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Title: Big Titty Woman  
Reviewer: Ska  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: D-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Big Titty Woman
Reviewed by: Ska
Email: SKA9741157@aol.com

Title Big Titty Woman
Running time: 1 Hour 55 minutes
Company: Excessive Entertainment
DIRECTOR: Martin Del Toro
THEMES: Big breasts, arm pit fucking, spitting
CONDOMS: None Noted
Date of Release: 11/20/05
Date of Production: 7/17/05
STARS: Brooke Haven, Nadia Hilton, Alexia Amore, Eva Angelina, Katie Morgan,

Overall opinion.

Martin Del Toro should not be allowed to direct another video until he goes back to film school. He takes a perfectly good concept, hot big titted women, and completely blows it as far as I'm concerned. Half of this video is shot in a diagonal angle instead of straight on and he does not hold any shot for more than 30 seconds the camera shot constantly jumping around. In addition, for some reason Martin feels that viewers like to watch porn through an obscured lens. In every scene, the girl spits on the camera lens a minimum of 5 times. In most cases we are also treated to sound effects of the girl spitting on the camera. Kind of like the sounds heard in the fight scenes in a Rocky movie. You know, when Rocky is hitting Apollo Creed in slow motion and hear the impact of the punch on the skull. This is all very amusing considering that Del Toro had the following comment to say in a recent press release.

"I love to get these girls all fired up for some rougher sex. There is nothing like it when a chick is totally into getting banged and almost forgets that she's making a porn movie."

Source: VCA Excessive Unleashes Big Titty Woman
By: Wade Garrett

Posted: 5:00 am PST 11-20-2005

I don't know how he can make that claim, as all activities are all camera friendly. From the moment the scene starts, the actress spends all of her time mugging for the camera. Another complaint about the DVD is the each sex scene is the same. There is no variation at all. Not only that, the guys look like they are more into each other than into the girl. This is especially evident with all of the armpit fucking that is going on. That said, lets get to the break down of scenes.


Scene 1: First up we have Katie Morgan outside. Someone off camera shoots her tanned body with oil from a water pistol covering her body. Nice start. Katie then heads inside. The gay looking guys enter and Katie is quickly giving both head, alternating back and forth. When then get some single armpit fucking followed by double armpit fucking. Why? I don't know, but the theme is repeated in all of the scenes. We then move into Katie getting fucking doggy style while giving head, she then stands up and continues with the same. Soon Katie is riding cowgirl and giving head. While doing solo cowgirl she switches guys. Soon we are in RCG while she jerks the other guy off. Katie then gets fucked missionary style while alternating giving the other guy head and jerking him off. The guys switch back and forth a few times. When it comes time for the baby batter to start flying, Katie cups her hands on either side of her mouth to catch the jizz. After using her face and hands for a target, Katie rubs the jizz on her face and tits. She then rubs her hands on the camera lenses and for good measure also rubs her tits on the camera lens. Any heat generated by Katie in this scene was completely ruined by the 5 times she either spit or drooled onto the camera lens. We then have to view the scene through the wet lens until it gets cleaned off. Soon after, it's covered again and we go through the whole process again. In addition, each time she spit onto the lens, we had thundering sound effects. The scene was also ruined by numerous sideways camera shots. Total scene running time: 23 minutes.

Scene 2: Next up we have Eva Angelina without the usual glasses, but looking very hot and with a very nice tan. Yes! I had such high hopes for this scene, as Eva is one of my current favorite porn babes, especially with her outside rubbing oil all over her hot body in the sunlight. As soon as the 2 guys enter the picture we have a complete duplicate of the first scene, right down to the armpit fucking. Throughout the scene, Eva spits onto the camera a total of 7 times. When it comes time for the cum shots, Eva uses both of her high heels to hold open her mouth for the impending loads of cock crud. Why oh why would anyone ruin the perfectly beautiful sight of Eva Angelina taking 2 loads directly into her mouth with something so foolish as a pair of high heels? This isn't a Max Hardcore scene. The guys dump their loads into her mouth. Eva then spits the dick drippings on the heel of her shoe and creates a sliding board effect, catching and sucking the jizz off of the toe. She does this several times before spitting directly onto the camera lens. Again a scene with great potential completely ruined by excessive spitting onto the lens, sideways angles and sound effects. Total scene running time: 24 minutes.

Scene 3: I had the opportunity to meet Nadia Hilton at the AVN show in Las Vegas this year. She is much more attractive in person than in this scene. Nadia sports an ugly set of huge fake tits that are completely out of proportion for her body. Nadia also sports a pierced clit in this scene. Like the others, we start outside with oil being squirted on her. This time only one gay looking guy joins in. While giving a two handed blowjob, Nadia gives the camera plenty of eye contact. We move into some head/tit fucking with dirty talk. The guy fucks Nadia in cowgirl, then lying sideways from behind in a laying doggy style. Nadia gets her asshole fingered before having her armpits fucked. For the cum shot, Nadia fish hooks her mouth with her fingers and the guy gives her a face and mouth full of penis pudding. For reasons unknown, Nadia then spits the jizz onto her shoe and sucks it back into her mouth, then onto her tits. In this scene Nadia spits onto the lens a total of 7 times. We are also treated excessive sideways camera angles. Total scene running time: 23 minutes.

Scene 4: Main cover girl Brooke Haven is up next. Brooke's fake tits are great as we start with the outside naked oil tease. Again, 2 gay looking dudes enter. This sex in this scene follows the other 2 on 1 scenes on this disc, except for this one we also have Brooke hanging her head over the edge of a sofa and getting throat fucked. Everything else is the same, right down to the excessive spitting/drooling (7 times) onto the camera and armpit fucking. Also the same is the cum shot, with Brooke fish hooking her own mouth and the guys popping onto her face and mouth. No shoes present in the scene, but Brooke does spit onto the camera and suck it off before rubbing her tits onto the lens. Total scene running time: 23 minutes

Scene 5: Alexis Amore finishes up this disc. Same format for this scene, outside, oil, tease. 2 gay looking guys enter. After some alternating head, the more gay of the 2 starts sucking her toes while Alexis is in reverse cowgirl. The guys switch off on her before they get to what I'm sure they really came for, the cock rubbing that can only be achieved through double pussy penetration. Through out the DPP we get a shot of Alexis's brown eye. Operative word, brown, as she is sporting some crumbs and some major hemorrhoids, this is one camera shot that could have been edited out. Some more DPP follows before they take a break for some more head. Got to get those cocks moist as not to chafe from rubbing against one another. The guys then spit on her armpits before an energetic fucking. The first pop shot is good one onto her tongue, while the second is very weak onto her tongue and face. Alexis then gargles the jizz before spitting it for the 9th time onto the camera lens. Total scene running time: 23 minutes.

Pop Shot review: No
Trailers: Yes
Photo Gallery: Yes
Sex Talk: Yes


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