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Title: Latina Cum Queens  
Reviewer: Quinn Stratford  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Latina Cum Queens
Movie Type: All Sex
Reviewer: Quinn Stratford
Overall Rating: B
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: B-
Picture Quality: A
Sex: B-
Company: Excessive Entertainment
Director: Drew Rose
Themes: Latin Girls
Condoms: None
Release Date: 11/15/2005
Stars: Shy Love, Jenaveve Jolie, Victoria Sweet, Analyssa, Tiffany Taylor, Havana Ginger, Kurt Lockwood, Mr. Pete, Alec Knight, Trent T, Chris Charming
Excerpts From Afroman's Colt .45:
met this beautiful sexy hoe / she just ran across the border of mexico
fine young thing said her name's maria / I wrapped her up just like a hot tortilla
I wanna get married but I cant afford it / I know I'ma cry when she get deported
I also share in Afroman's sentiments, while I have never wrapped one up like a hot tortilla, there is something just inherently sexy about Latina babes. Maybe it's the tan skin or the full figures, I don't know, they're just a good lookin' group of girls.
The first scene starts out with Shy Love rubbing what seems to be ten gallons of cum all over her body. Her body is nice, but the ten gallons of cum shooting from what seems to be a super soaker? I coulda probably done without, either way though, that's how every scene starts out in this movie so, might as well get used to it. The tease scene keeps on going then with Shy playing with her luscious Latina body on a fountain. Well, who can resist any hot babe on a fountain? Not me, and certainly not porn star Kurt Lockwood, who begins eating our Spanish sweetheart out. Kurt gets rewarded in kind by a pretty nice blowjob and some standing vag pounding. Id like to note at this point that its apparently not impossible to have good lighting on an outdoor scene, kudos Drew Rose. After some well shot pink play Shy decides that what this movie needs is some Brown power (pun certainly intended) and we get into some nice anal. Shy takes the action pretty well and decides to cool down with a nice load of baby to her face.
Tiffany Taylor is a decent looking Latina cum queen with a more than decent rack. Her scene will aparantly be taking place next to a pool, which is a fine coincidence, since she herself is probably pretty wet when Trent T comes in. The cocksucking starts out pretty decent, not too deep, but hell, at least there's no chocking. After a little more play we finally get to some fuckin, which is pretty well shot, and for an outdoor scene, extremely well lit. After what is way too brief, we get a nice shot of sour cream on the mouth of our cute little burrito.
Havana Ginger is our next girl, and I need to say, these opening tease scenes are awful. I don't know who thought shooting a cum-like substance through a hose was hot, but whoever it was probably also jerks off to the Got Milk ads, because they are the same fucking thing! Anyways, Havana Ginger brings her gigantic titties out and starts fucking her own face on Chris Charming's rod. Quite a bit of gagging this time around, so don't get too excited. However, if you need something to get excited right afterwards for some serious tittie fucking, which happens to work perfectly with Havanna massive Mexican mams. The scene then progresses into some decent sex, although, some how, the outdoor scene was lit better than the indoor scene. This Latina Cum queen then gets exactly what she deserves, some cum for her craving.
Its nice to get a little variety in movies every once and a while, and since its been all one guy one girl scene, this time we get Victoria and Analyssa together. After the obligatory cum hose, they bust out the pink dildo for some veggie fun. Alec Knight, an obvious non-supporter of PETA (they're vegetarians, right?) comes out and decides to throw a little meet into the scene. Both the girls work his cock in the best double team since Dennis Rodman and Jean Claude Van Damme (Although I do think Jean Claude and Dennis sucked a little more cock). As if the nut tug (which was long) was not long enough, then we go right to a face fucking. Finally the girls start to shove the cock in their more than ready snatch. While one waits the other one gets the pink dildo, so no one is bored..... except for me. The action really is pretty tame in this scene and I cant say that im sad when they finish off sucking down some cum.
The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Everyone's favorite Spanish slut - Jeneveve Jolie! The tease starts off nicely on a glass wall, and things really get rolling from second one. Jeneveve is fucking hot, and I really wish there was a little more tease, but who can blame Mr. Pete for running in there for some action. The blowjob in this scene is really short compared to all the other ones in this movie, which were really just too long. Mr. Pete must have wanted to get right into the snatch on this one. He pounds away at Jeneveve from behind who takes every inch like a champ. The scene then gets scary, it looks like Mr. Pete is gonna blow a load. Luckily he doesn't and the action continues with Jeneveve on top, on bottom, to the side, shit it really doesn't even matter where Jeneveve is, because she looks great the whole time. Although, just like Guns and Roses said nothing lasts forever, and the scene ends with a load on her face.
Wow, this one was kind of a disappointment. The opening interviews were stupid, a lot of the sex was tame, and the blowjobs probably longer than the sex in most cases. Shy Love and Jeneveve really carried this movie the whole way, and even Shy's scene was weak when compared to Jeneveve. Afroman may have cried when they got deported, but I cried when the majority of this movie didn't live up to its potential.

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