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Title: Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy 6  
Reviewer: Miller Huggins  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy #6
118 Mins.
Kick Ass
DIRECTOR: none listed
THEMES: Pussy pumping,
STARS: Marquetta Jewel, Anna Pierceson, Nathaly Rosa, Kina Kai, Nicole Brazzle
Reviewed by: Miller Huggins
Scene 1: Marquetta Jewel
Marquetta's found herself a hot Italian lover to try out her new pump with. She's a hot little Latina piece with great nipples and a nice tight body, although she has some blemishes and bruises on her ass. They get into some foreplay, and then she pops the pump on her pussy. And they take turns engorging her. Job done, he fucks her in spoon, RCG, cowgirl and doggie before putting her on her knees so she can blow him before taking a thick load on her lips and chin.
Scene 2: Anna Pierceson
Anna is a short-haired redhead with tiny tits who can't decide what she wants to do with her boyfriend until he suggests using the pussy pump. She reluctantly agrees, doing a sexy strip for him (and us), revealing her tight, slim body - she's boyishly slender and really cute, in a pouty, petulant kind of way. She lets her boyfriend lube her up, slap the pump on for a couple of squeezes, and then fuck her in missionary on the edge of what looks like a little stage. She's got a good sexy litlle whimpery voice going on, and she's fun to listen to. He sits on the stage and gives it to her in RCG, and the breathy little whiny voice gives way to a throatier sound; she's definitely hot to listen to. After a stint in doggie, he fucks her mouth, making her grunt and groan before coming on her cute face.
Scene 3: Nathaly Rosa
Nathaly, a skinny Latina with nice little tits and huge areolae, is a spy who's come to the gadget master to see what he's got for her today. She needs to swim to Cuba and wants a gadget to help. Surprise! It's a pussy pump! She strips down and plays with her tits, her pussy, and her feet before Ben Dover applies the pump to her cunt. When she's sufficiently inflated, he licks her and fingers her, then fucks her mouth while she plays with herself. He fucks her in RCG and spoon and then doggie before putting her on her knees and jacking off in her mouth, shooting a load that she catches most of.
Scene 4: Kina Kai
Kina is a tiny, really tiny, little Asian girl with the body of a fourteen year old boy, more or less. She's pissed because her boyfriend isn't fucking her enough. He's brought home a toy to play with though - guess what it is...you bet! He applies the equipment, and they play with her pussy for a while before she goes down on him, fingering her newly outsized pussy. They 69, and the fuck, switching back and forth between RCG and doggie a few times before he spreads her legs and pounds her in missionary and doggie and comes just outside her pussy, covering her cunt in juice.
Scene 5: Nicole Brazzle
Nicole is a cute little girlie with a nice rack and a comical Southern accent. Her gimmick is that she shows up with barbells, expecting to get pumped up, but of course Steven St. Croix is waiting with a pump to abuse her pussy. She starts off by gagging on his cock, and then he puts the pump on her while he's still fucking her mouth. She complains loudly the whole time about how it hurts and then climbs on his cock in RCG. She goes back and forth between blowing him and getting fucked from behind in one position or another, but her pussy really hasn't been all that much affected. He fucks her in missionary foir a couple of moments and then doggie again before dumping a big load all over her face and chest. Nicole's kind of a cutie and she's fun to watch; the best part of Nicole's scene is her tits, which are just a little bigger than most of the other girls' and nicely heavy. Not exactly saggy, but weighty, if you know what I mean.
Okay, so overall, the point of pussy pumping is supposed to be that the girl's junk gets all engorged and swollen, bringing lots of blood to the region in order to enhance sensation, and that's all fine, but the thing is, it's not that exciting to watch. Even taking as read the stipulation that once you've seen one pussy all pumped up, you've pretty much seen them all, I have to say that even the first one isn't that big a deal. The pumped-up pussy looks unpleasantly like a piece of cafeteria food that I wouldn't want to eat, quivering and flabby and unappealingly shiny, like a beef pudding. That said, if you're into it. I guess that Kick Ass, which puts together pretty much the same product every time, with various different angles depending on your kink, is probably going to give you what you want. There aren't really any classics in the field to compare it to, so I guess Kick Ass might as well be the standard, but I have to say that after the very first few seconds after the pump comes off, there's not that much difference betweena pumped pussy and a non-pumped pussy maybe I'm just not an aficionado, though...

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