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Title: 1 Lucky Fuck 3  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


1 Lucky Fuck #3


Mins. 180

Platinum X

DIRECTOR: Jake Malone

THEMES: Facials, blow jobs, gaging



STARS: Phoebe, Isabel Ice, Lexi Belle, Ginger Lee, Celina Cross, Lindsay Kay, Aubrey Addams, Samantha South.

Reviewed by: Jason

REVIEW- Lucky Fuck #3 is the foulest shit I have ever seen - and I''ve seen A LOT of porn.

Scene one stars pretty little Phoebe, a cute little redhead who can''t be a day past twenty, deep throating four gangsta-ass black dudes (which amounts to almost forty inches of dick in her little mouth). They literally fuck her throat until she gags, tears and spittle pouring from her little baby-face. After she reams all four of their dirty asses she chooses the biggest dude to pile-drive her while his friends coat her face with cum.

Somehow the second scene is even more disturbing than the first. This scene stars Celina Cross, a tiny little eighteen year old who claims she just appeared in her first porn only two weeks before and had only had sex with one guy before she started the business! But that doesn''t stop the crew from completely defiling her, fucking her face extra hard because she doesn''t show enough ''energy'' and then telling her that it''s her fault that they have to be so aggressive. Once her face is covered in spit and bile from choking down so much black dick she is presented with the same choice as Phoebe, choose one of the crew to fuck while the others unload on her face.

Scene three is slightly less disgusting only because Lindsey Kay''s complete lack of gag reflex means that her face isn''t constantly smothered with her own tears and drool. She literally has no gag reflex, which she demonstrates, lips to abdomen, on a crew of slightly more polite white dudes (they at least take turns eating her pussy out).

Scene four makes you wonder just how much these girls get paid for this shit. Ginger Lee is an absolutely gorgeous blond, who gets her face fucked until her pretty green eyes tear up and tells the camera man that she''s scared (which obviously doesn''t deter anybody). Once again, she chooses a ''lucky fuck'' and lets his friends jizz on her face.

The crew goes easy on Samantha South, a nineteen year old Latina with tiny little titties in scene five. She gets her ass eaten while she services a foursome of unremarkably endowed white dudes. There''s some aggressive oral sex, but none of the tear inducing face-fucking like in the other scenes.

It''s more of the same with eighteen year old Lexi Bell, a ninety-eight pound blond cutie, who begs to lick the crews'' balls and bung holes. Luckily, she only has to deal with two dudes fucking her pretty mouth.

The last scene stars Isabelle Ice, who is by far the most skilled cock hound in the entire movie. Not only can she literally deep throat a ten inch dong, but she brags about getting fisted on her birthday. She services four black dudes and makes it look easy. These guys don''t go easy on her, forcing nearly a foot of cock down her throat, and the amazing thing is she keeps coming back for more. And in an absolutely ridiculous finale she lines up the crew and reams each and every one of them.

Lucky Fuck #3 is easily the most hardcore movie I have ever seen. If you''re into aggressive, self deprecating face-fuck action, this is the ultimate movie for you.   


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