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Title: New Wave Hookers 7  
Reviewer: Asmodeus  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: A


New Wave Hookers 7


Minutes: 123

VCA Pictures

DIRECTOR: Antonio Passolini

THEMES: Science Fiction, B-Movie Spoof- "Quim-O-Vision"



STARS: Tawny Roberts as Curious Jill, Belladonna as the Rookie, Dru Berrymore as Black Mariah, Kiki Daire as Harley Sanders, Marey Carey as Jordan Almond, Mia Smiles as Maguro, Sabrine Maui as Himachi, Honey as Balsa Wood, Chris Cannon as Douglas Fir, Joel Lawrence as Lon Chain-me, Guy Disilva as Lloyd Llama, Tyce Bune as Phil Farenheit, Steve Hatcher as Barney Fuhrman, Rick Roberts as Gregory Pecker, Rafe as Chuck Roast, Harry James as Mayor McChicken, Kyle Stone as Swami Salami, Jim Holliday as Himself, and Antonio Passolini as The Sociopathic Eyeball

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

REVIEW- The latest edition to one of the best continuing series in porn came out a few years ago but my behind the times ass just picked it up today. I have been a big fan of this series since I first saw the original Dark Brothers film when I was just learning about the wonders of the porn/masturbation combo in the mid 80's. I rented this just on the title but am pleasantly surprised to see a really good cast which includes some of my favourites; Belladonna, Sabrine Maui, and the ever inviting Marey Carey (hey if I lived in California she would have had my vote). Well on with the review:

The movie starts off with a super cheesy, Kyle Stone, as a flatulent wizard and some interesting editing, bloopers, and what seems to be a live studio audience.

Scene One: Alien Abduction- Tawny Roberts, Honey, and Chris Cannon

This scene takes place on a UFO where the performers are abductees being observed by an alien with a giant eyeball for a head. Chris fingers Tawny and is then given a nice blowjob while Honey goes down on her. Chris then fucks Tawny from behind with a condom while she returns the oral favour to Honey. Lucky Chris then fucks Honey while munching on Tawny's tasty orifices. He then takes turns poking the two ladies while they lie on their backs. Chris pops on the ladies faces and the observing alien spews a giant wad onto the observation window. I would have liked to have seen a longer blow job, utilizing both ladies and found that the cuts were a bit quick for my liking.

Scene Two: Death Wore a Codpiece- Dru Berrymore and Rafe

This scene begins with Dru lying on a vibrating bed (do they still make those?) and Rafe just getting off work form the meat packing plant (take that bloody smock off Rafe). Dru doesn't seem to mind as Rafe goes to work tonguing first her nipples and then her pussy. The smock comes off and Rafe's cock goes all the way into Dru's mouth. She does an excellent no hands job here and avoids the gagging shit that has plagued so much porn lately. After thirty minutes of viewing time my penis finally decides, "hey this guy is watching something dirty!"

As Rafe starts to spoon Dru, sans condom, Pasolini cuts to the chunk of meat Rafe brought home. Not sure what he is trying to say here but Rafe does a great job fucking Dru and they both seem to be really digging the sex. The action gets hotter as Rafe moves down to Dru's beautiful little ass while kindly massaging her clit, Taramino's first rule of butt sex fellas. As the action intensifies Dru takes over and Rafe decides to "do her proper!" The director uses a lot of good shots here making this scene much more stroke worthy than the first. It ends with some nice doggy action, mild gapage, and a sweet pop onto Dru's hot tongue.

Scene Three: Kennedy's Beauty Shop-Tawny Roberts and Marey Carey

This scene begins with the two lovely's sitting under hairdryers masturbating. It has a Michael Ninn feel to it although the Kennedy busts, reptile imagery, and quick cuts are a bit of a bone killer. Marey's tits look amazing as usual and I really dig the wigs and pink glasses. There is some cunnilingus, dildo play, and pussy to mouth action but the reptile imagery makes it unbeatable for me. Tawny tries to perform some rimming on Marey but is obviously not into it. This scene had a lot of potential but as far as lesbian scenes go (and I love girl on girl action) it fails to stir my shorts.

Scene Four: Fire House Rookie- Belladonna, Joel Lawrence, and Tyce Bune

Belladonna! Yes! Kennedy appears again as Bella performs the double blow job, like only she can, to her fire fighter pals in the locker room. She moves into a hot double penetration as the narrator shouts "all aboard!" Both men are wearing condoms in this scene and Joel's balls do a fair bit of slapping against Tyce's rod which some might not like. Bella moves into reverse anal cowgirl and has her ass rampaged in true Belladonna fashion, while continuing to suck on Joel's fire pole. No air conditioning on this set makes for a very sweaty romp. Joel gets behind Bella and puts it in her pussy (I had no idea she did that) and the guys finish off by squirting onto Bella's cute face. Not her best scene but decent and high energy.

Scene Five: The Creeping Vagina/ Curse of the Chicken Man- Kiki Daire, Joel Lawrence, Guy DiSilva, and a guy in a chicken suit

Joel and Guy bust in on Kiki, dressed in bondage gear (not my cup of tea) whipping a giant chicken. The chicken scrams and she drops down for a double blowjob that can't measure up to Bella's earlier effort. The director cuts to shots of wieners impaled on barbeque forks and I hit the fast forward button for the first time today. The boys go into the pussy with the jimmy hats on tight. The sex swing and double facial pop don't save this one.

Scene Six: Drunk X Cop- Sabrine Maui, Mia Smiles, Steven Hatcher

Steve is wasted and ranting about being jumped by a couple of aliens to a bar tender (makes me think of a Jonny Wadd movie). The aliens turn out to be the alluring Sabrine and Mia who smoke and carry big laser guns. Sabrine moves right into a blowjob for Steve while he rips open Mia's nylons Jules Jordan style but without the hot tease. There is some nice fingering and rimming and Sabrine does a great job on Hatcher's cock. She is then joined by Mia for a brief double blow job and then Sabrine tosses Mia's salad and multi-digits her, while she continues to work Steve's cock. Hot fuck, my penis is alive again! Mia rides Steve's cock and Sabrine thoughtfully pulls it out now and then to make sure all is well with a good taste. I pause from the review to enjoy the scene. Fuck, Sabrine is super hot and in my opinion has one of the nicest pussys in the business. Hatcher nails her next and launches a load right over the girl's heads. Pop shot aside, this is my favourite scene in this movie and is definitely worthy of a good tug.

Scene Seven: I've Got My Eye On You- Tawny Roberts and Rick Roberts

Tawny puts on a strip show (wish it was Sabrine) for one of the giant eyeball aliens. This little strip montage is not bad. Tawny's lips look mmm. The rest of her is pretty smokin as well. The alien takes off his giant eyeball to lick Tawny's sweet little cunt and she does a nice job working his dick. Tawny mounts him reverse cowgirl and goes condom free this time. They move to doggy, a nice anal, and a decent cum shot on Tawny's waiting lips. Definitely a strokable scene and Tawny redeems herself from the beauty shop scene.

If you are looking for something to stroke to on a lonely night this is probably not the picture for you. If you are looking for a few laughs and something a little different than this may be something you might want to check out. I enjoyed watching it and even managed to squeeze in a quick jig courtesy of Sabrine and Mia. The scene with Dru was also quite good. Tawny and Bella pull in worthy efforts as well


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