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Title: Justine, Nothing To Hide II  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Simon, a young father (Mike Horner) and his twenty-something son David (Nick East) are fooling around at the beach and the son explains to his dad that he feels that enough time has elapsed since his mothers death and that he should be dating. He reluctantly agrees and makes a date with a woman named Tianna, later that evening. The date ends with what is the first sex scene in the film (22 minutes into it) as the father's scantily clad date dry humps his leg and kisses him passionately. She tears open his jeans and takes his cock in her mouth swallowing it all the way back into her throat. This film is a little dated and this chick definitely looks like she jumped out of the eighties. Simon gets overly excited and asks her to stop. She leaves the room for a while to give him a breather but returns shortly with a chrome bullet dildo. She sits back in a chair and rubs her clit with the shiny piece of metal. Tianna plays with herself and wiggles her ass in front of Simon talking dirty, her body begging to be fucked. She pours lube all down the crack of her ass and her fingers pay a visit to her back door neighbor. She's fully rubbing her clit now and begging him to touch and taste her. He's working on his dick, trying like hell to get an erection but he just can't get it up. She falls on top of him but for all her generous attempts, this woman is just not going to get him up and running. The father finally breaks down and grabs the dildo. He fucks Tianna so hard and fast the girl is actually screaming "Oh, Mommy". He flips her over one knee and spanks her ass while she swallows the metal dick. He takes away her toy and pushes it deep into her ass, she leaps about, sucking her fingers and biting the pillow in her face. A frustrated Tianna finally gives up on Simon after one final attempt to have some real dick in her pussy. Simon, just as frustrated leaves embarrassed and unsatisfied. At David's place the son has a little ball swallowing of his own going on. His girlfriend Joelle (Roxanne Blaze), unlike Tianna is so beautiful and so natural I can hardly stand it. She has big doey eyes that stare up at the glam-rock David with a combination of lust and heartache. I swear this girl must have broken many of hearts in her early years. She lays down on his face, her mouth fucking his cock hard and fast. This girl is so fucking hot! She sits on his dick and rides up and down on it as he navigates her hips in a quick rhythmic motion. This is really good sex and I'm so glad their bringing this series to DVD. Joelle lies on her back and David, on his back, aims his dick between her spread legs and they fuck with their heads away from each other and their privates locking them in a secure fuck. Justine is going crazy and her soft straight hair is drenched with sweat as she pushes a small pink dildo into her pussy while he strokes his dick over her face. She jumps up on her knees and takes his cock into her mouth where he shoots his load and she sucks him clean. David has to go out of town for a while, leaving Joelle alone and vulnerable. She is a writer for a women's magazine and is working undercover in a sex shop to research what kind of people come in and what they buy. Joelle meets Simon in the shop not realizing that he is David's father. There is an instant attraction. Simon, also not knowing that the hot piece of ass is his son's girlfriend, is incredibly attracted to her and keeps making excuses to go into the shop and talk with her. One day he gets her alone in one of the aisles and takes her in his arms propositioning her. She refuses the offer but allows his hands to enter her jeans and his fingers her clit and fondles her breasts. This is a very sexy scene. They agree to meet at a restaurant later that evening. On their date she finds him alone in the restaurant and is told that he is the owner. They dine alone in an empty restaurant, flirting back and forth across the table. Simon reaches under the table to where Joelle has lifted her skirt. She guides his fingers beneath her panties and then pushes his finger into his mouth where he sucks and tastes her sex on his own skin. She crawls up on the table and bends over ordering him to taste her pussy and lick her ass. This is so hot, and the prolonged action drove me bonkers. He pulls her panties away from her snatch and inserts his tongue between her engorged lips. He fucks her pussy with his tongue, thrusting in and out quickly. He turns her over and pushes her on a table where his hard cock rams her sweet cunt with power and determination. The couple fuck like animals and again, Roxanne Blaze is such a thrill to watch, she becomes completely enthralled in the action, her hair drenched by the