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Title: Trans Named Desire  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Trans Named Desire
140 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi
THEMES: Trannys
STARS: Patriza, Omar Galanti, Juliana Pirez, Alex Doriano, Loana Starck, Edu Costa, Juliano Ferrez, Gisele, Mayaro Rogrigues,


Straight porn stud Rocco Siffredi is branching out to the gay audience. It's about damn time! Billed as "A Tranny Feature With All Types of Sex (And It Has a Story) this movie promises a lot of thing. What do I want more? A good story or sexy Rocco finally going all the way with another fellow? How about both?

Scene 1: Fabiane, Gisele & Thais

Rain on the beach brings three bikini-clad creatures home with Omar and his sexy friend. Though no one bothers to check it appears that these three cuties are actual girls with nothing special in their trunks. That appears to be the case until Omar lines the girls up and finds that the third in line actually has a little cock. He hesitates for a bit, but then dives in. His friend has a huge black cock and a furry body that the young looking girls really like. The poor tranny girl is left alone while the real chicks hog all the yummy cock. Omar finally condoms-up and puts his dick into tranny-butt. The T-Girl takes it, but remains limp and tiny in missionary and reverse cowgirl. One of the real girls gets a load and then Omar sprays all over the tiny tranny cock.

Scene 2: Loana, Juliana, Julia & Ana

Rocco and super hot Boy Hottie arrive in town and are shown around by Oscar and the "girls." They are in town for Omar's wedding, but Rocco is a bit freaked to find out that his friend is into tranny dick. They do a little checking to see which girl is real and which is packing. Rocco is not down with the dick so he lets Oscar do that while he is blown by a pretty brunette real chick. Once Rocco's glorious cock is out the redhead behind the camera wants some. I think Omar does too. Two real girls for Rocco and two trannies for Omar. The real girls also get to play with some TS meat. With all that cock around how does Rocco manage to keep his mouth off of at least one of them? He is too busy in the brunette's butthole. Two facials at the end.

Scene 3: Mayaro, Patriza & Viviane

A game of beach volleyball leads to an injury that must be taken care of. Boy Hottie takes care of a tall tranny's injury, but she has to watch through glass while he licks a real girl. Nice pussy licking from behind. She sucks his big dick. Grabs her neck and then fucks her ass. Tranny Girl watches hard doggy anal. He likes to choke her and grab her head. She seems to like it. This boy needs to try his lick with TS or maybe the other horny guy inside. His cock is in the tranny's mouth and it's nice and thick. Great big pop shot all over the glass. The tranny fun is happening inside. Tall skinny tranny fucked from behind by guy and sucking TS dick. Guy is not as handsome as Boy Hottie, but he fucks really hard. The other T Girl has braces and a hard dick while the tall pretty one is a bottom all the way. She takes T Cum on her face and then boy goo on her tummy.

Scene 4: She Male Orgy

At Oscar's wedding he gets left at the altar by a girl who likes Boy Hottie better. He is upset, but Rocco makes him feel better with a big tranny orgy. Who needs a wife when you can be sucked off by a room full of pretty things with hard cocks? They like his dick with cake on it, but run away when he tries to fuck them. He chases down a big tranny and rubbers up to fuck her in doggy. Other trannys gather round and get hard while Omar pounds the first TS's big bottom. Another one sits on his lap and is rock hard while she impales herself. Moving to another room he finds some more oral trannys and one willing to bend over and spread her cheeks. He gets more tranny ass and mouth than he could ever want and probably forgets all about his would-be wife and her nasty girl hole.

What a tease this is. Rocco and Boy Hottie are around so much cock and they don't sample any of it. That is the bad news I guess. The good news is that lots of pretty TS's get fucked by some big dicks. This is probably more for the straight guys who like to pretend than the gay crowd.   


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