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Title: Cock Overdose  
Reviewer: Miller Huggins  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Cock Overdose
150 Mins.
Kick Ass
DIRECTOR: Don Sigfredo?
THEMES: Oral, anal, gangbang, comeshots, DP, creampie
STARS: none of name or rank

Reviewed by: Miller Huggins

If you're tired of Europeans, stay away from this DVD. It's full of the kind of male performer who does not understand how the word 'fuck' should be used, and who lards his every sentence with it (Fuck her fucking mouth with that fucking cock fuck fuck!). This is not your typical Kick Ass DVD, by which I mean that there are no stars in it you will recognize. The performers, including the guys, are all Europeans of one stripe or another, and the girls are almost all unremarkable Hungarians and most likely one-timers who you will never see again, or at least if you do you won't recognize them. Of the six girls on this DVD, the first three and the sixth are generic cookie-cutter brunettes; the girls in the third and fourth scenes are a distinctively tomboyish redhead and a gamine little brunette, respectively. This is not to say they're not interesting or hot, just that after you're done with this movie, you probably won't be able to remember most of them, unless you're a connoisseur of the generic Euro-brunette.

All the girls take on at least six guys, with plenty of action of all kinds.

The first girl has a little bit of a Salma Hayek look, but not enough to buy the movie if you're looking for a Salma Hayek lookalike. She blows six guys and escapes without having to do too much fucking, just a little RCG and a little missionary; mostly what she does is blow, and she takes all six loads on her face and chest, ending up pretty much coated in jizz. She does a little gagging on come, but not much on cock,
The second girl doesn't go through the interview process; instead, a little scenario is played out in which she is a model looking for a job, and she gets tricked into a gangbang. At first she plays it straight, pretending to be reluctant, but soon enough she's getting hammered from all directions, sucking cock with abandon and taking dick in cock and pussy. She ends up getting DPed, taking at least one creampie, possibly one anal creampie, and several facials.

Third up is another brunette in a little pink and white bikini; this one gets a little interview, but doesn't say anything interesting at all. She's cute, with firm little tits, but her face is a little weird-looking. She gets assaulted by maybe ten guys, starting out on her knees and sucking a round-robin of cocks. She gets her pussy fucked in a number of positions, but if she takes any in the ass, it's impossible to tell - the camera angle never lines up right so we can see. Eventually, she starts getting blasted on the face, and the scene doesn't end until she's pretty well covered.

Angel, one of the only girls to admit to a name, is next. She's a round-faced redhead from Hungary, and she is, if not pretty, at least distinctive, which makes her stand out of the crowd. Short-haired and petite, she gets on her knees for a round of blowjobs - a long round, I must say, because she sucks dick for a long time before getting fucked. When she does take some cock, she's enthusiastic enough about it, but that's not the focus for her. She keeps sucking dick until the boys start blasting, and then she accepts the half-dozen or so loads on her face and in her mouth. She's still the second-cutest girl on the DVD even covered in come, largely because her face is a distinctive one.

The cutest girl is number five. She says her name is Nikki, and she's from Hungary. We go through the looking-for-work-as-a-model rigmarole again, and then we get to the action. Nikki is tiny and adorable, with shoulder-length chestnut hair and an elfin face, and she's the best that Cock Overdose has to offer. When she strips down, she's wearing adorable pink knee socks, and she has a body that's as cute as her face. She starts out sucking cock like the rest, but she's getting fucked pretty much immediately in both holes. Heroically, she takes a DP, and a pretty energetic one, at that. She only has to deal with three guys, but they keep her pretty busy until one of them shoots in her ass and another comes in her pussy. The third pops in her mouth and the scene ends.

Finally we are faced with another brunette, this one sort of cute, in a weird pinch-faced way. After an almost interminable interview segment - she speaks no English at all, not even the basics (it turns out she she's from Hungary, go figure) - we see her strip down and the guys step in. the nuances of her interview are lost as she starts sucking dick, and she keeps sucking dick until the movie ends. As promised in the interview segment, she sucks off nine guys and fucks one, which she says matches her previous personal best. All of them unload on her face, and the scene and film are done.

"Extras" include phone sex lines and ads.  


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