time their done and her face and body spent and sore. Proving his manhood to himself he fucks her hard and fast and then cums inside her. Frightened, she gathers herself and tells him that this was all a mistake and that she can never see him again. Sure that he would never see her again, Simon is shocked and pleased when he finds a note at his restaurant in which she promises to meet him again that evening. Again they enjoy each other in ways Simon hadn't experienced in years. Joelle handcuffs him to a banister and then drives him crazy as she fucks herself with a dildo, putting on a sexy show. She taunts and teases him and then after finally letting him loose he gets her halfway back up the stairs where he bends her over and starts fucking her from behind. This movie is so plot driven that I kept forgetting I was watching porn. That's not entirely a bad thing, I just felt like I was watching something from the Red Shoe Diaries. Joelle, known to Simon as only Justine, finds out that Simon, known only to Joelle as Mac, is David's father and is reluctant to see him again. She explains to him that she has a boyfriend and that their fling has to end. He asks her to enjoy one more night with him, and she agrees, provided some friends join them. Dyanna Lauren, Lacy Rose, Alex Sanders and Brad Armstrong are swinger friends of Joelle's and proceed to show Simon all about group sex. Joelle and the ladies begin with some oral action on each other as the men watch nearby. Simon makes it quite clear that Joelle is not to be shared by other men but is more surprised and in awe, than angry when Alex Sanders sticks his dick in Joelle's pussy from behind. A wild and very sexy orgy with the beautiful Dyanna Lauren (If you've read my reviews you know she's one of my favorites) getting fucked on all fours from Brad Armstrong, Alex and Joelle fucking like crazy, and the Lacy Rose swallowing Nick East's hard cock. Nick comes on her face while Joelle holds him from behind. Brad pulls out after thrusting his rod in and out of Dyanna's cunt and cums on her tummy. Alex finishes off with Lacy's asshole while she fingers herself and then joins Joelle in a double oral where they suck Alex off and he shoots his load in their faces. This is a fun orgy scene, because everyone is sharing and enjoying one another. Simon has fallen in love with Joelle and promises that anything standing in the way of their relationship is fixable. She assures him that it can't be fixed and tells him goodbye for good. She goes home and is unpleasantly surprised to find that David has returned home early. Now that Simon has been able to achieve an erection, and Joelle has dumped him for good, he decides to give it another go with Tianna. In bed she claws and licks him. He raises his legs high above his head while her mouth swallows his cock. He flips her on her back and lays on top of her, his head in her pussy and his dick fucking her mouth. He fucks her pussy with his finger and then replaces it with her dildo, pumping it up deep inside her asshole. She climbs on top of him and starts hopping up and down on his dick like a frog. She flies high off his dick almost separating her pussy from his cock with each bounce. He flips her over on her stomach and he fucks her from behind before pulling out and cumming on her tight ass. Although physically satisfied, Simon is very depressed when the sex is through and tells her that he shouldn't of made love to her, it was too soon. She gets pissed and he leaves. Back at David's apartment Joelle is shocked when David tells her that his dad has come by and he's staying for dinner. Simon is confused and angry when he sees Joelle/Justine standing in front of him. Once alone in the apartment he goes off on her, angry that she allowed it to go on knowing the truth and also for betraying his son. He isn't so angry however, that he doesn't see her later that evening and have another fuck. Under the stars she tells him that she is leaving town, that she can't stay with David because she's really in love with him and that she can't stay with him because of David. Blah..Blah..Blah..Blah.. The flick ends with Joelle leaving both men standing alone and limp. If it hadn't been for Mike Horner, who I think is a really good actor, and Roxanne Blaze's incredible beauty I would have hated this film. The sex was only OK and the story felt more like a softcore cable movie. This film is so reminiscent of the films of the early eighties, weighed so heavily on the romance or love triangles of only one couple. I would recommend this only for couples and softcore fans or for anyone who was a fan of Roxanne Blaze. I believe Roxanne's out of the business now but she is so incredibly beautiful and sexy in this flick, if you''re a fan, you've got to own this one!  

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