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Title: Cafe' Flesh #2  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Hustler gives it a "Fully Erect" rating, and for once I agree with them. This thing couldn't be any hotter. It's just overflowing with hot fucking, great looking girls and guys, wild and outrageous sets and an honest-to-goodness story line that can be followed. And, what's more, it picks up perfectly from the last "Café Flesh," one of the all-time best porn flicks. If you recall (and if you don't, go rent it, it's amazing), the first film centered around a nightclub, which gave the flick its title, where "positives" entertained "negatives." See, after the nuclear holocaust (we just assume it happened, like some weird "Boy and His Dog" thing), the radiation fallout left most of the population sexually negative - meaning, they still got turned on by watching but we're made physically ill if they actually tried to do any fucking themselves. That left the few positives left in the world with a great opportunity - put on shows where you perform kinky sex acts for the negatives, and rake in the dough (and the cock and cum and everything else you can get your hands on!). For the sequel, director Antonio Passolini has taken that premise to incredible new extremes. Here, in this ultra-cool post-"Blade Runner" New Vegas, the café has long been shut down and most of the positives have died - all, that is, except for hot, voluptuous, nubile Stacy Valentine, one of my personal faves who looks absolutely luscious here, all dolled up like Farrah Fawcett. Stacy, you see, had her and her boyfriend cryogenically frozen before the nuclear attack, hoping that some day they'd be thawed out to live out their days fucking each other like bunnies. Well, Stacy certainly gets to fuck like a bunny here, but she doesn't exactly get to do it with her boyfriend of long ago. Anyway, that's jumping ahead. First we have to be reminded of what the club was like, so we get this hilarious but very hot scene with stick-like Rebecca Lord, who tells us (in French with subtitles!) how she loves to get it on with just about anything that moves - anything, that is, but mimes. So naturally she's forced to fuck the living shit out of two mimes right there on stage. It's goofy, sure, but it's not without some intense heat, initially brought on by Rebecca's acrobatic moves, in which she's flipped upside down, eating by one mime while she wolfs down the dick of the other. (What a great slut!) There's some great doggy action while she sucks cock, and some great close-ups of her beautiful face and mouth being filled to capacity. There's some looping of the footage, which sort of sucks, but it's such hot stuff that I didn't mind, and if you like your women lean and bony (I don't , but I know some of you guys get off on that sort of thing), then ol' 'Becca's your babe. She takes plenty of bone and ultimately gets a light cum shower on her pussy and chest. Meanwhile, Violet Chinchilla (Jeannie Fine) has been dreaming of reviving the club, so she's eager to discover what Lyle the narrator has discovered - that cryo freeze with Stacy waiting inside. This scene is intercut with another involving Mookie (Raylene), an amazing Jennifer Lopez lookalike and her negative boyfriend. Mookie wants to join the new Café Flesh and make enough money for them to escape to another world, but her boyfriend, who vomits even at a kiss, isn't having any of it. While we wait for the story to unfold, however, Passolini tosses in a steamy, sweaty dream sequence involving Jeanna, who imagines herself as some freaky dominatrix in a oil refinery (or something like that), drooling over two hot studs. The whole scene is almost surreal and David Lynchian, with the camera working in both slo-mo and wild smeared style, while we don't hear much for a while except the buzzing of steel machinery and some very "Twin Peaks"-ish music. There's the usual oral play, including a hot pussy eating and a great blowjob from Jeanna (as if she ever gives anything less than great BJs, right?) and finally some heavy-duty doggy action. And Jeanna's ever the commanding presence, insisting her sweaty lover stick out his tongue so she can spit on it, then have him thrust it into her pussy. Of course, once Jeanna gets her turn to offer her oral services, she's quick to deep-throat her man, in a fashion that only she can. Plus, there's some great backdoor slamming, some fun missionary with Jeanna resting on a shopping cart (don't ask) and a tasty facial which coats her charismatic face. Overall, very, very fine. The plot next finds Jeanna securing the money to get her cryo gal, and though some of the dialogue and effects are amusing, I won't spoil them for you. Suffice to say, it's just plain weird, so unless you're a guy with a freakish gal pal (like me), I don't know how well this one will fly with the little woman. Still, to prove to her Mafia bosses how well the new Café Flesh will go over, Jeanna has to deliver a hot pitch - and does she ever! Taking us back to a bomb shelter in the '50s, she gives us the vivacious Mustang Sally Layd (who looks an awful lot like Stacy Valentine) taking on two swinging bachelors. Sally looks just amazing in her satin red dress, platinum blond wig, garter belt and panty hose, dancing on a table for her men to ogle. She's got sweet, lickable legs and big, BIG tits, and man, does she know how to make the most of her surroundings, first by having one guy tongue her sweet pussy while she sucks the others throbbing tool, then trading off and letting her suck buddy fuck her cunt from behind while she engulfs the other's cock down her throat. It's just an incredible scene, loaded