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Title: Night Trips  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The 1989 film Night Trips features the stunning Ms. Tori Welles as a disturbed young slut in this psychological lust thriller recently released DVD. Tori, playing herself in the film is having some disturbing sleeping problems. It seems her dreams are so real that she is having difficulty separating her fantasies from reality. Tori goes to two of the best sexual therapists in the country (Porsche Lynn & Randy Spears) and they hook her up to a dream monitor called the Mind Scan Imager, where her fantasies are played out live and in color on a big-screen TV for the observation and titillation of the doctors. Tori's first dream is a voyeuristic fantasy where she watches from a second-story staircase as a young couple fuck on the couch below. The man teases the blonde beauty with an ice cube, slowly running it across her tailored pussy and gently inserting it into her warm snatch. Like most "couples films", a soft and seductive music is audible as foreground sound. This is such a turn-off for me because I really get off on listening to the bump and grind of sex and find the vocalization of orgasm to be just as important as the visible cum-shot. But, this does not cease to remain a very sensual scene. Although soft-core, penetration is shown, as is a very sweet (loving) exchange of oral activity. As Tori watches, the blonde woman gently sucks her lovers cock, bringing him to a full erection. He inserts his cock into her pussy from behind as the couple spoon on a leopard skin-couch (1989, remember!). Tori, unfortunately, does nothing more than watch the lovers and runs her fingers through her hair and neck. The woman gets on her knees and takes his cock from behind, the music covering up the visible wails and moans. The scene is inter-cut with images of the sleeping Tori rubbing her clit and the doctors watching her dreams with expressions of pure clinical fascination. They wake her up after the guy pulls out his cock and shoots his juice all over her face. Tori's next dream finds her gnawing away on a stranger's (Peter North) cock. Tori is almost too pretty for porn. She's got gorgeous skin and such a pretty face and to watch her get down and dirty with this guy is really such an intense experience. The guy pushes her head onto his large cock and she spits and squeezes , biting his stomach and teasing the head of his cock with her tongue. Both standing, he fucks her from behind, thrusting his cock in and out as he kisses her neck. Though fans of hard-core would be bored to tears by now, I find it difficult to believe that any fan of couples or soft-core porn would not be creamin' their jeans after watching Tori fuck Peter North on the stairs. Although a short moment, it's a very sexy scene. They move to the fireplace and Tori rubs her cunt while Peter pushes his cock harder and deeper into her pussy. (I just wish we could hear them!) Peter finishes his business with a nice load shot all over her lips and into her mouth. Tori's next fantasy involves making love to another woman. Dr. Anne Marie feels that some hand-to-mouth contact might be beneficial to her patients therapy so the Doc approaches Tori and gently touches her, her eyes enjoying the fantasy being played out on the TV. Tori's fantasy involves herself, Jamie Summers and the lady doctor. This is a very soft and sappy all-girl scene with a lot of kissing and touching, again accompanied by some boring music. Each girl has a go at one another, fingering and pussy-licking. This is a very connected and erotic scene, great if all-girl is a first for you. Tori is finger fucking the lady doctor as the male doctor watches and pants breathlessly. He stops them and calls it quits for the day. The next day the Doctor's show Tori what she has dreamed over the last few days. She is confused about her fantasies because she doesn't seem to remember them. The doctor's encourage her to become aware of these fantasies and not suppress her desires. She falls asleep and the doctors watch again as her dream is played out on TV. This time Tori is outdoors by a pool. The shot is sepia-toned, giving Victoria Paris and the beautiful black man licking her cunt a very bronzed and golden look. Tori is gorgeous standing outside, again above them on some stairs, watching and timidly pleasuring herself over her clothes. The guy sits on the edge of the pool and sticks his long, hard rod into her small mouth. She never actually gets the entire length of his cock to meet her throat but I'll give her props for trying, her mouth is extremely small and his cock is huge. The guy flips her over on all fours and fucks her cunt from behind, thrusting his cock deep into her as he wraps his arms around her waist and caresses her tits. Again, a very sweet scene. The couple move over to a lounge chair and Victoria gets on her back and spreads her legs wide and high into the air while he fucks her pussy hard and fast. Tori is beside them now near the pool, rubbing her tits and playing with her hair. Victoria gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl while he reaches around and rubs her clit. The guy is really hot although he's got this annoying Kid In Play hairdo. She leans back on his chest and he kisses her nipples. The scene ends here as he picks her up and takes her inside. A disappointed Tori remains by the pool but notices a stunning new couple wearing bizarre chrome masks. She follows them inside the house and watches as the man fucks her gently from behind. She approaches the couple and caresses the guy's balls while he gives his masked lover a ride on his cock. Tori takes off her clothes and joins the couple, cradling the woman as he fucks her. He cums before Tori gets her ride and this seems to bother her greatly. Tori is reassured when the Doc (Spears) joins her in her home later that evening. The two enjoy a nice, intimate little fuck and the film ends here. I find it hard to believe that even fans of Max and Rob would not become a little aroused at watching any of Tori's films. I'm sure most men would dampen their pants just watching her bake cookies! But, at any rate-it is what it is. This is a nice couples film, with a decent but underdeveloped story. One thing I always find interesting when I go back and watch the older films are the trimmed pussies as opposed to the completely shaved lips. Personally I don't really care if it's naked or not but for men that really like pubic hair, your best bet may to purchase films made before 93. Another thing about the older adult films is that the women actually looked like women, not little girls. The adult film actresses of the late eighties were sophisticated femme fatales with hairdos and an appropriate amount of make-up. In the mid-nineties Jamie Summers and Tori Wells were replaced with 80-pound, virginal nymphs who look fresh out grammar school and although Humbert Humbert would be joined by millions in rejoice over Kelly the COED (See my review 8/4/99) - there still remains a strong demand for couples porn. Night Trips has some sweet moments and features some of the hottest girls of eighties porn. Scenes not to be missed: Tori and Peter North! Enjoy.  

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