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Title: Little Naturals 1  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: B


Little Naturals Volume 1
120 Mins.
Virgin Video
DIRECTOR: Not Listed
THEMES: Amateur Sex
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Hailey Bangg, Kali Styles, Jade, Lotita, and Samantha Silver
Reviewed by: Loomis

One of the ways that I feel it is reasonable to rate a DVD is to utilize the "hijack level." If the shitbird producers of the film force you to watch 10 minutes of phone sex or "free DVD" offers, there is likely a problem with the quality. This is sadly no exception. Another major problem is the name-most 18+ or similar films have a cast that you can at least imagine are somewhat near that age. This film lacks those qualities, I'm afraid. So onto the fucking, right...

Alright, that starts out with a tremendously-looking disinterested Asian woman describing something or someone that I simply could not listen to a whole lot of. There is some reasonably decent blowjob footage before it moves into a 60, but none of it is fun to watch. Actually, think that this girl might be really sexy, but the video transfer is so bad that it is somewhat difficult to tell. She gives an adequate blowjob, but again, the same problem persists. Everything is so washed-out and white that it is difficult to watch. The fact that the scene occurs on a poolside does not help matters, but I blame the technicians for this one. The facial is easily the best of the movie, but they even keep the part afterwards when the girl say that she was still trying to look excited. Exactly who gets the fuck off on that, folks? If I wanted to see people talk about trying to stay interested in boring situations, I would watch the daily US Grain Report. It is free.

Next up is the lesbo scene. There is a hot little Asian number with small boobs (and dark hair) paired with a hot little Hispanic-looking number with long dark hair. OK, so two tiny chicks with small little boobs are the lesbian scene? This is a huge mistake, as it is totally impossible to tell who is doing what to whom-by the time that the toy is broken out, I find it too arbitrary to care. I did not feel as if there was nearly enough tongue-fucking even when I could pay attention, though.

The next scene has one of the biggest conflicts if one is to consider the name of the film, however-and it is not related to the "virgin" part. This woman has massive fake tits, and a body that could not be described as either "little" or "natural" by anyone that has A: ever seen a porn film or B: ever seen a woman naked. There are several positions and a big load deposited onto those mammaries, and I am starting to think about what I need to take care of at work before my bosses get there.

I do kinda like the last scene of this film, just because of the ability of Hailey Bangg to do enough P2M to turn me on after the dreck that I have witnessed previously during the movie. She is really good at that, and really gives a nice and deep blowjob. She also takes a serious pounding in her pussy that she really seems to enjoy. I even half of the movie would have been this entertaining, it would have scored so much better.

As it is, it is just a lot more like beating off to the memory that one chick in high school that you always wanted to bang and ultimately turned out to be a dead fuck. No one likes that.



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