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Title: Prime Cuts: Anal MILFS  
Reviewer: MNM  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Anal MILFs (Pink Visual Prime Cuts)
Movie Type: Vignette, Compilation
148 minutes
Company Name: Pink Visual
Director: Various
Themes: not surprisingly, MILFS and anal sex
Release Date: 2006, production date 6/06/2006
assorted gentlemen and Dustin Hoffman wannabes

Baa, another MILF title. What can I say, I have yet to be convinced but remain open-minded. So far the genre (and the format of a compilation disc) seems to me like a dumping ground for C-grade scenes featuring slightly attractive older women that didn't warrant release. Missing from ANAL MILFs is the pretense of these women being soccer moms or what have you, or even a consistent pairing of young guys with older women; these are just middle age sluts looking for greenbacks and shaft. What this compilation disc does have going for it is atmosphere: I really believe these are amateurs off the street, and a lot of the staging is very informal and relaxed with a lot of banter, etc., and it ups the heat factor considerably. Even when it seems that someone vandalized the Looks Dept. over at Pink Visual. Video quality is decent handheld action, 4:3 aspect ratio. Noticed some artifacting during fade transitions and any really rapid panning.

Scene 1 - Maxine (from Her First Anal Sex)

Not bad. Maxine is a latina in her late 20s, phat ass and an absolutely huge set of tits; "melons" isn't far off the mark. Aside from some faded stretch marks around her hips and thighs she's a decent mama-off-the-street. The opening dialog makes it clear that this is a toe-in-the-water moment for Maxine, checking out how the adult film thing works because "you've got to try everything once". Her initiation finds her confronted with two white cocks, and the prospect of first-time a2m. A bit misleading. There's never any serious DP action, just some opening double-handed oral foreplay on Maxine's part. But goddamn does this woman cream! Maxine gives up some girl goo at least three times in this scene, in missionary and doggy, and is totally convincing in her moaning. She even shares a secret: serious muscle control , to which one of her co-stars attests on-camera. This girl is enjoying getting fucked here. And I don't remember hearing any complaint during a2m, so that went over well.

Scene 2 - Tara (from Her First Anal Sex)

Overalls and bad boob jobs, anyone? Damn, Tara comes closest to looking like an honest to god MILF, but I can't vouch for her hotness. She's got some bad tats that maybe hint at a rebellious past before she started shoppign for the family at Old Navy, but overall her looks have faded. Except for her green eyes; Tara came with her bedroom gaze on. Like Maxine, Tara's giving up the A in this scene, too. And on the same couch no less. The oral is weak as she doesn't take much into her mouth, and things improve only slightly with the reverse cowgirl that follows. Her breasts look terrible jutting out from her bra, like movie-makeup molding rubber bad. Things for me didn't get good visually until the anal doggy-style, where Tara's pink snatch and big ass actually looked sexy. The anal gets pretty deep, too. There's a decent amount of chemistry between Tara and her studs, but it takes a bit of horndog coaxing to convince her to try the ass-to-mouth. After some deep anal piledriver they lay her down for a thick double facial.

Scene 3 - Kori (from Her First Ass To Mouth)

The setup for Kori's scene is to young guys trying to pick a random girl on the street for a "date". She gives her age as 22, and there's no mention of a rugrat, so I'm not sure where the MILF angle fits in, but 60 seconds later the dicks come out and all is forgiven. The guys compliment Kori on her ass immediately, and it's not that great looks good squeezed into some boy-cut cherry undies. Kori's a sorta chubby blond from the left coast, one who looks like she's been enjoying beer regularly since college started. But she's got some great c-cups and a juicy pink snatch along with the extra cushioning and hawk nose, and the energetic head she gives won me over. She's also got a relaxed and playful attitude, so when it comes time for the anal piledriver she's all smiles and wisecracks. Camera work here is decent for low budget handheld work, the shots linger when they need to get and get some good consistent shots of the penetration.

Scene 4 - Dee (from Her First Ass To Mouth)

Now, Dee fits the profile, albeit in a creepy, The Graduate sort of way. Dee's a tall, sort of leathery skinned brunette; think of a horny southern high school English teacher and you're close. Huge hips, and a sagging but natural rack fill out the package. Dee is very eager to please in this scene, to the point where she really pushes her limits to impress her young studs. It's still a very subdued scene, but once they get at Dee's asshole things get pretty intense (for Dee, if no one else). But her studs have good bedside manners and really look after the old girl as they put her wide ass through its paces. As the scene title suggests, she does some taste testing to top things off. Her reward is a sloppy facial. I didn't think much of this scene. Certainly didn't close things out on a strong note.

Overall Rating: C

Nothing too exciting, and only minimal effort to fit the advertised theme of MILFs. Anal was delivered as promised tho. Far as I'm concerned this is a typical compilation disc of mediocre quality. Buy it on sale or if MILFs is your thing; you may get more mileage.

Female Looks: B-

Male Looks: B

Picture Quality: C

Looked like cheap digital handheld, decent transfer. Menus were nicely designed.

Extras: Trailers for Insane Cock Brothas Vol. 1, Wild Fuck Toys Vol. 3, Teens For Cash Vol. 8, and variosu websites like BangBoat.com Firsttimeswallowers.com, etc. The three main trailers feature some cute young things, including a bit of Kayla Marie. Seriously, based on these I'd much rather see their "young girl" themed releases.

Plot/Acting: N/A

Sex: B

There was chemistry in almost every pairing here, so even when the sex was awkward or mechanical for the sake of framing there was still some heat between the performers.



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