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Title: Throat Gaggers 8  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Throat Gaggers #8
180 minutes
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Jake Malone
THEMES: Oral with gagging

STARS: Jackie Diaz, Courtney Cummz, Tiffany Hopkins, Kimmie Kream, Lisa Marie, Lain Oi, Leah Luv, Kat, Jersey Jaxin, Deliah Strong
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

The first girl up is a very cute Jersey Jaxin. They go through a quick interview then Jersey gets two parolees and the cameraman to work on. Jersey works on the two guys first showing a whole lot of spit, very good deep throat attempts, and takes all the abuse fairly well. After gagging, spitting, and sucking on three dicks while on her knees, Jersey gets flipped around so she is lying on her back. The guy squats over her face as she licks their balls and gives some deep throat attempts. The guy reverses his stance and face fucks Jersey as she is on her back so the spit runs back on her face. Another position change has Jersey on her stomach grabbing her heels as she gives some no hands oral and gags herself. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on her face and open mouth. What lands in her mouth she swallows down.

Delilah Strong is a cute brunette getting ready to suck four black cocks. She strips down quickly and works them each showing excellent effort, some good no hands work, and gives some good deep throat attempts. Delilah gets face fucked then switches positions and gets on her back. They continue throat fucking her till plenty of spit and drool is running down her face. She switches on last time on her stomach and grabbing her heels as the guys shove their dicks down her throat. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming in her open mouth saving all of them for a final swallow.

Lisa Marie is a cute blonde with a nice body. She is setup with 3 black guys and strips down quickly and starts out with some no hands oral in a doggie position and gets a small bit of face fucking. Lisa moves to her knees and crawls around till they reach a couch. She rims two of the guys and then goes back to her knees as she gets face fucked with her hands behind her back. They turn her upside-down on the couch and fuck her face and finally she is on her stomach grabbing her feet as she gives more no hands oral. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on Lisa's face and open mouth. She swallows each load one by one. Lisa shows average energy and never really goes too deep in this scene.

Lain Oi is a think average looking blonde with a nice body. We follow her up some stairs as she strips down and shows off her body. She finds one of her black parolees in the kitchen and we get some nice POV shorts of her oral skills. With just one cock to deal with Lain shows good energy and average depth, but two more stunt dicks quickly get into the scene. Lain shows good attention to each guy and gives a few good deep throat attempts. We get a nice changeup as Lain oils up her large natural tits and we get some tit fucking and tea bagging. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on Lain's face and open mouth. She swallows all the loads at once. This is a weak scene in the throat gagging department, since most of it was tit fucking and the guys fingering Lain, but it's a nice change from the formula.

Tiffany Hopkins is a cute black haired girl with a small natural rack. We start out quickly with Tiffany on the couch sitting as she sucks her parolees one at a time as she reads a magazine and smokes. Eventually all four dicks converge and Tiffany is sucking and stroking everyone. She shows outstanding deeptroating technique taking down a few of the guys down to the base. They switch up and put Tiffany on her back upside down on the couch as she gets throat fucked and rims a few of them as well. She shows outstanding deepthroating skills as she barely gags on any of these monster dicks. We get one last position change with Tiffany on her stomach grabbing her heels as she gets face fucked and takes them all down like a pro. The scene ends with each guy jerking off and cumming on her face and open mouth. They leave a good amount of glaze on her face and she lights up a cigarette as we pan out.

Jackie Diaz is a cute blonde with a nice natural rack. We get a short interview as she gets dressed for her scene and then its Jackie in the bathroom sitting on the toilet sucking cock. Jackie shows some average no hands work, gets about half of the dick down her throat, and her energy level isn't too high. Another two parolees show up and its getting a bit cramped in this bathroom as Jackie works on both cocks. They move out of the bathroom and into the living room and she is surrounded again by dick. Jackie moves onto the couch on her stomach as she gets face fucked and takes an impressive of the guy's cock with very little gagging. She flips over and the face fuck her and she suck on a few balls. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on her face and open mouth.

Leah Luv is a young looking blonde with braces sucking on a lollypop. She has a thin build and small natural rack. She gets three black guys and begins with some stand up oral showing average energy and not much depth. When she moves to her knees Leah gets face fucked, shows nice no hands work and very good deep throat attempts. Leah gets flipped upside down and face fucked and she teabags the guys as well. They put Leah on her stomach as she gets faced fucked and gags a few times. The scene ends with the guys jerking off and cumming on Leah's face and open mouth.

Courtney Cummz is a cute blonde with a nice pierced rack. She starts out lighting up a cigarette and gets interview for a bit. She begins on her knees with two black dicks and shows some good no hands work. More cocks show up and we finally get four guys surrounding Courtney. She gives a few half hearted deep throat attempts, gets face fucked, and gags pretty hard a few times. They flip her over on her back as she gets face fucked till the drool and spit runs down her face. The next position is on her stomach grabbing her heels as she gets face fucked. The scene ends with each guy jerking off on Courtney's face and forehead.

Kimmie Kream is a cute brunette with a nice natural rack. Let's FF through the interview and she matches up with her three parolees. She shows nice energy and ho hands work as she jerks off the other two and sucks the free dick. Kimmie lies on her back and gets face fucked and tea bagged by all the guys and eventually leans back as they face fuck her some more. They flip her over and she gets more face fucking till she tears up. The scene ends with Kimmie jerking off the camera man on her face then the original guys take turns jerking off on her face.

The last girl up is Kat, who is a cute Asian girl wearing braces and a small natural rack. She quickly gets four parolees in the scene and Kat gives some energetic no hands oral, face fucked, and some good deep throat attempts. The get Kat up off her knees and she gives some standing oral, but its quickly back down on her knees as she gets lots of drool and spit out as each guy really forces their cocks down Kat's throat. They flip her over and they face fuck her and she lick a few of the guy's asses. Now for a change Kat is lifted up for a standing 69 and then while upside down, she sucks another guy off. The scene ends with the guy's jerking off in Kat's open mouth. She saves all the loads and swallows it all at the ends.

Bonus materials include a 25 minute behind the scenes vignette.

Overall Tiffany shines in this DVD only because she powers down her four parolees and barely gags at all. Other than that all the scenes are very formulaic with a few girls being decent eye candy. Obviously if this is your hat, pick this one up. Other will probably find this a bit boring after the 3rd or 4th scene.  


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