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Title: Are We In Love?  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Are We in Love?

Reviewer: Kid Cocky


Are We In Love?
108 Mins.
DIRECTOR: David Stanley
THEMES: Feature Film

Justine Joli [LezOnly]
Kelly Kline [Facial]
Kimberly Kane [LezOnly]
Lori Alexia [Facial]
Mia Smiles [LezOnly]
Nadia Hilton [LezOnly]


"Being together for years can take its toll on any loving couple. Kelly Kline becomes concerned when she thinks the passion in her relationship is starting to fade. Consumed with fantasies of infidelity, she becomes torn between her marriage and her desires to quench her thirst for a hotter, lustier relationship."

Roger T. Pipe is a great guy, and I feel bad for taking so long to review this movie. You see, he sent it to me months ago. I usually try to review all the movies within one month of getting them, but this one took forever. Why do you think it took me forever? Well that is because I found this thing boring as shit. I watched it once when I got it, walked away with a limp dick, and never wanted to put it back into my DVD player.

Don't get me wrong. This is a high quality DVD. Some people may think that this thing is amazing. I know I couldn't make a movie of this quality, but I just don't find it even remotely erotic. Maybe if I was more familiar with the girls at wicked. Maybe if I watched this as an art movie. Maybe if I was more patient. Maybe then I would have liked it. I love that big companies like Wicked go out of their way to put a budget behind their films. I love the fact that Wicked has the most amazing looking girls on this green Earth. I love the fact that Wicked wants to protect its performers so they make everyone wear condoms. However, this movie just doesn't appeal to my natural sense of... well arousal.

For example, the first scene has Kimberly Kane and Mia Smiles. Mia is a good looking Asian girl, and Kimberly is pretty fucking hot in her own right. But casual lesbian sex doesn't really cut it now-a-days. At least not for me. There is so much good filth out there. So many how girls pushing the limits, doing energetic scenes, and talking filthy, that this scene gets boring really quick. Now this scene may be right up many people's alley. For the guy who wants to see two girls kiss, lick, and caress, then this is for you. For the guys who want to see two girls get really nasty, then this isn't for you.

Then there is Lori Alexia and and Nico. Nick is a muscular dude. He has a good cock. His hair looks a bit like a pirate's hair, but he seems to fit the bill. Lori's hot too. She's a black girl with big tits, hazel eyes, and long hair. But this scene doesn't scream with energy. She was probably better in her previous films, which include: Black Street Hookers Cream Pies 5, Booty Central 7, Drippin' Chocolate 3, White Guy Black Pie, and Under Pimp Arrest. In this scene, she was hot, but this wasn't for your dirty sex-a-holic.

The next scene was Chris Cannon and Kelly Kline. Chris has worked for almost a decade, and he has starred in about 1,000 titles. Kelly, by contrast, has been in somewhere between 150 and 250 movies. She is a great looking girl, but something is lacking in this scene too. It is strait sex, with a condom, finished off by a facial.

Although the two good looking experienced porn stars go through all the motions, I maintain that they do little more than go through the motions.

All-in-all this movie may be worth your buck if you want to see pretty sex between any of the stars listed above. However, if you want something a little dirtier, then I recommend something like Cum Stained Casting Couch 2 or 3.

Kid Cocky

"I got jets with wet bars and trucks with gold plows."


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