with spit-filled blowjobs, a wet shaved pussy, an even wetter asshole that gets stuffed full of hard cock, and some intense double-penetration action that has Sally screaming in delight. By far, this was the highlight for me, and this is a flick loaded with one fantastic fuck after another. Believe me, when Sally takes both studs into her holes, it was all I could do from freezing the screen and frigging myself off right then and there! And when she finishes with two big facial doses of man goo sprayed on her gentle cheeks ... well, forget it. I knew what I had to do as soon as possible (and thank God I had a man at my side to do it to me). Back to modern times, Jeanna is ready to train her new lassie, Stacy, in the ways of sex, so she brings her blonde bombshell to her soon-to-open club and teaches her how to suck cock by taking on Snake (Vince Voyeur), who is suitably decked out in snake skin. Stacy, of course, sucks so hard you just know she has had years of practice. She lathers it up, she slowly licks around the head, she takes every inch into her mouth, she gets the hand-and-mouth action going ... she's clearly a pro. And when Vince dumps a load into her mouth, she says, "Mmmmmm, I like the way that tastes!" (Hey, Stacy, don't we all, baby, don't we all.) But here we see why Passolini is so good. For a very basic scene, he gets his actors to be very playful and innocent, and it works. It's just very believable. Stacy is so turned on by the experience that when she returns to her room for a rest, she can't help but imagine what it would have been like to really get it on with her boyfriend (TT Boy) all those years ago. In a set right out of "Dreamscape," they wildly go at each other, sucking and fucking like there's no tomorrow. For some reason there's an alien nearby taking notes (I don't get it, but then, I doubt that I'm supposed to), but it doesn't matter, because soon Stacy is completely stripped down (and wow, does she ever have the heavenly starlet's body!) and is riding TT's stiff cock backwards, bouncing up and down like a pogo stick. There's a lot more to it as well, including some hot missionary action that shows off Stacy's incredible legs and a closing facial that is better than average from the single-spurt TT. Indeed, this may be the most erotic scene of the flick ... and by now, I was so wet I could see the stain spreading on my panties. Back at the club, Mookie (the gorgeous Raylene) gets a tryout, in a weird scene with her as a matador and her stud decked out as a bull with dicks for horns. Naturally, the way to soothe the savage beast is to suck those big things (they're plastic, if you hadn't caught on) and then take in the real thing ... a big old cock that spreads her lipsticked lips wide and pinches her cheeks together. Soon enough, Raylene is on all fours just like her bull friend and taking his throbbing bull cock up her snatch. She also gets it in a missionary pose, which gives our animalistic boy a great opportunity to watch her huge swaying tits. No surprise, then, that he ends up cumming all over them. Snake (that's Vince Voyeur, remember?) has ideas of his own at this point, though. He's taken to Stacy in a bad way and wants to rescue her from the vagaries of Café Flesh. Snake's charm and suave efforts to help her escape endear Buffy (that's Stacy's character) all the more to him ... in fact, she soon declares her love to him! And what better way to show how much she loves him than to fuck his brains out immediately. And that she does, eating down every bit of his cock once again and letting Snake flick his tongue all over her pulsating pussy. After some great overhead shots of her sucking his slick stick, we get some great wide shots of her standing bent over to take his schlong up her snatch from behind, and she does it with wild abandon, screaming and moaning and crying out for more. (Of course, my only trouble with this scene is that we've been led to think that Stacy/Buffy is a virgin. I find it hard to believe that the first position a virgin would want to try would be doggy style. But hey, who am I to complain? If that's how this slut wants to get treated, go for it.) Soon, though, Stacy is flat on her back with her great gams in the air taking a straight slamming. But amazingly, she turns on her side to let Snake thrust his fuckstick straight up her ass! What a nasty girl! Guess all that pent-up sexuality of being a virgin so long just had to unleash itself in intense ways. Anyway, this is just a top-rate scene, and Stacy has rarely if ever looked better. Her face, her hair, her huge tits, her perfect legs ... all of it is enough for me to want to drop to my knees and worship her anyway I can. (Seriously!) And that she finishes off the job with a load to her face makes her my ultimate hero. I was never the biggest Stacy Valentine fan before; I always thought she was cute but a little fake. This has changed everything. She's a goddess. There's a lot more story, all of it interesting, and I suppose I should mention that Russ Meyer favorite Kitten Natvidad and classic porn star Veronica Hart make guest appearances. (Very nice ones, too.) But you've essentially got the idea. There's one last scene, in which Raylene gets it on on stage with her supposedly negative boyfriend, who turns out positive and able to lick and fuck ass like you wouldn't believe. (Oh, to have that done to me ... well, guess I'll have to go do it!) Bottom line, the things is a fucking masterpiece. And it's got me so hot I have to go do something about it this instant. Ta-ta, then, lovers. Think of me when you watch it, knowing I got a little something out of it too.  

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