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Title: Black Boots  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Having just been fired by her horny boss, Juli Ashton takes on a new position as a boot-shine girl in a nightclub. A boot-shine girl in a nightclub???? Juli's first job is to try out her spit-shine talent on her studly boss Randy Spears. Taking a seat up on one of those high shoe-shine patron chairs, Randy sits back and watches as Juli plants her lips around his cock and sucks and strokes his dick. This isa nice long blowjob scene with Juli wiggling her perfect ass in front of the camera as she uses her mouth to fuck his dick. She sucks until he cums all over her mouth, which she licks completely clean along with his sticky cock. Randy decides Juli coulduse a little spit-shine of her own so he trades places with her and hocks a few onto her cute little pussy. He fingers her and sucks her pussy, working up his cock for round two. Randy slips his hard condom-covered prick into her tight cunt and pumps fiercely as she lies back in the leather chair and groans. He eventually pulls out and then fucks her tits until he cums again all over her face. What an exhausting first day of work! On her second night of boot shining, Juli is introduced to the "Back Room", a room in the back of the club where clusters of orgies are taking place. The first couple, a leather clad gent with a chest harness is fucking Tina Tyler, also decked in leather garb, in a ceiling-suspended chain link hammock. This light bondage scene does little for me, especially immediately following the cum-shot where he starts slapping his own dick. Really hard!!! Speaking of his dick, it's enormous and very beautiful, (who is this guy???) I just wish we could have seen him in the second "Back Door" scene. In the second scene energetic Wynona Winter, dressed in a sexy little cheerleader outfit is getting the crap fucked out of her by four guys wearing jockstraps and football helmuts. It is actually a REALLY hot scene. Wynona takes on all the guys with great stamina, sucking one while getting in the ass by another. Each guy scores as they circle gerk all over her tired naked body. The scene is a bit short but I love the heat the guys all feel for her, everyone seems to be genuinely turned on, including me when I watched this scene! The third in the series of additional shots is another light bondage scene with Liza Harper wearing a full-length fishnet body stocking. Rod Fontana tears right through the crotch and invades her space with his whole face, rubbing his tongue over her clit while she smokes his cigar. She straddles the air, holding herself up with her legs, between two walls as he munches away on her shaved muff. He bends her over on all fours, tearing the back out of her outfit and ramming his cock into her asshole. This is a great scene for viewers with stripper/hooker fantasies but fails to portray the sense of realism or voyeuristic quality of gonzo or amateur. Rod fucks her hard and nasty and then shoots a load from his monster cock all over her smooth ass. Now, back in real time (if you've skipped the "Back Room" scenes), a very sexy black man is lovingly kissing and fondling Mikki Taylor. This is a sweet moment and succeeds in being extremely sexy. If you can get past the light S & M and gang bang in the last few scenes this is a great couples scene. This guy (Again will somebody tell me who this guy is, he's really hot!) pays close attention to her senses, slowly fingering her from behind, while wiggling his tonguein and around her love hole. Later, she drops to her knees and whips out his long schlong. Taking it in her throat Mikki sucks and lubes his cock until it's hard and long. He flips her body around and rams his cock into her pussy from behind. She turns and watches as he fucks her and shortly thereafter cums on her back. When he's done, he leans over and enjoys a sweet kiss. Aww. Later Juli gives and receives quite the shoeshine of her own when the aging Sharon Kane violates her asshole with a long metal cock. Bent over Sharon's knees, Juli licks and cleans her boots as she rams the dildo up Juli's asshole, fucking and thrusting deep and hard while she slaps her in the ass. If you like the rough girl/girl stuff this scene is definitely for you. The girls are joined later by the sultry Vicca who helps Sharon devour Juli with her hands and mouth. The dirty little threesome is a good scene, lots of slapping and raw pussy-eating action ensues. In the final scene, the threesome is joined by Randy Spears and Dee (who is so fabulous!) The group has an awesome little orgy; naked bodies and leather all over the place. This scene is very sexy although it could have used a few extra guys. Delicious Dee lies on her back and spreads her legs wide for Randy's big cock while all the ladies embrace her from behind, fondling her breasts and rubbing her clit. Dee gets on all fours and takes it from behind while Vicca spreads Dee's butt cheeks for his quick thrusts. Randy lets it all go on a circle of beautiful faces as they rub, lick, and await, openmouthed for him to shoot his hot cum all over their sweet faces. This is a really wild flick with little story but a lot of action. The sex is pretty hot for mainstream porn and the scenes included some very hot men, unusual for hetero porn. This probably wouldn't work too well for chicks who aren't into the rough stuff or first time porn-viewers but for those of you a little bored with your VCA and not quite ready for Max Hardcore-this is quite fun!   

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