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Title: Chocolate Fudge Cream Pie 2  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Chocolate Fudge Cream Pie


131 Mins.

White Ghetto



STARS: Carmen Hayes, Stacey Cash, Chastity, Anna Belle


The adult industry is the racial enigma of video. In a society more concerned with racial relations than childcare, the adult industry takes interracial sexual relations and makes them the norm. The sex industry also has no problem labeling people by their color alone. To some degree, identifying issues is healthier than ignoring them.

In one scene, you have Carmen Hayes. Carmen is a big titted black girl. She is quite the energetic girl, and she does a good job taking cock. Carmen has worked for Bang Bros in the past. She has also acted under the names Anita, Luscious, Carmen Haze, Carmen Jones, and Fantasy. For the most part, she is a "pussy only" performer. She's also been in such movies as Sista 19, Pound Cakes, Pimp Element 2, She Got Ass 7, Suckin' and Jivin', Thick and Black 20, Ho's Gettin' Tricked' and the funky Hit Dat Shit. Those are all classics among classics. In this scene, her big tits deliver some fun bouncy action. There is no anal from this beauty, but it is a lot of fun watching her jugs jiggle as she is fucked from behind.

Stacey Cash also stars in a scene. She is one of my MySpace friends, so I am a little biased towards her. http://www.myspace.com/staceycash This 26 year old ebony vixen is quite the hot little momma. She currently works as a swimwear model, and she is the CEO of Cash Exxxchange Entertainment. Her scene lacks some energy, but it is solid throughout. I wouldn't put this scene in the sexual hall of fame, but it is worth watching. You see, she takes on two dudes at the same time. This scene is really a throwback to 70s porn. She has a hairy beaver. The guys are a little hairy. The lighting isn't great. There is no anal. The guys have big dicks and long hair. The girl has natural tits and a natural body. This is exactly what porn used to be. Both guys take turns fucking her hole. She gives a lot of head and they finish her off with lots and lots of cum in her pussy. Her little black cooter is just dripping with white cum. You can't complain here, because this is exactly what the DVD title promised; a Chocolate Fudge Cream Pie.

The biggest problem that I have with this DVD is that you only get four scenes. Hell, if you are going to pay $30 for an adult movie... you probably want more for your money. That's the only real reason I wouldn't recommend this movie. Of course, you'd also have to enjoy this genre to enjoy this DVD. If you really enjoy watching black girls take internal cream pies... then this movie is for you.

Overall this movie is pretty decent. You get over 2 hours of footage... but the scenes are a little long and the there are only 4 ladies.

Kid Cocky


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