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Title: Butt Busters 2  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Butt Busters #2
140 Mins.
Lethal Hardcore
DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis
THEMES: Anal, Oral, A2M
STARS: Julia Robbins, Bailey, Annie Cruz, Destiny, Sanaa

Reviewed by: Loomis

First things first. I find Julia Robbins amazingly fucking sexy. I would watch this broad do laundry (if she'd play with herself constantly-a great talent of hers). I am totally sidetracked here. But that is how good her tease footage is, to be honest with you. She has big fake hooters and an amazingly ample ass (kind of like that of Ryan Connor) and she is so incredibly dirty that she makes me blush. Her A2M does not seem like an afterthought, it seems like she is so hungry for dick that she cannot wait to get into her body anywhere at any time. Ass-to-mouth is so prevalent today that it really takes something special to make it exceptionally nasty. When Julia says, "Ohh, it'll be good this time because you went so deep," even I had to pay stiff attention. I am not sure what that says about me, but dammit-that's some hot porn talk. Shucks. She takes a great facial at the end of her scene, and she should get a lot of work based on her level of quality shown here.

Next up is the tiny Hispanic firecracker Annie Cruz. The worst part about this scene is the fact that she is paired up with Dave Hardman. And to be honest, I have seen Annie look a whole lot sexier than she does in this outing. She gives Mr. Hardman some head, and then takes him into her pussy with a lot of P2M. One of the major problems I have with Hardman is his constant pussy stretching of his co-stars nether region. Look, if I wanted to see that shit, I would buy speculum videos. And that is not going to happen (although I imagine that they probably exist). Annie does some good work with mediocre talent, and takes both anal and A2M nicely enough to rate this scene a "pretty decent" or "aggressively mediocre."

Bailey is the next girl to be featured in this film. I like Bailey's looks; dirty blonde, busty and with an absolutely perfect pussy. She is apparently nineteen years old and I believe it. She starts off by doing some dildo work on her ass, and is not afraid to take a taste from plastic. This seems to be a focus of the scene (a bit too much, in my opinion) later in the scene. When the actual dick gets in her vicinity, she does a great job of delivering head, and takes it into her pussy with such ease that I am starting figure that she is not a virgin. After multiple P2M shots, she is ready to take it deep into her colon. When the anal really gets going, she seems to take it out and suck every twenty strokes or so, and this breaks the action up a bit too much. Do not get me wrong, I like to see that as much as the next guy, but when the anal aspect of a scene goes on for more than twenty minutes or so, I want to see something else. Call me Greedy McLoomis, I guess. She takes a nice open-mouth facial and swallows, and the ending is good. It just needed more editing to make it more succinct to be a real winner.

Next up is cover girl Destiny. I guess that I am supposed to know that this is her first anal or something. Whatever, folks. She is Asian, soft-bodied and less than impressive in her level of enthusiasm. The fact that Dave Hardman is also involved in this scene is something that really hurts the quality as well. She does the requisite P2M, anal, A2M and popshot with her mouth open, and seems less enthusiastic than Hillary Clinton at a Chippendales show.

Last up is some British-sounding girl with really distracting tattoos. Her name is Sanaa, apparently. Her belly tattoo says "Angel." Being an individual with a couple of inks myself; I guess that I should not throw stones. On the other hand, I have no tats on my tummy that are always on-camera when I am shooting porn scenes.I guess that her scene is OK, but I was too distracted trying to read whatever the hell her tats said to be much of a judge. I am starting to figure that what they read (after several viewings) is: Watch a different porn scene.


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