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Title: Lethal Latinas 2  
Reviewer: JK  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Lethal Latinas 2

Movie type: Gonzo

140 minutes

Lethal Hardcore

THEMES: Wall to wall sex, one on one, Latino chicks



STARS: Alexis Silver, Victoria Sweet, Anastazia, Isabella Stanza and Nikki Nievez


Alexis Silver, a huge titted brunette who has a gap in her teeth, starts off the movie by getting double-teamed by two porn dudes. She begins the show by smoking a cigarette and playing with her bald pussy for a few moments. This is before she gets bored and needs some real meat to play with. Alexis gets in the middle of the two gentlemen and starts sucking them off with much enthusiasm. From here, it's all suck and fuck action until the two cum shots on her lovely tits. Miss Silver is an excellent perform who never gave her mouth or pussy a rest the entire scene. However, she doesn't give up her butt and doesn't get DP'd so there's nothing exactly memorable about this threesome.

Hottie Victoria Sweet is up next. This smokin' babe is probably about five feet tall and very petite. Don't let her innocent look fool you, though. She rides cock like nobodies business. Somehow her boy toy lasts through a bunch of positions before nutting on her pretty face. No anal but damn, Victoria doesn't need to rely on selling her third hole. Her looks are what get her paid.

The next two scenes, the movie takes a turn for the worst. The action is decent enough but Anastazia and Isabella Stanza are two chicks who are nothing to write home about. Both seem to be good in the sack but compared to the others, they are sure to be passed over by most viewers.

Nikki Nievez stars in the finale. She's a good-looking girl but has a trashy look to her. It's one on one action and unsurprisingly, Nikki is the one to get her ass stretched. In fact, she works her dirty hole for most of the scene. The facial was a little bit disappointing since the guy totally misses her face with his one big blast.

Lethal Latinas 2 started off good. Alexis Silver and Victoria Sweet are already in a ton of DVD's and will probably have excellent careers. Unfortunately, the rest of the action brings this movie to only at most a rental. There's nothing separating this one from the rest of the pack. These days all five scenes should have babes performing in them. Not just one or two like in the old days.


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