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Title: Ass Busters 9  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Ass Busters #9
120 Mins.
DIRECTOR: David Christopher
THEMES: Umm, butts?
STARS: Katie Gold, Tyla Wyna, Lyla Lei, Ava Devine, Nikki Hunter

Reviewed by: Loomis

While I'm still somewhat astounded by the lack of originality of names these movies, I do think that this one is right up there with a nomination. I understand the concept of putting the name out there to give the viewer a significant amount of "promise," but come on, fellas. There are lots of segments of society that are smart enough to understand a bit of wordplay. Where are the 5th base porn movies? (Don't use that, or I'll cry,)

So I'll be honest, David Christopher creeps me out a little bit. He is indeed the legendary "Pussyman" and whatnot, but I'm not sure that if I were to bring a young lady home after a night of sweet-talking and romance that she wants to watch this mofo. Even nowadays, some shit will get you slapped. I'm just guessing here, but I am probably that guy. Boo.

So creepy Dave licks Leila's butt-joint for a while, and then the disk skips. This may be due to the fact that it was a screener copy, but I'm just letting you folks know. Dave Hardman comes in, and the fuck movie really starts. She slaps her tongue with Hardman's wiener for a bit, and does some nice deep throating, until she starts fake puking. She then starts telling Mr. Hardman to fuck her ear. Honest.

Lyla Lei takes up her ass and then talks a lot of nasty stuff. She was equally amused with the ear-boning, though. Odd. This scene is a bit of a letdown, and it does not get a whole lot better. Leila does some A2M, but I am still trying to figure out if I can get a girl off by putting my penis towards her ear canal...Dave dribbles a load toward her mouth, and this is over.

Next up is a favorite from way back, Katie Gold. She is paired with a young nasty chick by the name of Tyla. Katie has a nice tease segment, and then Billy Glide comes in to deliver some meat. The double-oral footage is far too brief, but when these girls get to emptying holes and tasting wherever it came from-this is great stuff. Both ladies take it up the "wrong" hole and there is a decent shared facial at the end. I would guess that Billy popped a bit quickly, but who could blame the man. This is a nice hard scene, although too brief.

Next up is this woman that goes by the name of Ava Devine. I am not a fan. While she is super-nasty (even taking a pool cue up her ass and licking some dude's dark spot repeatedly), she just does not do much for me at all. She has massive melons that are never unleashed, and the fella in question had a bunch of trouble popping even after those events, This scene went on way too long, and I do not think that it was her fault.

Last and not least is Nikki Hunter. To be honest, she's a fake-tiited So Cal slut, but she really makes it work for herself. The way that she drops her pussy on her co-star's face is damn enticing, and she seems to be totally into her work here. When another cock is presented her way, she attacks it with equal abandon. This woman gets stuffed and sucks as good as anyone in the industry. When she starts going RCA and giving great head, you know that she is something too watch out for....I am not a big DP fan, but Nikki takes it great and cannot seem more eager enough to get fuck these dudes raw. I think that her energy and filthy talk earns her a high rating, and I would like to see more of her. When the action comes down to her ass and mouth with the two guys, she really shines.

Creepy-ass Dave Christopher is on the other end of the couch though, and that tends to leave some of the heat in the stove (for me anyway). Nikki takes a DP better than anyone I've seen since Bella Donna, and that is saying a whole lot.   


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