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Title: Taboo 6  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Hustler Taboo #6


149 Mins.

Hustler www.hustler.com



STARS: Barbara summers, Jessica jaymes, Kimberly Kane, Randi Wright, and Taylor Rain

The first scene stars Mia and Barbara. These girls are hot blondes with natural breasts. The gimmick to this scene is that they look very similar. In fact, Hustler does a good job of dressing them the same as well. With identical fishnet outfits, hooker boots, the same perm, the same dye job, and the same makeup, these two babes pass as sisters. In fact, I am sure that is what the director is gong for when he cast these two babes.

They start off enjoying each other's company, before adding a guy into the scene. By sharing this guy, I am sure that you guys with a thing for sisters will be more than happy with this scene. By today's standards, Hustler comes across as very tame. However, the quality of performer is bar none. Hustler is great about casting beautiful women. As many of you know, Kid Cocky would rather have a big corn-fed mid-western hoe than some of the Hustler Honeys... but that isn't the case for all of you. These babes are gorgeous, and they share well.

Anna Nova stars in the next scene, and I have to say that Hustler went and got a weird set, as usual. It seems that the two males in this scene are coming out of suspended animation. Either that or they are frozen in some futuristic phone booths. They come out of the booths and explore Anna's body. They us some sort of glass probe... by she sits still... as if she is in a frozen state as well. The more they probe, the more she wakes up. Pretty soon she is completely away. What a way to wake up, with two naked men in your face. You would think that she would act more surprised. They guys are quite sizable, but that doesn't seem to slow Anna down. In fact, it only seems to fuel her appetite.

After a while, one of the guys just seems to disappear, and the other is left to do all the work. I am sure he isn't upset, but the viewer is left a little confused. The two perform their scene on what appears like a futuristic Star Trek set. Her enhanced breasts look wonderful, and the temperature indicates that it is a little cold in the room... at least she is pointing that way.

Later, the second guy reappears. He comes just in time to check out the backdoor of the set, while the other guy is in the front door. That sort of probing goes on for a few minutes before the guys launch their phasers all over.

Lanny Barby is apparently trapped in a submarine of sorts. She is stuck in a ball gag, with her hands and feet chained down. She is the cover girl for this movie, and she wears a rubber dress with rubber boots. Two muscular men with gimp masks walk up to her. They are naked except for their leather underwear, which is around their ankles! Lanny completely inspects both men, and she makes sure that they are up for the occasion. Soon she takes off their masks... and one of the guys leaves. She is quickly removed of her dress, left with just her leggings and eight inch high heels.

She is mounted on what appears to be an old wooden electric chair. Somebody please tell me, who comes up with these sets? He then enters through the backdoor and she becomes a reverse cowgirl. Just like in the previous scene, the second guy returns just in time to assist from the front. It is a tight squeeze, and there doesn't seem to be much movement for the next few minutes. The ending gets really artsy, and it involves two metal boxing gloves. I don't quite understand it.

Hustler is great about using futuristic props. Things made of glass, rubber, latex, and steel. I've never been a big fan, but they have a respectable core audience. Once scene stars a guy with dynamite strapped to his chest. Why, we have no idea... but it is different. It definitely makes this product unique from other brands. As soon as you turn on a hustle movie, you know it is Hustler. The lighting is soft, and the scenes are dark. The girls are beautiful, and the guys are in good shape.

There is no behind the scenes or the realism that we are used from most of today's companies. There is a pure artistic value to most of Hustler's work. Not everyone will understand or enjoy their product, but it is high quality and somewhat innovative. I would argue though that Hustler hasn't advanced much in the past ten years, and they need to improve their formula a bit.

I do appreciate that Hustler shows their movies in cinema scope. Those of us with wide-screen TVs appreciate that.

When it comes to pure sex, this movie does a good job. There are a total or eight scenes. The finale stars uber-star Jessica Jaymes.

Kid Cocky

"When it comes to hoes, Cocky knows."


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