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Title: Black Dicks in White Chicks #8  
Reviewer: EQSEG  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Black Dicks in White Chicks #8
Reviewed by: EQSEG
Email: SKA9741157@aol.com

Running time: 138 Minutes
Company: Red Light District
DIRECTOR: David Luger
THEMES: Black Guys/White Girls
CONDOMS: None Noted
Date of Release: 9/15/04
Date of Production: 6/03/04
STARS: Nicole Brazzle, Lolita Dita, Vanilla Skye, Desire Moore, Sabrina Snow, Poppy Morgan, Julian St. Jox, Sean Michaels, Tee Reel, Sledge Hammer, Brain Pumper


Scene 1: Sabrina Snow enters and makes small talk with Luger; she slaps her ass and indicates she's ready for the dark meat. Enter the sun-tanned dicks and she goes to work, bobbing back and forth before the guys dive into her pussy. Soon, she's getting fucked in missionary, letting the guys take turns while giving the other head.

We run through an extended set of doggy, reverse cowgirl and then back to missionary. One guy gives her some baby batter to the face; the other guy fucks her in doggy, and then deposits his penis pudding into her mouth where we get some a little clean up action. Nothing of note in this scene.

Scene 2: Next up is Poppy Morgan. While Poppy rates about a B at best on a rating chart, her tits are definitely an A+. The scene starts out with Poppy playing with herself and shaking her tits a little. The guys enter and Poppy gets down to business. No two dicks in her mouth at the same time here either. For at least two-thirds of the scene, Poppy keeps her panties and tank top on, just pulling them up or to the side. The guys take turns on her in missionary, spooning, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. We then go into a very long spoon anal which, I have to admit, shows off her tits quite nicely. Poppy then gets on her knees and takes the first load onto her face, rubbing it all around. After about 30 seconds of moisturizing her face, the second guy lays a very weak load onto her chin. Another standard scene with the highlight being Poppy's tits.

Scene 3: Vanilla Skye is third. She tells us she wants to get fucked by a black dick and then leans back and starts to play with herself while still in a white bra and panties set. A skinny dude enters and starts groping her a little before we move into her giving some head. We go into an extending missionary session before reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, spoon anal, doggy anal and finally a thick load of cock crud that finds a resting spot on her tongue. She closes her mouth and down the hatch it goes. What was noticeable in the scene is that Vanilla must have just come from her waxing appointment as her whole pussy and ass region was a bright red. Either that, or she was suffering from an allergic reaction to her male performer.

Scene 4: Cover girl Nicole Brazzle is up next. Nicole shows off her tits in a white tank top before talking with a sweet southern accent to the camera. She plays with her pussy a bit and then the cocks show up. She takes her time sucking cock while the two guys play with her tits. We get cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, and then spooning. Nicole then gets on her knees and then the guys spank off two good-sized loads onto her face and tongue. No swallowing here, as Nicole makes sure that all of the joy jizz dribbles down her chin onto her tits.

Scene 5: Lolita Dita is a very cute little girl. Babbles on about getting fucked a lot by a guy back in high school. 2 cocks enter and she gets to work. One thing of note is that Lolita must not have heard of waxing or a razor for that matter, as her pussy is quite hairy. Should have gone with Vanilla Skye to a spa Lolita. Anyway, we run through some spooning, doggy, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, then Lolita gets on her knees and asks for some cum. Both guys come in her mouth and she lets it drool onto her chin and then spits it out, most of it landing on her leg. Again, nothing stands out in this scene. Strictly by the numbers; Lolita keeps her mini skirt and top on for a least 75% of this scene.

Scene 6: Desire Moore is an okay looking blonde from Mississippi. She smiles, quickly showing off her braces. One guy comes in and Desire quickly goes to work on his cock. Another soon enters and we run through reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary. The then go into a DP session in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. This is followed up with some missionary anal before we get 2 really weak loads into the mouth. Again, nothing special here.

Overall opinion.

This disk is instantly forgettable. The problem with a company like Red Light is that after awhile they get into a rut and just put out product. That's just what this disk is-product. Nothing more, nothing less. There is absolutely nothing that stands out about this disk. It's the same old thing, girl sitting in camera view, off camera voice asks a few questions, and then the black dicks arrive. Problem is, most of the so-called "black dicks" should be called "half black dicks" or "suntanned dicks" at best. Other than one dick, there aren't any really dark black as night dicks defiling white girls. Overall, the sex is bland and by the numbers. Nothing stands out. All the performers could have easily stayed at home and phoned it in. Don't bother unless you truly are a fan of the performers.

BTS: Yes
Pop Shot review: No
Trailers: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Boner footage: Yes. Return blowjob appearances by Nicole Brazzle, Poppy Morgan, and Sabrina Snow.



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