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Title: Love Between the Cheeks  
Reviewer: MNM  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Love Between The Cheeks
Movie Type: Vignette, Role Playing
Runtime: 80 minutes
Company Name: PUREPLAY Media
Director: Suze Randall
Themes: hmmm...hot fucking sex. Anal. Interracial. Threesome.
Condoms: none
Release Date: 3/01/06
Dana Vespoli
Michelle B
Marie Luv
Taylor Rain
Mick Blue
Mr. Pete
Scott Nails
Maxx Blagg
Tyler Knight

My early interest in checking out naked women led me to hide copies of Genesis and Club in golf magazines and hid at the back of the store, improving my putting or more likely examining beautiful women in (occasionally medical) detail. In the countless hours I've spent leafing through photo sets and scores of horny phone numbers, I've come to know the photography of Suze Randall. She knows hot to pose and capture sex. For me, Love Between The Cheeks shows that she has pretty respectable taste in women; Taylor Rain is a genre unto herself, for the sake of disclosure. And the extras here not only give up the extra skin, but they also show Randall's sincere enthusiasm that if genuine must put her subjects at ease. This disc give us a little bit of everything, showcasing anal in the 5 scenes found here. Full circle from MILFS and stale cookies:)

Scene 1 - Michelle B

Blond Michell B from Gazongas 2! She gets a pair of studs to open us up, two waiter types who are quickly ordered to "suck my fucking tits" by Michelle. She's wearing a little black dress, with wide red fishnet stockings. And those luscious breasts come out immediately, but just as quickly Michell's perched on the couch with two hard cocks in her mouth. Randall has the girls looking classy as far as makeup and hair, nothing overdone and very subtle. After taking some cock fairly deep, Michelle lays out on the couch for some missionary, and gets a cock to feast on as well. But Michelle is very vocal, and in this one on very cases cases her moans are so so hot. I actually turned the volume up, for gods' sake. There's a little nose pinching thrown into the oral. And lite choking. Boo. Flip flop the studs and we're into the anal, Michell's dirty talk a heated touch to the footage. Things stay hot for some doggy DP, but my money's on the reverse cowgirl anal that follows. It's just shot amazingly, Michelle's into it and looks hot. End of story. Popshot goes quite rightly onto those mams, and we're on Katsumi for Scene 2 immediately.

Scene 2 - Katsumi

Already on her knees when we cut to her, and immediately the blowjob is all about go8ing deep sea diving and not coming up for air. But it looks like old hat for Katsumi, and she makes nary a peep as she swallows cock. Her man giver cheeks a few slaps to break things up. Says "wow" a lot. Hot doggy follows, with Katsumi bent over an ottoman, getting spanked and sucking on a few fingers. A brief interlude of some second base shit is a fun tease, and gives us some nice shots of Katsumi's midsection. But there's choking as the missionary starts and that's just no good. Maybe girl's are cool with it, and then I'll bite my tongue. But I'm not convinced. Great ass play to warm up for anal, Katsumi bent over looks hot in this footage. Begging for more, Katsumi gets a hard anal session in doggy, cowgirl and reverse, before swallowing shaft in some weird Mexican 69 wrestling move. Rent it and see. Good pop but weak position. I can't say much about Katsumi's looks cause she's not my cup of tea, but Katsumi fans take note.

Scene 3 - Dan Vespoli

Scene three opens on an old TV set of the hood, Escalade (Ford Explorer) in full effect, and the lovely Dana Vespoli is being solicited by two pimpin' gentleman. She's quickly inhaling dick by the ride, and begging the second suitor to finger her browneye. One guy proclaims her "fine as hell" and I'd mostly agree. This brunette is MTV video stock, but with cock in her mouth she won me over. And she really wants that asshole played with. When her trendy rags come off we find Dana's got a pretty phat ass, but some uninspiring breasts. Some bad tattoos are another strike. I prefer the oral that opens it up; she gives sexy head and the set-up Randall presents us with is well simple but effective. As I watch I gotta say Dana has a gorgeous face; when Randall shoots her riding in cowgirl she looks sultry as she stares at the action over her shoulder sporting fingerless leather gloves and some boots, and her close up during the first pop would make an inspiring desktop wall-paper. After some ghetto bullshitting and haggling the second dude gets his nut off in Dana's potty mouth.

Scene 4 - Marie Luv

The second interracial scene (announced with some bad Casio R&B) is a duet. Sporting a hot pink dress that might be Versace or DEB, Marie is treated to some oral to warm her up for the scene. When she returns the favor it's the work of a pro, and only a little gargling does on. I like Marie's small titties, and her DSL's just cradle a cock perfectly. And as the sex gets going these two really sell the heat. There's believable chemistry. Scissors anal is the climax, and the pop goes all over Marie's torso.

Scene 5 - Taylor Rain

No "Fucking" here, just Taylor Rain. The set-up is Taylor and her two coworkers are manning the X-ray machine at the airport, when suddenly the thought of deep oral sex comes to everyone's mind simultaneously. If you know Rain you know what people like about her, and those are the things I like. Fuck, I could spend hours tracing her labia with my tongue. I also like drool and fluid and that shit with my sex, and her adventurous willingness to be stuffed with penis leads to some wet blowjobs that really uh, inspire me man. For real. From watching the extras I got the feeling Randall really took to Taylor and vice versa, and I think this scene is proof that the director was able to get a really good scene because of it. Taylor is already stripped when the guys finally decide to pleasure her, and Taylor takes some quick standing doggy while she spits on cock. The reverse cowgirl is hot. Taylor's got knee-highs on and while one stud pounds her little pink pussy the other is actually considerate enough to play with her clit and suck on two of the finest nipples I could hope to stroke to. The threesome stays in this position for almost the entire scene, moving into some close-up anal before the DP starts up. Taylor's moans are sometimes sexy and sometimes droning, but largely they're a hot addition, because Taylor can be very demanding and very insatiable. Best bit for me was the duet doggy anal just before the excellent, sloppy pop shots. Taylor Rain has a cute little ass and you can almost see the halo around it as it wiggles in the air, taking cock impossible deep. Ace scene.

Overall Rating: A

Yup, Suze Randall has taste and technical skills, and I assume credit also goes to Director of Photography Thomas Rifter for the gorgeous look of the picture.
Female Looks: A

Katsumi and Marie Luv aren't my cup of tea but are without question beautiful women. The other three scenes were all excellent, Taylor Rain's in particular. I could watch that all day.

Male Looks: A

Well hung young men, clean cut and quiet Just watch the choking unless asked, and get a little more drool on the breasts you have before you when you have the chance. Goddamn!

Picture Quality: A

Suze Randall makes hardcore sex look pretty lush on film, without resorting to soap opera tricks, weird lighting or bad sets. She gets really intense and erotic performances out of the girls here, and it always looks pristine on the screen. I really enjoyed this disc.

Extras: B

Two well shot strip teases featuring Katsumi, Marie Luv and some Casio beats. 5 minutes each. Marie Luv must give one amazing fucking lap dance. The Taylor Rain photo shoot is a great peak at the personalities of Randall and Rain, even as Taylor's spreading her labia it's so cute. Photo gallery, a boatload of previews (I Love Lanny!) and DVD credits.

Plot/Acting: N/A

Sex: A



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