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Title: MILF & Cookies 2  
Reviewer: MNM  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


MILF & Cookies 2
Movie Type: Vignette
74 minutes
Company Name: Damaged Productions
Director: Wisely, no one chose to put their name on here with a Director credit.
Themes: MILFs
Condoms: In some scenes
Release Date: 2/06
Stars: Holly Goes, Amber, Anya, Leigh, Skyler, 5 unnamed gentlemen

I don't know about Damaged Productions...after seeing a handful of their releases I've pretty much decided to avoid anything with their name attached. Maybe it's because they cater to some pet fetishes that aren't up my alley, but I'd wager that the quality of their women and quick and dirty production values are the true culprits. Anyway, the only thing damaged when I watched this feature was my corneas. Buyer beware of the following scenes:

Scene 1 - Amber

Now after saying that, I actually think the opening scene with Amber is pretty hot. She's a short brunette sporting a floral dress. Things move at a slow pace with some real foreplay. After make-out time on the couch and suitable attention paid to her sizable rack, we get some mutual oral. Her penis partner in this scene is a straight-up surfer dude and a bit too talkative for this stroker. The head she gives is timid, a tease at best, but Amber's look is pretty intense throughout and she treats us to a little ball-sucking action. They retire to the couch for a 69 and we get a better look at Amber's body; nothing stunning, but her breasts are full and heavy, and when she's straddling her man we see she's got some great stems. When they move into standing doggey things cool off. Amber is very passive here, and one thinks the relatively quick switch to reverse cowgirl is to get more out of her performance. Her tits look even better in this position though, and while she's no super model she's got a pleasing body straight off a single mother taking night classes for her Bachelor's degree. Good stuff.

Scene 2 - Anya

You only need about 2 seconds of this scene to realize that Amber was the whole show here. Anya is bottom of the barrel. The wad is blown way early and we're left with...well, I imagine Anya and the rest of these girls look like the regulars at some bar in Oklahoma City on a Wednesday, three sheets to the wind at 1am. This ain't mo MILF, because you would NOT like to fuck her. She's got some nice shoes on in this scene, but that's about as complimentary as I can get. XXX Jerry Springer shit.

Scene 3 - Holly

Further down the spiral we have cover girl (and poor alias chooser) Holly Goes. Holly looks exactly like Sam Keith's Zero Girl, but frumpier. She's got cat's eye bookstore employee glasses, a belly made of 100% cottage cheese, and thick forearm hair. Look, I don't need every girl I see fucking on film to be a model. Like most seasoned strokers I appreciate the nuances of the girl-next-door-type, the diamonds in the rough. But Holly is just rough, no diamonds to be found. And is that brunette ass hair, too? Female Oral (uh...), blowjob, missionary, doggy, cumshot on glasses. Obviously, she's appreciative of the attention. Thank you, there's the exit. Next.

Scene 4 - Leigh

35 year-old Leigh gets interviewed by an unseen chick here. Evidently she's been naked on-camera before, and she's excited to be doing it again. Leigh has bad stripper implants, spaced too wide across her torso, and a sort-of-attractive face with a blond dye job. The female interviewer gives us a running commentary as Leigh strips for the camera and kneads her fake rack. Since we're patient, once the top comes off we're treated to a cheap tribal tattoo on her lower back and a pancake ass that would do IHOP proud. The masturbation that follows is pretty intense for Leigh, as she crams one finger and then another into her pink twat. It's hot enough that I sat through it. And what follows makes me wish they had concentrated on the autoerotica. He man is packing lightly, and sporting some awful tats of his own. The doggy, reverse cowgirl and missionary that follows is rote, but I guess technically competent.

Scene 5 - Skyler

Now, they could've done Skyler a favor and sequenced her scene after Anya. The contrast would've helped her. Skyler is past her prime, maybe a biker chick, with long blond hair and a swollen, pale body tucked into some tight jeans. She's at the door of a plain motel room when the scene opens, and after a shitty faux interview we're right into the sex. Her foreign lover actually seems pretty into her, but Skyler has a cashier's check on her mind. She squeezes her flacid chest and vamps for the camera throughout, but it's just not an inspiring show. Unless you like a plumper, in which case you might dig the last quarter of the scene where her skinny stud gets her moaning with some scissors missionary on the motel bed.

Overall Rating: D

Note to Damaged: A budget does wonders for a sex film. These are real women, warts and all. But I would NOT like to fuck any of them except for Amber. This is her show, and it's a pity she has an hour of ugly sex behind her, 'cause she's cute and the only redeeming feature of the flick.

Female Looks: C
Amber raises the average a whole grade level.
Male Looks: C
We've got tanned surfer dude in scene one, and a bunch of skinny pale guys fill out the rest of the male cast. I'd give them a D, but they're less important the the female talent .
Picture Quality: C
Good clear handheld picture, with 16x9 widescreen bars on the top and bottom of the picture. No artifacts or shaky footage. Pedestrian shot composition.
Extras: D
Picture Gallery, Cumshot recap, trailers for Fuck Em Young 2, MILF & Cookies 1, and Teen Innocence 2
Plot/Acting: N/A
Sex: D
Again, Amber is all that's going on here.



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