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Title: Dont Cum on My Face, Cum in My Ass  
Reviewer: Asmodeus  
Overall rating: D-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: D-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Don't Cum On My Face, Cum In My Ass

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette/Gonzo

Minutes: 144

DIRECTOR: Martin Del Toro

THEMES: Anal Cream Pies, B-B-G 3-Ways, Double Penetration



STARS: Naudia Nyce, Sasha Knox, Aaralyn Barra, Valarie Vasquez, Katrina Isis, John Strong, Brian Surewood, Sascha, Tony T, and Michael Stefano

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

REVIEW- Del Toro's stuff is usually a bit rough for my tastes. I like to know a girls enjoying herself to really get off personally, but hey if some girl wants to eat multiple loads out of her ass for money, and pretend to dig it who am I to judge, and I will certainly give this one a chance. Well on with the review:

Scene One: Naudia Nyce

Naudia has never been a big favourite of mine but she certainly is a great performer. The scene opens with her being led around on a leash. The catch is the leash is one of those inflatable butt plugs stuffed in her mouth. The camera man asks her some questions and gets her to stretch her butt open with some ATM finger action. The boys arrive hard and Naudia starts sucking one cock while Surewood goes right for the pussy. The boys switch off before long. Naudia spits on the camera and the movie's first assault begins. Naudia chokes on cock while being verbally degraded as her ass is slammed. To give her credit she does really seem to being enjoying herself. Naudia gets into doggie and the guys continue to rampage her ass while stepping on her face. Enough for me, I hit the fast forward. The rest of the scene involves lots more anal, DP's, gapage, ATM and lots of nasty talk. The guys squirt in her gape and she spoons it out with her fingers and eats it. Sick shit, but like I said Naudia seems to be into it.

Scene Two: Sasha Knox

Sasha, who is incredibly beautiful, is led in on a leash wearing a butt plug. She begs for some cock and then starts in with the gag routine that has ruined porn. Why a girl this hot is letting guys rough her up I have no idea. She could easily be making big bucks without being treated like an animal. The boys make sure that she has two orifices being pummeled at all times. They make sure to include some slapping, choking, ATM, and smothering to make Sasha really feel loved before the rough DP begins. Like Naudia, Sasha does seem to be having a good time. The guys blow in her butt and Sasha lets it drip into her hands before licking them clean and swallowing whatever she can. A gorgeous girl fucked silly.

Scene Three: Aaralyn Barra

Aaralyn crawls up the stairs and is humiliated by the cameraman while being dragged by her hair. She is commanded to suck and fuck a dildo with her ass as punishment for being downstairs. The cocks arrive and fuck her face and slap her face making her gag and choke. Aaralyn gets the same treatment as the other girls being roughly fucked, slapped, fish-hooked, choked, and smothered. She however, does not seem to be into it and is obviously very uncomfortable despite her trashy talk and encouragement. The guys cum in her ass, it drips out, and she licks it up and tries not to vomit. The camera man questions Aaralyn after the scene as she cleans up. She says how much fun she has just had but this is obviously bullshit. This is the kind of garbage that gets porn into legal trouble.

Scene Four: Valarie Vasquez

Valarie is led in on a leash with peacock feathers stuck up her ass. This girl is not that great looking and I fast forward as the guys treat her to the same rough treatment as seen in earlier scenes. She is spanked, slapped, choked, fish hooked and humiliated before getting a couple of loads shot up her skinny ass. She lets it drip out of her ass and her face is used as a mop to clean up the dirty jizz. Another piece of sick shit for the perverts that are sicker than me. One of the male actors even makes a comment as to how disgusting this shit is.

Scene Five: Katrina Isis

Katrina is no better than Valarie in the looks department. We find her with a dildo duct taped into her ass and pussy. She crawls into the living room and does some ATM with the dildo. The boys enter and she stuffs both cocks into her mouth. The same shit happens and I fast forward through the scene while typing away on my laptop. She is Dpd hard and blah, blah, blah. She takes the cum in her ass, farts it out onto the floor and licks it up. She looks a bit sicked out as she smears the droppings over her face.

Hey if you like sick shit then this might be something to squeeze in between a couple of JM movies. Personally I will be tossing this garbage out where it belongs. Sorry Del Toro but this is just too much for my porno watching ass!   


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