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Title: Cum In My Mouth: I’ll Spit It Back in Yours 6  
Reviewer: Ted Castañeda  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Cum In My Mouth: I'll Spit It Back in Yours 6


Devil's Film





STARS: Chelsie Rae, Roxy Deville, Savannah Stern, Melissa Martinez, Sandra Romain, Mark Davis

Reviewed by: Ted Castañeda

REVIEW- Okay, let's start with the title. Would I have picked this title up off of the shelf on my own? Heck no, but Rog wanted me to review it (because I think he was scared to do it himself), and I need to prove myself, so I bit the bullet and slapped it into my CD tray.

First up is Chelsie Rae, and wow she has a smoking hot body. She's starts off crawling around as the camera follows her. She's wearing a really hot outfit, but I couldn't help but fast-forward through this part. Enter Mark Davis, and I have to say that I used to bow to Mark Davis. I've seen him in hundreds of scenes, fucking some of the hottest starlettes in the industry. Every gorgeous starlette I've ever had a boner for, Mark Davis has banged her in the ass and dropped a load in her yap and made her swallow. Davis was a god to me, and here he is in this title? Had to bite my lip as I carried on through the scene, as Chelsie proceeds to give him a very nice stand-up BJ with some deep-throating and way too much gob for my liking. Not a big fan of the frothy face-fucking, and I don't know who out there is. Must be a European fetish that they're catering to. So Davis proceeds to eat her out, fingers her pussy and her ass, and then fucks her on the couch. There's some good P2M, and of course, lots more frothy gob, the hated "glug glug" sound that I hate even more, big gob bubbles, and I'm just about to fast forward through the whole scene. The camera pans away from Chelsie gobbling cock and suddenly there's another guy there fucking her pussy. What, no character introduction? Chelsie gets the reverse cowgirl DP and takes it like a champ. Eventually the second dude cums in her ass and proceeds to lick it out of her puckered star. Not my cup of tea, but dude looked like he liked it. Seeing this fine action, Mr. Davis can't hold off any longer and cums in Chelsie's mouth. He then proceeds to flop onto his back and beg for his own cum. Now, is Davis so close to being a has-been that he's resorted to making movies like this? Or is he going the opposite direction of Peter North and starting with the hot chicks and transitioning into more homosexual activities?

Second scene has Roxy Deville in another fine hot outfit, and she really has an amazing body, and she has moves like a professional stripper, which I'm going to guess she once was. She has the hair dyed black, and I've got to say, she'd look much better as a blonde. Good action, and she's quite an energetic fuck, with the happy ending squirted into her mouth, and that was my cue to fast forward to the next scene!

Savannah Stern is up next, and she is very hot, very sexy, and has a unique "girl next door" look to her. She gives a quick BJ and then dude heads straight into her waiting pussy. She's a very good moaner, and that's important, because the bad moaners in this industry are boner-killers! Savannah actively rubs her clit, does a nice reverse cowgirl with amazing hip action and some great shots of her sexy legs. This girl is also an accomplished dirty talker, so perhaps my ex-wife should take some lessons from her. Savannah jumps off for some P2M action, and does a great job of cleaning her pussy juice from dude's cock. More hot RCG showing off her sweet tits, more good moaning, and some excellent camera angles. Dude pulls out and shoots a load in her mouth, and we're off to see Melissa Martinez (because I had to skip the ending).

Melissa is one sexy bitch! Pink top, short denim skirt, long black hair - a very sexy girl indeed. We start with some good face-fucking, then some cock gets plunged deep into that tight teen body of hers. We get some good cowgirl, P2M, RCG, RSVP, ASAP, some doggy and then a hearty cumshot, and I quickly skipped to the next scene.

Sandra Romain is last up here. Nice body, but I've never been a fan of her face. A little too harsh for me, and she's what I'd expect to get for $40 on the streets of Vegas, but that's just my personal opinion. She's wearing a sexy outfit, and proceeds to finger her own pussy and ass. Oh look, there's Mark Davis all ready for some more log lotion! She gives him some good beak, they break into a vertical 69, some RCG anal action, some A2M, and we end with a nice mish anal and Mark blows a load into her mouth and I skipped to the credits.

Not my kind of flick, but the action was okay. If you're into eating your own spoot, then maybe you should rent this movie. I couldn't stand to watch a man eat his own swimmers, so please accept my humble apology for an incomplete review. I'll kiss a girl after she swallows my glue, but I won't ask her to share it with me. Gotta draw the line, ladies and gentlemen.


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