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Title: Comeback  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


This is a great one, the sort of film that would make Jack Horner, the fictional porn director of "Boogie Nights," very proud. I mean, it's directed by Paul Thomas, who is as close to a Jack Horner as porn has anymore, and here he is absolutely on his game, making a Christy Canyon comeback film about ... a Christy Canyon comeback film. It's a pure delight for Christy fans - and I'm a big one. Those luscious tits, those full thighs, that curvy ass, that sexy face, that filthy mouth ... she's simply one of the best ever. And she can even act! She's a porn goddess the way I like porn goddesses: natural, excitable and horny as hell. Of course, as far as the film is concerned, Christy's having a pretty tough time getting back into the swing of things. She's left the biz and isn't all that interested in hot, wild sex anymore ... at least, not on camera. It takes a conniving Tony Tedeschi to woo her back, but even he can't convince her outright. In a series of flashbacks, we see how Christy is lured back into her fucking ways by bringing her to a porn set, where she watches several hot scenes go down, including one with Christa Rain and Ian Daniels that is pure boning action. (Prior to that is a nifty blowjob involving the unbelievably adorably Shelby Stevens, who sucks Michael J. Cox to a mouth-spewing climax). Anyway, platinum blond Christa does Ian in a semi-futuristic set, doing him every which way she can, including a hard doggy scene and some tight anal fucking. But what really makes the scene is watching Christy, looking sweet and innocent in a Laura Ashley-like dress, get her rocks off. First she's playing with her titanic tits, then she's pulling down her panties, then she's got her fingers in her pussy - and the way her legs look as she writhes around is enough to get any guy hard as a rock (or his girlfriend wet as a leaky faucet). The story continues with Tedeschi promising director Thomas and his screenwriter, Artie Choke, a Christy comeback exclusive -and for the rest of the film the three of them find themselves haplessly trying to get her to work. Even after they have a contract, she refuses. But the ways they devise to get her turned on to the idea are excellent. When Christy locks herself in her dressing room, for instance, TT Boy tries to sweet talk her into coming out by telling her how much he's always longed to fuck her. Christy wants to hear more - I mean, really hear more. So Shelby Stevens, who just happened to be hanging around, starts sucking TT, trying to get him to moan more and more. The combination of TT and Christy talking nasty to each other is so fucking erotic I could barely contain myself watching it. I had to get my favorite vibrator (the one with the steel tip) and start using it on my clit while I was watching it. Christy's voice just drives me wild, and then to see her spread eagle on a couch in heels doing herself, well, it just about sent me over the edge. TT, meanwhile, goes to work fucking Shelby, spreading her out on a desk and banging her cunt furiously. Christy keeps pace, too, by jamming a dildo in her twat, mimicking their every move, even though she can only hear what's happening. And wow, it had been so long since I had seen Christy do herself that the sight was just amazing, her big hairy bush spread apart and her legs flailing in the air. Eventually TT can take no more, and after a proper backdoor pounding of Shelby, turns her around and launches a short stream of man goo onto her tits. He's spent - but now Christy is ready for action. Since TT is spent, it's up to Steven St. Croix to fill in, much to his amazement. But that final scene is still a ways off. First, we need to see more of the temptation that brought Christy back, including a girl-girl seduction scene with hottie Jenteal. Jenteal is new to the biz (we're supposed to think) and she's nervous about doing her first girl-girl scene, so Christy puts her at ease by showing her the pleasures another woman can give to her. In no time, Jenteal is naked except for some sexy stockings and Christy, looking like the girl next door in a pair of short overalls, is down on her knees behind her, tonguing that sweet asshole and fingering Jenteal's clit. It's a killer scene that ultimately involves a dildo, a big strap-on and Christy's enormous floppy jugs, bouncing and swaying and fucking that huge strap-on cock. Wow, to be seduced like this would be incredible! Especially when Christy squeals out for Jenteal to fuck her harder and harder. This scene was so dead-on perfect in its set-up, in fact, that I have to admit I came hard when it finished. There's more here about how they get Christy to make the flick, including a boffo fuck between Tony and Christy that leads to him cumming all over her sexy ass, and a final scene that involves a very demure Asia Carerra, playing a production assistant, who is enlisted to perform in a three-way with Steven and Christy. That scene is just outstanding, with Asia and Christy muff-diving like it's the first time they've tasted pussy, and Steven spanking Christy's ass while he fucks her from behind. (You can also tell how old the flick is in this scene, because Asia hasn't gotten her boob job yet, which some of you Asia freaks will find a big turn-on.) Overall, it's a great, funny, quirky film-within-a-film that takes a very satirical look at the porn biz. And it''s one amazing Christy performance, one I'm sure to watch again and again. Highly, highly recommended.  

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