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Title: Take It Like a Man  
Reviewer: Miller Huggins  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Take It Like A Man
119 Mins.
Devil's Films
DIRECTOR: none listed
THEMES: Strap-on, male double anal
STARS: Missy Monroe, Delilah Strong, Veronica Rayne, Sandra Romain, Nicki Hunter, Desire Moore, Jamie Huxley, Sindy Lange, Mistress, Saana,

Reviewed by: Miller Huggins

Strap-on movies featuring girls fucking guys are a crapshoot (no, not like that). There's a tendency in the genre to lean toward the "guys are finally having to be the bitches" theory of strap-on moviemaking, instead of the other option, the "some guys just like it in the ass" school. Too much female vengeance imagery can ruin a strap-on movie. Sometimes you can tell from the cover, and sometimes you can't. let's see where this one comes down, shall we?

The first scene stars Mistress as a girl who's sitting home alone paging through the escort section of the phone book. She runs across an ad from a guy named Billy who only does other guys, but when she proposes a round of strap-on sex, he agrees to come over. Mistress ahs a really weird accent that sounds like she's either a British expatriate who's been living in the U.S. for twenty years or deaf; it's hard to tell whether she's acting or just pompous. Whichever, her main virtue is that she's definitely into her role, even if it makes her kind of annoying. She gets him on his knees pretty much immediately, making him suck her cock, and she starts treating him cruel right off the bat. She's not called Mistress for nothing, and when he chokes on her cock, she puts on her bitch hat and tells him she'll be calling some of her friends over - Veronica Rayne, Sindy Lange and Delilah Strong. When they show up, she hands out cocks to them and has them get in line. Billy acts like he's scared, but he clearly knew ahead of time what he was in for. Billy sucks all four of them, but there's only so much play to be had in sucking dildo, and he gets down on hands and knees to spread his cheeks so Delilah can get her prong inside him. She pounds him from behind while he chokes on Sindy's dick, and then Mistress takes over as Delilah turns him on to the joys of ATM. Sindy's next in the hole with the longest dildo, and she gives it to him hard while he gags and chokes on Mistress' cock. The gagging and choking, by the way, is a little distracting - Billy actually sounds like he's going to hurl, which is kind of distracting. Lesson here: if you're not all that interested in hearing girls gag, you'll probably be even less interested in hearing it from a guy. Veronica gets her turn up his pipe, and then he rides Delilah while sucking the other three. He rides Veronica and then she fucks him in missionary until he jacks off and comes on his belly.

Next up, we find a guy hog-tied on a bed, complete with an apple in his mouth. Nicki Hunter, Missy Monroe, and Desire Moore strut in and taunt him before letting him know what he's in for. In the last scene, all the cocks looked to be black latex, but in this one, the girls all have glass dildos of varying sizes and intimidation factors - they are knurled and knobbed and gnarly. Nicki Hunter takes the lead, but all the girls are very enthusiastic about fucking his ass. In contrast to the previous scene, the girls treat the guy pretty well, tell him he's pretty, tell him how nice it is to fuck him &c instead of slapping him, calling him a bitch and so on. Okay, they do call him a bitch but it seems nicer. That makes a difference for me, and there's not nearly as much gagging and choking. He gets penetrated in cowboy, missionary, doggy, and reverse cowboy. The action gets a little rougher as time goes by, but overall, this is still much less of a power-oriented scene and not so much about humiliation. Mercifully, most of the oral action is accomplished with a rubber toy instead of the glass dildos - I was cringing at the beginning when her was getting a Pyrex dick banged against his teeth over and over. Missy fucks him in missionary as Nicki sits on his face, and after a few more position changes in which he gets to go down on Missy as well, they lay him on his back and have him jack off while they ram his ass with the latex dick and Missy grinds on his face.

Tom comes home from the beach to find that his girlfriend and her girlfriend have gotten hold of another girlfriend, and all three of them are pounding away at each other in a dildo-studded dykefest. Apparently a dykefest isn't intimidating at all to him, and he dives in, with the result that very soon he's sucking on plenty of rubber himself. Saana, Sandra Romain, and Jamie Huxley welcome him into the fold, and he becomes part of the writhing mass, getting his mouth and ass fucked while he in turn licks and sucks assorted girl parts as they pass by his mouth (he's at the bottom of the pile most of the time). Although he chokes a little and gags a little, this scene is almost totally devoid of the humiliation and D/S overtones that permeate the first two - it's more of a consensual scene, and that makes it hotter for the people who like the ass-fucking but probably less hot for the people who like the female dominance part of the equation. The girls fuck his ass with a glass dildo and then with rubber strap-ons in missionary and doggy, and then cowboy, and then they go for the DP, Sandra Romain slides her cock into his ass while he's already riding Saana - two cocks for Tom. He finally blows his wad while Jamie is fucking him in missionary.

DVD extras are a picture gallery and some ads.  


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