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Title: Transsexual Prostitutes 38  
Reviewer: Miller Huggins  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: A


Transsexual Prostitutes #38
128 mins.
Devil's Films
DIRECTOR: none listed

THEMES: Transsexuals

STARS: Anahi, Celeste, Coterina, Jessica (T-girl), Pamela (real girl)
Reviewed by: Miller Huggins
Scene 1: Anahi
Anahi is a Cicciolina-looking t-girl with a long, ringletty blonde hair and a nice slender body; she gets things started right off by going straight down on her guy's cock. She's wearing long black gloves, black stockings under white boots, and the sort of beads-and-jewelry that t-girls who don't speak English love (while she doesn't talk much, she moans a lot, and her voice is pretty feminine). She's an eager and attentive cocksucker, able to go pretty deep without any annoying gagging or choking; she clearly enjoys what she does. She has a nice round ass, a little blemished, but firm and solid, and a nice cock that's hard sometimes and sometimes not so much, thick but tapered. Her guy gives her ass a little spanking and a short dose of fingerwork before wrapping up and bending her over on the couch. She climbs on and rides him reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down until he lays her out on the couch with her legs spread and fucks her in missionary while she strokes herself to hardness and then pops a load on her belly. She's got nice round little tits that show well in this position, and her guy unloads on them shortly after she comes.
Scene 2: Celeste
Celeste is a tall, lanky girl with blonde hair, great tits and a big, curving cock on a nice body. Her guy isn't as well favored or as hard at first, but once she gets her mouth on him for a while, he's in the game. They 69, and she smiles as she sucks him and he takes her big cock deep, choking a little. Celeste has one of the best t-girl dicks I've seen, long and well-formed, but her face is a little hard; she's a better cocksucker than he is, though. They switch so she's on top, and then again so she's just sitting and he's going down on her. She fingers his ass for a little while and then sucks him some more, but pretty soon he sits down on her lap and rubs her cock between his ass cheeks, then slides his dick between her substantial tits for a while, rubs their meat together, and then bends her over the couch and dives in. She gives good face, but doesn't make much noise, even though her expression indicates she's having a good time. He fucks her deep doggie-style before turning her over to missionary, with her legs in the air and her cock laid out on her own belly. She stays hard through the whole thing, and he jacks her off while he's fucking her, which he does pretty energetically. She rides him cowgirl and then he puts her in a spoon position, sucking a little in between, and then she rides him again, her big hard dick staying rigid the whole time, which is nice to see. Good thing too, because now it's hi turn, and she opens up his asshole and pounds him from behind, and it seems to be a trial. He makes a lot of noise, understandably, and she lays him out on the couch and this time it's his legs in the air. He shoots a load on his own belly, and she pulls out of his ass and follows up with another powerful load on his chest and belly.
Scene 3: Coterina
Coterina is another tall hottie with a really pretty face. The scene starts off on a balcony, with Coterina going down on her man, kneeling in front of him and sucking his cock a few floor above the traffic. The action moves indoors, and she sucks some more - from the noises he makes, she seems to be pretty good at what she does - and licks his asshole. She's got a great body and a pretty face, and it's a pleasure to watch her, but her voice is a little masculine, and her cock is never really hard. They 69 for a while before she climbs aboard, jacking herself while he does most of the work, fucking her hard while she tries to get harder (even soft, her cock is a respectable size). He puts her in a spoon, and her body looks even better, with a nice flat belly and shapely tits that jiggle appealingly when he gets her on her hands and knees, where he keeps her for a while, fucking her at length. He turns her over and fucks her in missionary while she strokes, and then she gets up on top and rides him till she unloads a huge load all over the place, after which she tongues his balls while he jacks off and blasts his own juice on top of hers.

Scene 4: Jessica (T-girl) and Pamela (real girl)
Jessica and Pamela are a pair of brunettes, both in white lingerie with long hair. Pamela starts off the action by sucking on the guy while Jessica strokes his cock, feeding it to her and stroking her own. The two girls worship his cock, with Pamela doing the most of the sucking and looking like she's really good at it. Jessica is hard now, and Pamela alternates between her cock and the guys, sucking them both. Jessica's got a nice body, tan, long and taut, with a long cock and medium sized tits, with a saucy, attractive face.. Jessica does some sucking too, and Pamela and the guy 69 while Pamela sucks both dicks. Pretty soon, Jessica's fucking Pamela from behind while she sucks the guy, so Pamela's spitted on two dicks, and then the guy fucks Pamela in missionary slowly while Jessica licks Pamela's nipples and fingers her cunt. Then it's Jessica's turn to take the guy's cock inside her, fucking Pamela as she does - non of these positions lasts very long - before she gets into missionary and takes the guy in her ass as Pamela sucks her cock. The guys pulls out and drops his come on her thigh while Pamela strokes herself to her own climax, or near it (her cock is slippery and wet, but she doesn't shoot a load that I can see). Check her face out here, though - she's really cute right after she comes.
This was a pretty good movie, with attractive girls who were hard for the most part. There was only one t-cock that wasn't pretty big, Coterina's, but since she shot the biggest load, I'm not going to complain. Good come-shots, good sex, good movie.


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