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Title: Private: Fuck Your Neighbour  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Title: Fuck Your Neighbour

Reviewer: Kid Cocky
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A-
Sex: C
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B-
A/V Quality: A


Fuck Your Neighbour
100 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Antonio Adamo
THEMES: Hungarian Babes
STARS: Barbi, Lisa Honey, Vanessa Hill, Valentina Velasques

"The carefree existence of Michael, a young student, vanishes into thin air with the arrival of Sarah, his new, sexy young neighbour. And even more so once he discovers that this explosive blonde is a porn star."

So as you just read, this movie attempts to have a storyline. However, it is acted out by Hungarians, so I couldn't understand it. It probably didn't help much that my attention span was pretty short because I was really just waiting to see these Hungarian girls get fucked.

The first scene stars Barbi. I hate when porn girls use non-descriptive names. How many porn girls are named Barbi? Probably about a hundred. Anyway, this Barbi is a blonde Hungarian knockout with natural tits. She has small breasts, heavy makeup, a nice tan, slender figure, and she is probably in her early twenties. She sucks and fucks a good looking European stud. He has a good sized cock, and she takes it in several positions before taking a little anal for good measure. Like many other scenes in this movie, the lighting is good, the actors are hot, the scenery is good, but the sex is somewhat bland. Despite the good facial at the end, this scene left me wanting something more. However, if you are looking for beautiful sex with beautiful people, then this is for you. I prefer sex to be a little nastier.

The last scene in the movie is probably the best. It stars Elinor. She is a gorgeous blonde babe with C-cup natural boobs, and one of those to-die-for bodies. She happily takes on two cocks at the same time, dude. Going back and forth sucking each of the large members, she does a lot of pussy to mouth shots, and she seems to enjoy herself. The guys take her through one position after another, and she hardly gets a chance to catch her breath. In fact, I don't know how she breathes with all that cock going down her throat. Her shaved pussy is the perfect color pink, and she rarely has less than two holes filled. The guys take to her ass like a fish takes to water. One face fucks her while the other fucks her ass What a wonderful woman. The guys DP her sweaty pink body in several positions before they cream on her face.

There are other scenes in this movie, and there is some "acting" done is some very beautiful locations in Hungary. If you are into the scenes with two chicks and one dude, then I recommend Valenina Velasques' scene. Valentina is a hot brunette. Her body is just as beautiful as any of these other babes, but her face is just amazing. She and one of the other Hungarian babes, (Lisa Honey, I think) do a wonderful job sharing some muscular guys Euro cock. I've seen Valentina in "Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island" and "A Taste of Pleasure." She's just a phenomenal girl with looks to kill for.

The DVD extras are ok on this video. There is a cast bio sheet, behind the scenes, company info page, and all the usual items. Nothing special though.

All in all, this DVD is good if you would like to see some high quality sex scenes. The cast is gorgeous. The scenery is wonderful, and the pussy is wet. Dive in.

Kid Cocky

"With a Cock like a Rock."



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