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Title: Teen Dreams 12  
Reviewer: Asmodeus  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Teen Dreams Volume 12
MOVIE TYPE: Vignette
Minutes: 141
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Tyler Scott
STARS: Lindsey Meadows, Mia Rose, Naomi St. Claire, Riley Mason, Sindee Jennings, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Ashley, Mr. Pete

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

REVIEW- This is the first from this series that I have ever seen and I am not familiar with Tyler Scotts work. I am a big fan of Riley Mason but I can't get that scene of her punching Brother Love in the balls (one of the POV Fantasy titles) out of my head. I am not a fan of Mr. Pete as he comes across as the type of asshole who thinks date rape is fun. Hopefully he will behave himself this time around. The rest of the cast looks really tasty on the cover. Hopefully this one will be as good as it looks. Well on with the review:

Scene One: Sindee Jennings and Manuel Ferrara

The movie starts off with a Sindee Jennings tied to a chair, blindfolded, wearing nipple clamps, and a vibrator stuck in her panties. Nice! She is very horny and sweaty. Manuel Ferrara arrives and demands an apology from her for some unknown wrong. He teases her nipples and rubs the vibrator on her panty clad pussy. Sindee looks really good even with a bit of a tummy. The nipple clamps come off and Manuel's cock comes out. Which Sindee quickly puts in her mouth. She can barely get her mouth and hand around it. She spreads her legs so he can go down on her for about ten seconds and then plants it in her. She does some PTM and then rolls over for some jack-hammering doggie. Some more PTM and then Sindee goes for some reverse cowgirl while Manuel rubs her shaved slit. She turns over for some cowgirl and we get a nice shot of her ass which Manuel teases. Sindee does some nice dirty talk throughout the scene, keeping it fresh with no repetition. She takes a huge load in the mouth without flinching and swallows the sticky load. The only things I didn't like about this scene was a large bruise on Sindee's leg and every once in a while Manuel thinks it's cool to try to shove his whole hand in her mouth which I am sure all women love. Overall a fairly decent scene worth at least one future stroke.

Scene Two: Lindsey Meadows and Mark Ashley

This scene opens with the DVD cover girl sucking on a lolly while she teases the camera. Mark removes the panties and slides into Lindsey from behind while Lindsey continues to suck on her lolly pop. Lindsey looks great in pigtails as her green tongue and mouth go to work on Mark's cock with lolly pop in tow causing quite a slobberfest. This shot doesn't work for me as the camera shoots from below the balls and stays there for the entire blow job. A POV shot would have been perfect here. She gets on top of Mark and the camera moves behind as Mark gives this bad girl a good spanking and then Lindsey does a nice spread cowgirl. She looks good in this position but I fast forward as Mark does her missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, and spoons her before popping a large load onto her cute little face. Lindsey is supposed to be young and innocent in this scene but the tats take away the fantasy and she comes across as just your average porn girl (who should try to eat something, I might add). This scene was way too long and not one I would check out again.

Scene Three: Riley Mason and Manuel Ferrera

This scene opens with Riley's sweaty ass as she spies on someone outside with binoculars. Riley is looking super hot. There is nothing not to like about this girl. Enter Manuel and the fun begins with some titty sucking, pussy licking and ass munching. Riley sucks Manuel off and then strokes him with her feet. I have always felt I was robbed, as I don't get the whole foot thing but it does look pretty good. Riley climbs on board and does a great job riding Manuel's cock. He then spins her over for some doggie before Riley crawls across the floor and gives us a great view of her pussy and ass. She does a good job in cowgirl and 69 with some more foot play followed by some standing, doggie, and tit fucking before the pop onto Riley's hot little tongue. I found this scene a lot better than the last but it was still a tad long and I lost interest part way through.

Scene Four: Mia Rose and Mark Ashley

Mia where have you been hiding (Alaska according to the special features and boys she has a sister!) and how did you steal Stephanie Swifts tits? This girl is absolutely gorgeous! Tyler gives us a nice chance to look her over as Mark works her sweet little cunt with his hands and mouth. She does a terrific job sucking his cock with lots of popping and without the face abuse plaguing so much porn these days. She takes Mark's big cock like a real teen (a little uncomfortable at first, amazed that it fits inside her, and then fucking like she really loves sex). Her multiple orgasms appear to be real as she shakes uncontrollably in a couple of instances as they try out a plethora of positions climaxing with a load that drips from Mia's tongue onto her super cute tits. I am really into Mia and will be looking to see her again soon! This is the best scene of the disc and has left me with yet another set of sticky drawers.

Scene Five: Naomi St. Claire and Mr. Pete

Naomi is very cute and I would love to have seen a longer tease here but in comes Mr. Pete. This guy should be locked up in a jail cell with Max Power in my opinion. He does a fairly tender job licking Naomi's holes and I find myself wondering if she knows what is coming. Her gorgeous face does a nice job sucking cock and Tyler gives the POV shot I was craving back in scene two. He also manages to keep a tight leash on Mr. Pete saving Naomi's cute face from any abuse. She mounts the cock like an old pro and bounces happily away in cowgirl position. They move into a doggie, spoon, missionary and reverse cowgirl before Mr. Pete gently douses Naomi's lips with jizz. Nicely done Pete!

Not a bad movie at all if you are looking for a set of hot looking teens. Almost all the scenes are worthy of a tug or two and even Mr. Pete manages to behave. I would have shortened all of the scenes personally and added in some masturbation at the start of each scene. Girls this hot need to be explored a little more without the ugly mugs that always tend to diminish their beauty. Unfortunately there is no anal in this film, but then again there is no face raping or unnecessary misogynistic behaviour (if that's possible in a dirty movie). "Can a movie be sexy with out ass pounding madness," a friend once asked me. Why yes apparently it can. Riley and Sindee pull off decent scenes. I really liked Naomi and Mia and will be keeping an eye out for more of them. Enjoy!

EXTRAS: Behind the scenes (25min), Photo Gallery, A couple of trailers, Pick your pleasure (similar to an Evil Angel fetish menu), and a bonus scene (25min) from "Big Natural Breasts 7" I'm a strong believer that bonus scenes should feature the cast you paid to see but this scene has a decent three way with a big breasted euro girl that includes a DP and a double facial.
SEX: A  


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