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Title: Black in the Ass 5  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Black in the Ass #5
150 Mins.
Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Joachim Kessef
THEMES: Interracial
STARS: Mandy Bright, Sandra Romain, Lucy Lee, Ana Nova, and Barbara Summer
Reviewed by: Loomis

This is a pretty strong showing from Digital Sin. While always known for hot talent, some of the stuff is a little hard for the average consumer and definitely not couples-friendly. This fits that scenario, but is still a real good film. I really dig Lucy Lee and Ana Nova is not half bad either, for God's sake.

Mandy Bright opens up the first scene and she is paired with (tripled?) with Joachim Kessef and Mr. Marcus. Mandy is blonde in this scene, a first for me to view her as, and while I normally prefer brunettes-she looks better as a blonde. This is a pool table scene (more on that later). I am not generally a big straight to the A fan, but this scene works pretty well as both black gentlemen trade off between her ass and mouth. The A2M is not any too disruptive (yet plentiful) and Mandy seems really happy to be playing hide the stick on that pool table. They eventually move into a hard-pounding DP and Mandy does a great job with all of that black meat in her holes. The way this scene ends is with both fellas spooging on the wooden top portion of the pool table and as a pool fan, this offends me. The only reason that I would like to buy a home is because I want my own pool table. As careful as they are, Marcus deposits a bit on the felt before Mandy licks it off of the wood. This is unacceptable behavior and has no place in pornography. All right, some of that is in jest, but not all.

Sandra Romain is paired with Joachim for the second scene. This is pretty standard ass fucking, and it goes on for seemingly forever. One thing that I will say about Sandra is that she takes an amazing amount of hard anal and really does not seem to mind the taste of her own ass at all. In fact she seems to really enjoy it. After what seems like an hour of anal, he finally gives her pussy a workout. He drops a nice load in her mouth and she cleans him off and swallows in perhaps the best pop of the film.

I am a fan of Lucy Lee and I would watch her make cornbread. The fact that I get to watch her take on Mark Anthony is better, though. If you could be unfamiliar with Lucy at this point in time, she is an Asian girl that looks really Asian with a wide-featured face that is simply beautiful. She does a great job on Mark Anthony's cock with her mouth and then bends over for some doggy. After some quick P2M she takes it in the ass like the anal slut that she is. (One thing about Lucy, no matter how many times I see her ass get wrecked in films, her butthole still looks absolutely perfect. There are a lot of chicks in porn you cannot say that about). There is some A2M and ends up with a great pop on her tongue. She gives great post-pop head and still seems ready for more. This woman needs my phone number something awful.

Ana Nova is back with Joachim Kessef. This is an outdoor scene that starts off with some nice head from Ana and then more extensive ass pounding begins. This goes on a bit too long with almost no breaks the entire scene. After a while, Ana leads him to a chair by his johnson and takes more anal, shockingly enough. She gets off for a little taste-test, but it is too short and too infrequent. She does take a nice pop directly into her mouth and cleans him off well. Ana is beautiful, and she looks great here, but the scene just needed more variety.

The last girl up is Barbara Summer. Barbara is a blonde with a killer body, but this scene has her in the tired workout room scenario. I am so sick of this one that I would welcome the days of the pizza delivery guy again. Marcus is again back for more and he gives her a great pounding, but this is just more of the same at this point. All anal, all of the time just gets a little old for me. Every once in a while you want a different beer than your favorite, right? She takes a good load in her mouth after a ton of anal, but it has just gotten boring after more than 2 hours of this.

The last thing that I will mention about this movie is the really bad makeup. There are beautiful women in this film, but there seems to have been a real and consistent effort to make them look as hard as possible. I do not understand that, as most guys want to watch things with pretty women actually looking pretty. Maybe I am just weird.   


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