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Title: Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy 4  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy #4
MOVIE TYPE: Good Question
120 Mins.
Kick Ass
THEMES: Right, Engorged Pussies via a Pump
STARS: Nikki Hilton, Sunshine, Ashley Jordan, Blanca Pureheart, Lexi Love,
Reviewed by: Loomis

I wanted to hate this movie with a serious passion when I saw it in the package for this month. I thought that it would be all freak-show sex with chicks with pussies that have been to engorged beyond the limits of anything that any of us have ever seen.

Alright, that first part was utterly true, on the other hand we can learn some things here. The first thing that we can learn is that not every chick in porn has the ability to have her pussy blown up for a long time (unless some of them just object to multiple blowings up of their pussies). At the end of some of these scenes, a couple of chicks have just regular and pretty genitalia. I guess that the comment that I just made is odd enough, though.

Nikki Hilton starts this party, and no, it is not the sister of Paris. She is still hot, though with her tiny boobs, lovely body and great energy level. She has her pussy blown up by the device (what a fucking odd thing to write) and really seems to get off on the additional stimulation provided by the fact what used to be small is now somewhat nearly the size of Mt. Sinai. She delivers some great head and is more than willing to take some dong into her new Grand Canyon.
At the end she takes a nice shot into her mouth and does her best to clean off the dong that gave it to her (sized regular).

Sunshine is the next girl. She seems a bit pained as she puts the pump on her business, but she comes around when it is time for the dude to interfere with her structural integrity. While the guy never seems to have significant wood, it is certainly not for lack of effort on the part of Sunshine. The hottest part of the entire film is when she takes him P2M and then licks a bit of his ass. Her smile when the cock is back to her mouth is priceless. She also takes a great facial to finish off the best of the whole deal.

The scene with Ashley Jordan is not good, but it is not her fault- it is due to poor angles, and a lame pop at the end that entails her being more concerned about moving her hair than making it nice to look at.

Blanca Pureheart is both fun and naughty. She is fun to watch, and probably is the skinniest girl in the film. She also swallows like a good girl, although there is a little too much spitting out, sucking back in, spitting out, etc....

I really like the Bianca Pureheart scene, but at this point I cannot watch too many more scenes of pussies being extended to the point of when I imagine that they can acquire stretch marks. Bianca is really fly, but she has a bit of a distracting tattoo on her belly that while I am sure if you had her spread underneath you would be great, here it just seems to rob the camera. She just has so many perfect parts that I would rather watch. Ass, boobs and pussy (regular size) and all of the rest.

Maybe I am just old-fashioned. I like seeing porn chicks get hot and swell a bit, much like I expect seeing my Johnson to swell at porn chicks. I do not know that the apparatus is necessary, but I expected much worse from this film.
It is certainly worth watching, and even ifs for just the freak show factor.


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