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Title: Double Dippin  
Reviewer: JK  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Double Dippin"

Movie type: Gonzo

140 minutes


THEMES: Wall to wall sex, threesome, anal sex, double penetration



STARS: Monique Madison, Kelly Wells, Sandra Romain, Taryn Thomas, Jamie Elle


It doesn't take long for the DP madness to begin. Blonde Kelly Wells fits the bill just right. She's a pale, petite girl who looks a little bit trashy and just by looking at her; you can tell she's an anal fiend. Needless to say, Kelly gets totally skull fucked by her two partners and it sure isn't pretty. Expect lots of tears, gagging, and drooling. Something that quite frankly turns me off almost immediately! But thankfully, the sex begins fairly quickly and the straight ahead suck and fuck action occurs for a good fifteen minutes. It's then anal/double penetration time before two cum shot blasts in which she struggles to swallow.
Latino hottie Monique Madison is another petite girl but unlike Kelly she actually looks respectable. No teasing happens here. It's straight to the double BJ's. She looks great sucking on meat and seals the deal when she is finally ready to hop on for a ride. She uses her great ass to her advantage and slams down on her partners' junk with full intensity. It only gets better when she has two dicks in her. Good scene with a hot ass chick.
Taryn Thomas gets a little bit of time to show off the goods. She's got a tight little body on her but is nothing above average in the porn star department. She takes on her men outside by the pool and surprisingly the shadows don't get too much in the way. There's nothing really more to say about this scene. It's decent but forgettable.
Jamie Elle is a young looking brunette. She's got to be in the eighteen to twenty age range. However, don't let her innocent look fool you. This girl loves it in the ass. Her eyes are rolled back almost the entire scene! Jamie delivers one of the better romps of the disc.
Headliner Sandra Romain closes out this flick. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this hottie in action. She always delivers nasty shags and has definitely become a favorite of mine. I just wish she did a damn one on one scene every once in a while! But moving on, this is a pretty tame threesome for Miss Romain. Sure, she gets DP'd just as hard as the other girls but if you have ever watched any of her material, you know she often opts for the dreaded double anal. Sorry, but it doesn't happen here! Top notch nonetheless.
I'm not really a fan of these kinds of movies. Every scene ends up being exactly the same and tends to get boring fast. Double Dippin' offers up a few babes but overall, it's completely average. There's nothing setting itself apart from any of the other millions of DP movies out there. It's straightforward with no twists or turns. Maybe you like it that way, but I would spend my hard earned money elsewhere. Rent it for a night but don't purchase it unless you must have every Sandra Romain flick!


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