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Title: Little Squirters  
Reviewer: Jason  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: B


Little Squirters

With two hours of couch soiling scenes, Little Squirters is the must have picture of the summer for any watersport aficionado. I'm not even particularly into the genre and I enjoyed the picture, albeit, with the sort of perverse curiosity that compels me to stare at a horrible auto wreck.

Scene one features Angela Stone servicing three completely hairless meatheads in the local YMCA locker room. After demonstrating her complete lack of a gag reflex on each lucky guy she offers herself for the obligatory pig roast, while the odd man out stands in the corner and whacks it. Then, twelve minutes in, the first squirt; although, squirt is an understatement. Witness instead a torrent of crystal clear urine, the kind that only a gallon of the purest distilled water could have spawned. Angela christens the remaining two gentlemen and they each thank her with a pearl necklace.

Scene two stars Annie Cruz, a stout Pilipino gal pierced in one too many places, taking it from another hairless meathead, (unfortunately, a common theme in this picture). The scene begins with a quick blow job, then some fairly routine missionary sex, followed by the reverse cowgirl, and then the first squirt of the scene, which is immediately followed, (much to her chagrin) by cowgirl anal with a urine soaked dick. Obviously not healthy, but that doesn't stop Annie. Several more squirt scenes follow, and the chapter ends with a money shot in the face and the first of many soiled couches.

Chapter three is a welcome exception in contemporary pornography. It is exceedingly rare to find a genuinely good looking actress (particularly one willing to pee on somebody in front of a camera). Instead, it's become the status quo to trade of looks for other factors, namely, the willingness to take it in the ass. But the third chapter in this picture is a refreshing change. It features Cytheria, an absolutely stunning young woman who didn't have to resort to porn to be successful, but we're all thankful that she did. The scene opens with Cytheria taking a giant pink dong, when she erupts in the most forceful stream of urine I've ever seen. Next, a fairly mundane blow job sequence, but Cytheria redeems herself with two massive, wet eruptions all over her partner. I'm no expert, but in the world of watersports, it doesn't get any better than this.

In the scene four, Tianna Lynn takes us through so many sexual positions in such short a time you're head will spin; from missionary to cowgirl to reverse cowgirl in a matter of minutes. But not too fast to neglect hydrating her big dumb animal of a partner occasionally with a vigorous stream of urine. Of all the ladies in this picture, Tianna is by far the most prodigious peer.

Scene five begins with Aria, a hot Latin dish, being worked over by a rubber dong so large it's got to have a handle. Sixty-nine action follows, then a quick reverse cowgirl squirt and some traditional missionary sex. One miserable excuse for a squirt follows a few minutes later in doggie-style sex but the scene ends with simultaneous money shot to the face and squirt.

The final chapter features Victoria Givens, who isn't at all shy about giving a tour of her undercarriage and a quick little solo tinkle. After deep throating a friend she take it missionary for a while and then suddenly, she deep throats another friend (and I when I say deep throat, I mean it, literally, lips to abdomen). For the next ten minutes she takes a pounding in the back nine, taking a little break to blow both of her friends simultaneously. Unfortunately for the watersport lover there's not much of it in this chapter, but as a condolence, the scene does end with two back to back cream pies.

Overall this was a decent picture. I'm not expert in the watersports genre, but if steamy, urine soaked sex is what you're looking for, this movie has gallons of it.


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