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Title: Cum Stained Casting couch 3  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Title: Cum Stained Casting couch #3
Reviewer: Kid Cocky


Cum Stained Casting Couch #3
140 Mins.
Club Red Light
DIRECTOR: Jack Malone
Erik Everhard
Manuel Ferrara
Brianna Love
Kara Mynor
Anna Pierceson
Claire Robbins
Sierra Sinn
John Strong
Hailey Young
Well Jack Malone is going to have to do a hell of a lot to top Cum Stained Casting Couch #2. The fucking movie starred teen twins Cali Marie and Cherish. The anal teen stars took an anal beating and made that movie. We'll just have to wait and see if this movie can be as nasty as that.
Scene one starts off with Bambi walking up a road overlooking Southern California. Bambi is doing her third scene of all time, and she is only 19 years old. This nubile young babe is thrust right into her scene, but not without a quick personal interview. She claims to love sex, and she is excited to be being paid for it. Bambi talks a little bit about her previous scene, and she unabashedly talks about taking a guys cock out of a girl's ass and sucking it. It seems like our young lady has been properly introduced to this generations ass crazy porn scene. She brings some bondage equipment, and that makes the scene all the more appealing to the guys who want a little harder scene.
Pretty little Bambi puts on a blindfold and a ball gag. I haven't seen too many girls wearing ball gags, but Bambi makes this one look very hot. Bambi stars with soon to be porn legend Erik Everhard. Erik has a huge white cock, and he has no problem using it in all sorts of degrading ways with this teen whore. Brandy soon loses the ball gag, and she is sucking on Erik's throbbing cock with reckless abandon. Brandi's cute little sugar tits accentuate her gorgeous body as she sucks Erik's hard cock with ever bit of energy in her body. Erik goes so far as to tittie fuck our fair maiden, and he slaps her ass into cock submission. It isn't long before the ball gag is back in Brandi's mouth and Erik is pounding her over a piece of strategically placed antique furniture. Brandi's dog chain and collar shake as her meaty friend pulverizes her sweet teen pussy.
Erik pushes our fair damsel to the floor before stretching her sphincter with two thumbs. Her ass seems ready and willing, but he continues fucking her pussy, teasing us of an impending anal pounding. Erik's thick cock really stretches Bambi's tight pussy, and at first it hardly fits into her virginal asshole. Bambi can only take 3 or 4 inches at first, but her asshole quickly gapes to accommodate his thick shaft. Within minutes Bambi's asshole is taking the length of Erik's entire cock. She even rides him reverse cowgirl... to really stretch out her little ass. Bambi doesn't complain once, even as her asshole gapes open wider than her mouth. What a fantastic elastic ass she has, the kind of ass that only a teenager has. Her pristine asshole is blemish free, but I doubt that it will be for long if she keeps taking this kind of abuse.
Bambi remains in the reverse cowgirl anal for quite a long time, and she provides plenty gaping moments. Her asshole starts to leak a little nasty brown ass juice, and then she goes back to pussy fucking. At this point, her asshole looks totally wrecked. I think it is safe to say that the rest of the scene will be vaginal. For about five more minutes we are treated to a variety of vaginal sex positions, and then she begs for his cum. Bambi takes the cumshot like she has been doing it for a decade. You do the math on that one. She greedily swallows each and every drop. What a wonderful woman.
Next up is Seirra Sin. Sierra is a cute little butter titted brunette. She starts the scene off by showing us how she stretches out her asshole before a scene. It is apparent that her pussy and ass are prelubed for the audiences pleasure. She tells us that she was a complete slut in high school and that she sucked a lot of cock in her day. She continues to insert a variety of toys into her colon until Manny enters the scene. Sierra has tiny tits, and she has wonderful erect nipples. She is an amazing deep throater, and she looks great in her tight little athletic outfit. Manny throat fucks her a little, and she shows us that she can take come throat abuse. Her nipples stick out a full half inch or more as Manny gag fucks her. Manny doesn't have the longest cock, but she uses it well. Her toys go strait from her ass to her mouth, and Manny's cock goes strait from her mouth to her pussy. It seem as if all her holes get some play.
Sierra's pussy gaps like none that I have seen in a very long time, and Manny starts working on her asshole. Manny works her asshole for a good ten minutes or more... I can't believe that she can take so much pounding in her cute brown hole. Sierra takes a little ass to mouth to ensure that every fetish is covered. Then he moves to anal pile driver. That has to be a wakeup call to her. He even does a little reverse pile driver to ensure that her asshole is completely destroyed. A couple other ass-destruction positions follow, but she takes each willingly and her moans continue throughout the entire movie. Then Manny cums in her mouth and makes her swallow it. Wow what a feeling!
Well after watching all the other scenes, I have to say that this movie is a complete winner. I would recommend buying it. The girls are hot. The guys are hung. The lighting is well done, and everything about this production is top notch. Way to go guys and gals, this one is a winner.
Kid Cocky

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