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Title: In Cold Sweat  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Thank heaven for Dyanna Lauren. She's beautiful, smart, savvy, able to play a natural woman, not just a slut, yet can deliver an out-of-this-world fuck like few others. Here, in Jon Dough's fine directorial effort, she's outstanding - not so much as an actress but as a classic porn queen. It isn't her fault that the acting is so poor, to be honest. The story is just half-baked, something about two sisters (Dyanna and the slender, hot brunette Monique DeMoan) who are grieiving over the death of their mother. Dyanna is the stable one who heads West to find work as an aerobics instructor - while encountering plenty of great fucks along the way. Monique is the suicidal one who likes to play with herself in the bathtub and have local shop clerks come over and treat her roughly. The movie opens with a great Dyanna scene, as she takes on Steven St. Croix with wild abandon, sucking his thick cock while in a hot red get-up and heels. Dyanna knows exactly how to make the screen light up with erotic intensity, and here she cranks up the heat almost immediately, unleashing her cooing voice, those enormous mammaries of hers and some fine movement on all fours as Steven eats her neat and trim pussy. Soon enough she's taking every inch of him into her wet hole, in a scene that's just brimming with excitement. Dyanna has her legs pinned back and her heels swaying with little control as Steven slams harder and harder into her. It's terrific stuff, made all the more exciting by the use of multiple angles, letting you be the director. And by the time Dyanna bends over for a hard ass-fucking, her pussy lips flapping open and shut with each thrust into her chute, you can feel how hard she's cumming. If it's an act, it's a great one, and it's well deserving of the butt-drenching Dyanna gets in the end. From here, Dyanna leaves Steven to visit Monique and tell her of her plans to leave. Monique isn't all that pleased, of course, so when Dyanna splits, Monique takes it upon herself to relieve the tension by frigging herself in the bathtub, ultimately nailing her box with a big dildo. It's a pretty good solo scene, and Monique is a natural - nice tits, graceful physique, a face that reminds of a cross between Christy Canyon and the actress Illyana Douglas. And when Monique gets her ass all greased up, it's a sight to behold. But it doesn't lead anywhere just yet; she'll get fucked properly in a while. Instead, we find Dyanna on the road, her car broken down, and getting a helping hand from long-haired goober Tommy Gunn and his girl, the incomparably cute Stephanie Swift. Like a scene out of a classic from the '70s, the couple soon seduces the helpless Dyanna, luring her into their van (of course) for some all-American three-way fucking! Dyanna is especially sexy in these scenes, first in a pair of cut-off shorts, then in little more than a pair of white socks. And Stephanie, always the eager beaver, doesn't let up, matching Dyanna's pace by taking a strap-on fucking from her while Tommy forces his sweet meat into her mouth. (Oh, wow, watching those balls slap against the side of her cheek ... it got me hot, I'll tell you that much.) By the end of the scene, Dyanna has gone from inexperienced to all-out dominating bitch, telling Stephanie to take that cock hard and fast before she herself practically chokes on Tommy's tool in a roaringly good blowjob. He thanks her for the service by unloading a stream of cum onto hers and Stephanie's faces. Meanwhile, back at Monique's, the tall brunette is still horny. So she phones up our fearless director, the strapping stud Jon Dough, for a little quickie action. He shows up with some groceries and instantly knows what Monique wants - to be dominated. All you guys who like to see some aggressive men have their way with a submissive slut, this is for you. Monique is soon handcuffed and thrown to the floor, where Jon starts to gratify both himself and her with some excellent oral play. There's some light spanking and bondage, but you get the sense that they don't want to take it too far, for fear of the law coming down on them. Indeed, by the time they move to the bedroom, the handcuffs have magically disappeared and a more traditional porn slamming takes place. Still, Jon is in control the whole time, slapping Monique's cute ass and fucking her as hard as he can from behind while jabbing his thumb into her ass. Fortunately for us, Monique finally reels back and lets him plough into her bunghole, ultimately causing him to spew a good load onto her sweet cheeks. At this point, the story starts to get confusing. Dyanna is now a workout instructor - and you won't believe how hot she looks in her spandex outfit, her incredible ass hanging out the back end of it. And yes, she's still worried about her sis Monique. But then there's this scene with Laura Palmer and Mark Davis, and I can barely tell you how it fits into the whole story. Doesn't matter, though. I'm beginning to really like Laura, even though she's a bit taller than I like to see. She's got legs that go on for days, and real, bouncy tits that are just dying to be sucked and bitten. She rides Mark's uncut rod like a true cowgirl and bends over and spreads wide when he needs it from behind. And when he's ready to pop off, she offers up what must be the biggest tongue around; we're talking Gene Simmons long here, folks. It's a decent scene, I suppose. I just don't know what it has to do with anything else. Dyanna is STILL worried about Monique (apparently that's the whole story), so she hitches a ride back to see her. When she finds her, she's busy painting a nude of another chick who sort of looks like Francesca Lee, but isn't Francesca Lee, and a girl-girl scene ensues. It's not as racy as you might think, and no, there's no incest going on. Basically, Dyanna and Monique use this piece of porn trash as their little fuck toy, making her lick up Mo's hot bush while Dyanna and her mighty thighs bang a strap-on dildo into her slit. The most action we get between Dyanna and Monique, actually, is one brief lick of pussy. Instead, Mo and the other chick feed some fake dick to Dyanna, who then bends over to take a slamming and a good hair-pulling. The rest of the story is fairly pointless, largely centered around Steven St.Croix missing Dyanna, thus he hooks up with Stacy Valentine, who he dresses up in a cool workout outfit and then fucks like there's no tomorrow. Stacy plays the part well, sucking Steve's dandy dick very well, then spreading her lovely legs wide for him to pound deep into her snatch. It doesn't take much for him, either, as soon he's blasting across her face and into her hair. But back to the story ... what little there is of it left. Monique is still distraught, still suicidal and ready to leap from a tall building when virtually everyone in the cast comes to her rescue. We don't believe for a second that she'd be that crazy, of course; anyone who enjoys the sex we've just seen as much as she does is certainly not going to shuffle off this mortal coil and give that hot banging up for good. So the film isn't entirely a winner. It's got some amazing sex, and much of it, though pretty hardcore and raunchy, is good for couples who like to see some graphic fucking. But the story is just so-so. Like I said, thank heaven for Dyanna Lauren. She's worth watching in just about anything.  

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