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Title: Piss Mops #2  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: D-
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A


Title: Piss Mops #2

Reviewer: Kid Cocky

MOVIE TYPE: Specialty

60 Mins.
JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Khan Tusion

THEMES: Urination


2005 (Varied)

STARS: Ashley Blue, Kat, Brandy Nicole, Gia Paloma, Kelly Wells, Lexxi, Tiffany Mynx, Naudia Nyce, Railee


This review is unlike any that I have done before. First off, this is the first movie that I have had to review that doesn't have any actual sex in it. I have to say that having no sex is a bit of a disappointment. Ashley Blue, Kelly Wells, and the girls in this movie are some of the most amazing sex pots in the business, so it was somewhat disappointing to not see them having sex. It was also upsetting to see them not having fun. Unlike most scenes starring these beautiful women, you could tell that they totally didn't want to be there. You also could tell that they didn't like the guys who shot this film, and in many cases they feared for their own personal safety.

The usual story behind these Piss Mops scenes is that the director pays the girls about $2,000 for a couple days work. The work includes physical abuse, and the girls are usually pretty bruised up by the end of the shooting. It also includes a pretty nasty violent gangbang. At the end of the shooting, the girls star in a piss movie. This is the piss movie. None of the other scenes are included in this video, so we just get to see a bunch of scared beat up women get pee'd on.

Every scene is the exact same. Each girl sits in a bathtub while about 4 or 5 guys piss on her. The guys are verbally abusive, and they urinate in the girls mouths, noses, and eyes. They make them roll around in the urine, and then the scene ends. This may be something that you are interested in seeing, but the environment is just horrible. Although a few of the girls go along with the action with little emotion, some of the scenes are downright disturbing.

Railee's scene is the most disturbing. She comes in, and the guys force her head into a plastic bowl. She cries for them to stop, but the director pushes forward anyway. Despite her pleas, the guys piss all over her. She cries for them to stop, but they continue. This is the most disturbing video that I have ever seen. Obviously emotionally scarred, the girl waits through the entire scene. In the end, the director offers to take her out for some ice cream.

The director of this movie disguises his voice. Probably for his own protection because if any relatives of these girls viewed this, they would probably kill him. All of the males in this movie also hide their faces. They apparently get off on beating women, but they don't want to show their faces. They are not men... they are merely males.

This sort of movie hurts the porn industry. This is the type of thing that gives fuel to the people who want to ban adult movies. This is the sort of thing that causes legislation against pornography. This is the sort of thing that porn producers should stand up against.

I asked some of the girls who have worked for Khan Tusion why they didn't walk away from the filming? In truth, some are drug addicts and they need the money to support their habits. Others have serious mental issues. However, I would say that by and far, most of the girls are in fear of personal, legal and career repercussions for walking out of a scene. Khan uses a very strict contract, and the girls are all but locked in by the time they set foot on the set. They are young women, and they have no idea of their legal rights.


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