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Title: American Bukkake  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


OK, guys, you asked for bukkake, you got bukkake - though I can't figure out why on Earth you'd want to see it. What is bukkake, you might ask? Essentially, it's a Japanese erotic tradition in which some wanton slut plays with herself while a group of guys watches (or, in more submissive tapes, just sits back fully clothed and takes the load) and then she upturns her face, sticks out her tongue and waits for each guy to unload his sticky goo onto her face, sometimes more than once. Sounds exciting, right? Strangely, it isn't, at least not in this American edition, in which three above-average tarts become cum dumpsters for a bunch of rather butt-ugly guys. Maybe it's the delivery; there's nothing erotic about it. I mean, I love a cum facial just as much as anyone else, and when a hot whore can take a handful of loads to the kisser, hey, that can send me over the edge. There's probably no wilder feeling than to have a guy hovering above you waiting to pop off onto your face, you looking up into his eyes and making him feel like he's the only guy in the world that matters. But you don't get any of that sensation in this thing. Instead, it's just one pop shot after another. It all has such a cold, distant, objectifying feel that it ultimately bores. Right, I'm sure there are loads of guys who are just gonna get off on this like nothing else in the world. I just don't understand it. Anyway, of the three sluts, dark-haired Bobbi Bliss is the most attractive. She starts this off in a Playboy bunny outfit with cool black nylons and high heels to match. She does a greaet job at getting herself off before the bukkake boys let out their rallying cry and let the baby batter fly. In fact, she seems to enjoy all of this, from performing for these dregs to eating up their spunk. And make no mistake, they coat her, to the point that you see more glistening drops of pearl than you do her own pasty-white skin. The next whore up to the bukkake plate is Brooke Ashley, an AmerAsian thing with hot legs poured into strappy heels and a tight, ass-hugging outfit. She performs in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, gets the guys good and ready, then the clapper sounds. (The clapper signals them to stand up, drop their boxers and toss them at the bukkake slut.) They then stroke and cum all over her mug, with eyes tightly closed and a champagne glass held out before her chin to catch any drops that miss her face. And, duh, you can figure out what she does at the end - pours everything in the glass straight down her throat. You may find it throb-inducing. I found it gross and unnecessary, but to each his own. The last tart is Mikayla Shore, who looks about 16, wears cute glasses, has her hair pulled into pigtails and acts like a grade-schooler. Again, you might get off on it; I find it almost sickening. Granted, once she shoves a dildo up her twat she seems significantly older, and when she takes about her sixth or seventh blast to the face, she is delightfully covered, the way the best of the Gang Bang Girls look when they've had a fun time. But then it keeps going. And going. More cum. And more cum. And then some more. Even Gang Bang Girls wouldn't take this much, and I don't blame them. After a while, that cum just turns cold and foul, and by the end of this scene, Mikayla is damn near close to gagging and crying. Degradation as erotica? I love it elsewhere; I don't get it here. So I can't recommend it. Some of you may tell me it's because I'm a woman and I don't see the appeal, but I bet even some of you guys find this disgusting. I guess time will tell. Enjoy, if you can.  

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