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Title: Cum Glazed 4  
Reviewer: Joe College  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Cum Glazed #4
Reviewer: Joe College
Overall Rating: A+
Female Looks: A
Male Looks: A
Sex: A+
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: A-
A/V Quality: A

Movie Type: Blow bang

Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes, plus extensive extras


Director: Tom Von Swine

Themes: Face fucking, young girls, facials

Condoms: NONE

Production year: 2005

Stars: Jamie Huxley, Brianna Love, Allie Rae, Andrea Ash, Valerie Jackson, Jenna Presley, Velicity Vaughn, Marquetta Jewel

Reviewed by: Joe College


The Cum Glazed line is pretty much my favorite and the plot is very simple: hot, eager and extremely young sluts get blow banged and then rewarded with messy facials. This video isn't for everyone. I think it targets the younger crowd of frat boy types who fantasize about bringing a hot girl home from a party and then nutting all over her face. There's lots of face fucking, dirty talk, ball sucking and ass licking and the guys make sure to take the girls to their limits. As I said, it's not for everyone, but if this is the type of stuff you like, you'll find it in this video. If there's a downside (and I suppose it's not that major), it's the appearance of Kyle Stone, easily the most annoying man in porn. He seems to be a total creep and I feel sorry for the girls who have to deal with his annoying comments and that weird panty obsession he seems to have. Oh well!

Jamie Huxley is up first and she is just cute as hell AND just screams of sex...perfect tits, a beautiful face and a tight ass body. She's the kind of girl you meet at a bar or party and would love to take home and plow. Jamie is dressed in a sexy pink thong and slutty heels. She gets right to work deep throating Kyle Stone (sorry Jamie!), before going on to the others and taking all they can give her. Watching this girl get face fucked and tea bagged is pure heaven. When the cum starts flying, Jamie gets absolutely covered in sperm, all the while looking up at the guys as they bust in her face. Kick ass scene by a kick ass girl.

Brianna Love can barely contain herself in the interview, starting to suck off the guys circled around her before her interview is even over. She's 20, cute, with small tits and a slutty aura about her. The guys hold her hair back as Brianna goes to work, gagging and spitting as the guys ram their cocks to the back of her throat. After awhile, the guys throw Brianna on her back on a couch...perfect position for some choke fucking, ball sucking and ass licking fun. Brianna gets back on her knees for some more dick sucking before the guys decide it's time to "glaze this bitch" and absolutely cover her face in cum. Hot!

Allie Rae, 19 looks young as hell and has only blown 2 guys at once before her cum glazing. She's been in the biz a week, but you'd never know as she takes a full frontal assault of cock with ease. What are kids doing in high school these days? The young'n gets thrown on her back for some ass licking and more face fucking before the guys bust their loads all over this slut's face.

Von Swine switches things up a little in this scene with two hot, young hos: Andrea Ash, 19 and Valerie Jackson, 18. Both girls are hot, with great tits and perfect smiles. The girls dyke out for awhile in some sexy action before the guys throw them on their knees and put them to work. These girls are total 'girl next door' types and any red blooded guy would be jealous it wasn't him shooting his load on these cum covered whores.

Jenna Presley, 18 is next and Von Swine's reaction says it all: 'Oh my god." Jenna's a total cutie and claims to be fucking since 14 and stripping in Mexico since 15. Hot! She's got a great attitude and the guys throw her on her knees and let her inhale some dick. Jenna probably has the weakest cock sucking skills of the video, but that really doesn't matter as the guys slam fuck her face and cover her in ball snot.

Velicity Vaughn follows and holy shit, look at those huge fucking tits! She's 26, so she'll have to work hard to overcome her porno-senior citizen status. Velicity has a total girl next door look and a bubbly personality, so combined with those huge natural tits, I'm excited to see her get on her knees and get fed. This is probably the strongest scene (which is saying a lot!) as Velicity gets throat fucked with ease, titty fucked and then devours some man ass. Listening to her beg for cum is almost as hot as watching this ho get covered in sperm.

Marquetta Jewel, 20 finishes up the sequence. She has an unusual, but really sexy look to her and I think she might be half white/half black. Marquetta has huge titties and looks great in the pink bra Von Swine has her in. She's a good cock sucker and gives the guys (and the camera) lots of sexy eye contact. The only thing that makes her look hotter is watching her get nut all over her mug.

The frat boy theme definitely dominates here, so if you don't like the cat calling and seemingly degrading comments coming from the guys as they choke fuck the girls, maybe this isn't for you. If you're looking for hot and slutty girls getting worked to their extremes and then rewarded with a face full of jizz, then I don't think you'll find a better vid.

EXTRAS: A nice and well shot BTS piece and a bonus scene where Velicity, sans makeup, blows Von Swine and then takes a pop right between her eyes. Good stuff!


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