed to
me to be double the length of the other scenes in the movie. 8 out 10

Scene 3:Kapri Styles/Jerry

This scene was just ok for me. Kapri Styles does not really do much for me so
the scene didn't get me too excited. The gun play was interesting but that
goes away quickly. The cowgirl footage was great and liked she did anal but
the anal was too short. 6 out 10

Scene 4: Teagan Presley solo

This was a great tease solo but it could of been a little longer. Teagan
looked hot as hell and played to the camera very well. The boots and makeup
were very hot in this scene. 6 out 10

Scene 5: Riley Shy/Scott Nails

I really like Riley's look and she was smoking hot in this scene. She has
amazingly beautiful eyes. She and Scott put in a very good scene here. The
cowgirl was great again and he gave it to her good. I was hoping she would do
anal but we get no anal but they do go at it in a few positions. 7 out 10
Scene 6: Teagan Presley/Jean Valjean

I so loved the setup of this scene. This second Teagan scene is better than
her first scene as the sex is longer. I'm not a big fan of standing sex
scenes so would of liked if they got up on the counter or the floor. Jean
does give it to her hard which kicks the scene up a notch for me. There is
some mild choking in this scene but it is not that bad at all. But if you
don't like that then you may want to skip this scene. 7 out 10

Final Thoughts:

Teagan is a favorite of mine but her scenes here were just ok as I have seen
her much better in other Digital Playground movies. The outfits and makeup
were all topnotch in this movie. Except for the Shay Jordan scene the other
scenes were too short in my opinion. Great camera work and sound as you would
expect from DP.


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