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Title: Hit Dat Shit 3  
Reviewer: Joe College  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Hit Dat Shit 3

Reviewed by: Joe College

Overall rating: B+
Female looks: B (Marie Luv: A)
Male looks: C+
Picture quality: B-
Extras: B+
Plot/acting: N/A
Sex: B+
THEMES: DPs, black girls,

STARS: Marie Luv, Chyanne Jacobs, Beauty, Dwayne Cummins, Chastity, Lee Bang, Nathan Fiend, Cuntree, Summ Dawg, Broc Adams, Tone Capone

This is the first flick I've ever seen from NJ Films and it's got mega whore Marie Luv on the cover, so that's a good line. From the looks of the cover, it looks like it's going to be lots of DP'ing black chicks. Hopefully they're all as hot as Marie Luv!
Two of the guys are cleaning Marie Luv's pool, but in their words "the bitch be tripping." She comes out to yell at them for not working fast enough and looks amazing in this slutty net top, black heels and tight mini skirt. The guys put ML on her knees for some hot oral action - no one sucks cock better than her! After a bit, they bend her over to start fucking her doggy. Lots of talking here, both by the guys and ML, mostly along the lines of them telling her she's a slut and her confirming it - it's pretty hot. Fans of gagging (including yours truly) will enjoy this scene. The guys fuck "their bitch" in a bunch of positions, cow girl, reverse CG, doggy anal and then do a really long and hot DP. One of the pool dudes starts fucking ML really hard before ordering her to her knees and busting his nut in her face. She then sucks off the other guy until she gets rewarded with another load on her face. HOT!
One problem with this vid (the only so far) is that they don't identify the girls! The next scene has an OK looking girl with a nice rack. She sucks some cock before hopping on board for some cowgirl action - and damn does she have an ass! The guys take turns slam fucking the girl, chatting about how they need to "tear up that pussy." They do another long DP sequence, doing a bunch of different positions before jazzing all over the girl in a nice shot with her on her knees showing off that nice rack.
Next up is a thick, dark skinned girl who over hears the guys saying they don't think she can take a dick in her ass. She dares them to try and gets on her knees for some great face fucking. They fuck her in a few positions before going at a cowgirl DP. Before long, she's on her knees for the popshot in what's getting to be a routine sequence in this flick. This scene definitely didn't have the energy of scene 2, nor the perfection in scene 1.
The next girl comes by a distribution warehouse where two guys are putting together NJ FILMS videos. Apparently, she is looking for the secretary job, but obviously the guys have to see how well she sucks cock first. She must really want the job, because she sucks some great cock. They fuck this cute girl good in a bunch of shots that show up her great ass. She's not sure she can take it up the A, but the guys go for it anyway, easing her concerns by doing some double vag first. The guys tell the "bitch" to clean their dicks, which she dutifully does before taking a couple of nice facials.
JC says: a solid flick, but only for those who can take the 'bros vs. hoes' theme and all the chatter that goes with it.

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